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  1. MasterRobin

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    Thanks for the Updates Tunnel Rat. I am happy with that given I crashed into some green stuff, went north for a bit on a wind change, and watched everyone reach across from the east while close hauled upwind at the end.
  2. MasterRobin

    VR Transat Jacques Vabre

    After running aground at the start for 4 hours while asleep I’m pretty happy with where I am. No idea if I’m too far west now but see what happens. Boat name is “Master Robin”
  3. MasterRobin

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    I don't think I have seen it mentioned since arrival in Palma. But at P&M website a further update on 3 June says... "Whilst the investigations into the cause of the loss are still on going, it has recently transpired during the investigations that the cradle provided by the yacht owners had undergone an undisclosed and apparently uncertified modification prior to shipment. This modification appears to have resulted in the failure of the yacht’s cradle." So the cradle used didn't match the design that was supposedly certified for transport use.
  4. MasterRobin

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Would it be ok if my cradle is constructed from cardboard or some other paper based derivative?
  5. MasterRobin

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Oats could just use the tracker on the S2H website for their instrumentation.