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  1. TwoRockKnock

    Maintaining Sailing Interest

    They don't stick around because we're all wankers and the club's we're members of are shit and full of blue blazers. That's the problem. And the minute they can sail, we force them to race. Blow up marks, blow whistles.
  2. TwoRockKnock

    Offshore racing costs

    If you have a decent offshore boat, have liferafts and all the offshore gear, everything works, then you could probably do Newport-Bermuda for around $25K. Where it starts ot get expensive is where you start buying new gear, sails etc. Absolutely true - your first race is a killer on the pocket book. But once you're established, it's doable to keep your boat maintained at that level.
  3. TwoRockKnock

    How many challengers will there be?

    It's going to be two in the end, not three.
  4. TwoRockKnock

    do the right thing

    I assume you are in the US? With the enormous resources of US Sailing, the USOC and the mere fact that aspiring Olympians have a much bigger pool from which to draw on for funding a seemingly innocuous change of equipment for a handful of Olympians is immaterial. Now go do that in a small nation. The ramifications are significant.
  5. TwoRockKnock

    do the right thing

    That's actually a very simplistic view and, of course, misses the point. How and where does the top sailor train and compete? How do we attract youngsters into a pathway where the (perceived) pinnacle uses equipment that is unavailable to them? What happens to the installed user base? The flippancy with which you say "that's like two months of ....fees..." demonstrates exactly why the argument is much more than just the merits of one boat over another and why you have a less than zero understanding of how this would affect a smaller nation. Then we relegate smaller nations to also rans - it may not be complicated but it simply isn't sustainable. And let's be honest, Olympic sailing itself isn't a good look for our sport, and to the casual observer, the boat is irrelevant.
  6. TwoRockKnock

    do the right thing

    It's a great academic argument, discussing boat types, and the policies of WS and the IOC....but a decision away from the incumbent will inevitably exclude smaller nations. In a small jurisdiction, every time there is an equipment change the incremental cost change is prohibitive rather than marginal - it's simply not possible to replace fleets. Given a smaller local Olympic Association, a smaller MNA and a correspondingly smaller population and business community from where to secure funding, the bulk of the expense falls on the shoulders on the athlete. I would imagine that this concern is felt across the Caribbean and other small jurisdictions - Olympics and other major events are no longer attainable, realistic goals and sailing reverts to being elitist and a sport for the wealthy. Is that what we want?
  7. TwoRockKnock


    So, now why would you say that? Are you questioning the integrity of PwC? Why would they make it up? Are you just pissed that it looks like it was a huge financial and social success for the island? Don't let your obvious hate of Ellison/Coutts/Oracle blind you to the reality. I was here. I saw it.
  8. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    I can only speak for Bermuda. As someone heavily involved in sailing, and junior sailing in particular, I can tell you unequivocally that the increased interest not just through Endeavour, but through our local Clubs has been significant. I can tell, that in my office, folks who are non-sailors are asking - how do they get involved, is there room for their kids in our summer program, can I can come out round the cans racing on Wednesday etc.? If there is this even half this response in Auckland (and wherever it happens to be after that) then it should be considered a huge success. Don't we want more kids sailing? Don't I read on SA about how the sailing authorities fuck it up all over the place, and we need to make sailing accessible, fun and exciting? All the teams, but especially Artemis, OTUSA, SBTJ engaged with youngsters on a regular - I saw it with my own eyes - Jimmy "high fiving" kids in The Great Sound during training, Dean out on the water, Russell out coaching on the water. It was fantastic. For Endeavour alone, RC needs a huge "thank you". What ever you think about RC, the format, the location and style of racing (and there were mistakes made - no one disagrees) you need to also look at the positives which were significant. As for the size of the village, think about how many beds there are in Bermuda, how many boats, and how many of the local population would go to the village. I think it was fantastic. I think it's easy to criticize from the sidelines, but did you talk to folks at ACBDA, charged with creating the infrastructure to host the event and understand their challenges and goals? Do you know what assumptions they made and why? If they create that atmosphere, with visiting boats, Superyachts and J-class, and make it as accessible and as fun as that in Auckland, then they'll need a serious pat on the back.
  9. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    From an event perspective - it was a massive success financially. I haven't seen the final numbers, but the impact across Bermuda was enormous in short term gain - visitors, yachts, imports, currency circulating in the local economy. There were huge concerns about the ability of Bermuda to host such an event, challenges with infrastructure, transport, beer (even!) and by all reasonable measures Bermuda stepped-up and some. The long term impact, of course, is that for many super-yacht owners/skippers/crews Bermuda is now on the radar as a destination rather than just a place to stop off on a delivery and that for many, something we've all known, it has highlighted that it's a great year round place to sail. As a Bermudian, I'm feeling very good about the whole enterprise.
  10. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Exactly. You actually can't beat Bermuda for TZ.
  11. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    In fact, I would see fewer viewers just because it's in NZ and because they may go purist DoG on us all and take away the excitement. Despite all gnashing of teeth over Coutts & Co., and their perceived motivation, more non-sailors were engaged. And that's a good thing.
  12. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Well, the dockyard infrastructure was paid for by me (and my countrymen) it didn't cost the ACEA $100m.
  13. TwoRockKnock

    Next America's Cup Free to Air

    Er, no, most of the world doesn't live in NZ, so will be broadcast during the night.
  14. TwoRockKnock

    rs aero

    Looks like a big O'pen Bic... Exactly, and that's why kids prefer the Bic to Optis. Fun. This is the way to revitalise our sport.