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  1. Prepare yourself to lock your country for many years.
  2. I don't have time to follow, is it true that another lock down may or will postpone the match ? What a farce.
  3. Yes there is, but only about parties liabilities. 58.5 None of the Indemnified Parties shall be liable for any losses, damages, injury, loss of profits, loss of prospective profits, consequential damages, penalties or inconvenience, whether direct or indirect, however arising, as a result of the postponement or cancellation of the whole or any part of AC36 due to any event, occurrence or circumstances whatsoever, including acts of God, terrorism, war, government intervention or regulation, public health, environmental conditions, strikes, lock-outs, other industrial acts, lack of funding or support, or any other force majeure circumstance.
  4. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Did the video stop before they crash ?
  5. Tornado-Cat

    Ben Ainslie

    The billionnaire find a sailor that can organize a winning team, the design team makes the difference.
  6. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Those who boycotted this event are the same blaming the Italians for not inviting Ben isn't it ?
  7. Tornado-Cat

    Ben Ainslie

    1) Money 2) Design 3) Then you put any world class sailors and he wins.
  8. Tornado-Cat

    Forza Luna Rossa ! (Italian Version)

    Me gusta eso.
  9. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Well, reading you and F himself is pretty much one and the same
  10. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The F50 with a small wing and variable geometry foil could reach 60 kts.
  11. Tornado-Cat

    Prada Cup

    Feeling better now
  12. Tornado-Cat

    Prada Cup

    Sad, not SA any more.