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  1. Bermuda?

    So, now why would you say that? Are you questioning the integrity of PwC? Why would they make it up? Are you just pissed that it looks like it was a huge financial and social success for the island? Don't let your obvious hate of Ellison/Coutts/Oracle blind you to the reality. I was here. I saw it.
  2. Dennis Pontificates

    Bitter old man yelling at clouds.
  3. Teams that were bad sports during AC35

  4. Teams that were bad sports during AC35

    The point I was making is that there will always be some people who will not take advantage of opportunities presented to them and will prefer to complain that they are not getting a fair shake of the stick. Ignore for a moment the fact that it was Ac35, I would posture that this would be the same if it were golf, cricket, or any other large high profile event. There was no racial undertone in my comment and those that saw one were looking for it and it says way more about them than it says about me.
  5. Teams that were bad sports during AC35

    Gonna call BS on this article. I suspect, AC or no AC, this person would have voted PLP regardless. One thing we were very concerned about was the ability to get around - would the transportation infrastructure cope? It did, and in spades. I rode the public ferry to Dockyard a number of times during the events - it was busy - but fast, on time and frequent. One of the frequent complaints about Bermuda from tourists is the ability to get around - minibus services, and rental cars (small electric things) increased transportation capacity. Buses ran on time. This writer in "South Devonshire" is lying. I assume he/she means around South Road in Devonshire which is East of Hamilton. There were no transportation issues as a result of the AC. Taxis were a problem, in fact, are always a problem. There simply aren't enough on the road at any particular point in time but any taxi driver that wanted to work could work - there is in fact an Uber style service here too. Transportation was a huge success story. So, this is bullshit. The paving the roads comment also bullshit. I could go on...but you will always find a detractor to suit your narrative.
  6. Teams that were bad sports during AC35

    Not to point out the obvious - if you're sitting around smoking weed and eating chicken it's unlikely anything done to stimulate the economy is going to change your view. There was a huge amount of effort spent on getting the optics right locally, community outreach, roadshows, how to get involved seminars, what business opportunities existed, loads of potential for side hustles. If you didn't see that then you couldn't be helped anyway. I think you need to look beyond the AC for impact. There are very good tangible metrics around what having an influx of, say, 100+ families to an overall population of 60,000 for two years did for the economy. During the time period of May-June, we had Tall Ships, Marion to Bermuda Race, Antigua to Bermuda Race J class Yachts, and of course "Super Yachts" .We know what they all spend, we know what they eat and drink, what they pay for services. All of that trickles down, even to our friends sitting off having a toke. Containers need to be unloaded, tables waited on, gas pumped, trucks driven, rents paid, stores open longer.... It's actually arguable that the AC itself was just a small part of a larger program although it did provide the catalyst. I think one key takeaway for us, is that many people commented on how they hadn't appreciated that Bermuda could be a destination in it's own right, had the infrastructure and services to support large numbers of yachts rather than simply a place to stop off on your way North/East or South. In that sense alone, it's been a roaring success. Anyway, enough on the subject...
  7. Front page: A OK

    You've got to stop being misogynist dick bags - we're trying to get girls sailing - how the fuck does this help?? Every good bit of sailing promotion you do, is instantly undone when you post a SCOTW picture. And it reduces your credibility when talking about sailing.
  8. Anyone heard from Deano??

    Yup - he's doing just fine.
  9. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Good for him, going back to grass roots.
  10. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Of course, that's the problem with blogs, it gives anyone with a half-baked opinion a forum to spout. Politics, sport...you name it. Thing is, like all good conspiracy theories, you need a lot of people to keep quiet, to tow the party line. I met so many people from OTUSA that I cannot believe there hasn't been even a squeak of an offhand comment somewhere along the way that I find the notion unlikely. Maybe I'm naïve, but I'm not seeing it. (not saying it didn't happen just find it extremely unlikely).
  11. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Fair enough.....
  12. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    Aw shucks. Confirmation bias is a wonderful thing. I'll be happy to update, Hopefully, I'll have a positive story to tell. It is, though, all about funding.
  13. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    LOL, taking the bait every time. Still bitter and twisted, even after a crushing victory, still moaning about events 4 years ago...Christ. And without proof either, but never let that get in the way of a good rant.
  14. Anyone seen Jimmy lately?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Fucking sore winners. Go back to sheep shagging. Whinging, bitter, chip on shoulder Kiwis.