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  1. It does look like he's recently attained the rank of "admiral" though, based on his hat.
  2. Looks like he still doesn't have a working tracker, at least so far.
  3. When that guy posted on my site, I did some due diligence to make sure that he wasn't just some wacko, and I believe that the Navy was involved.
  4. I was just coming here to show you guys. I'm so glad we finally get to see a competent person's account of what a Rimas rescue looks like.
  5. I turned on the automatic updater again on the outside chance that he gets the DeLorme going.
  6. Cherries and piss...who knows. But that seems like a real CNMI Police boat and that news chick seems real.
  7. I don't know, man. Looks legit, and that Sherri Riggs character goes deep on social media as a local reporter.
  8. Am I doing this right, or is that like 3200 miles from his last known location? Edit: Those were statute miles. I guess it's like almost 2800 nautical miles, which, if he was missing 77ish days would put him at like 1.5kts average. Holy shit.
  9. I'm going to shut down the updater (but not the site) for Rimas Adrift again. If he miraculously shows up, someone PM me and I'll fire it back up. Who want to joint with me around the world from samoa island. Welcoee high education you so much learn for life time July 16, 2017 03:45:15 GMT 11.2754°S, 167.2289°W Course: 233° at 2.66kts
  10. 10 days. That's a long blackout period, Jean.
  11. Holy shit, bfloyd made a genuine funny. I think this is a bad omen for Rimas. Fairwell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies...
  12. Did anyone ask @VFRfiji on Twitter? They might not be at liberty to say who they're searching for, but they might confirm that they're searching for a decrepit 30 sailboat or something.
  13. The fact that he's gesturing slightly with his right hand indicates that he's right handed, and THEREFORE COULDN'T BE THE MURDERER!