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  1. Do you mean that, EB and LE were thugs, but regarding GD, "That's America's Cup FFS" ?
  2. Stronger structure and different foils, it would have probably worked. Anyway, this not the reason they come back to mono.
  3. Not sure, AC15 equipped with foils and flaps would have used grinders, have been faster, better controlled, more seaworthy. That is the future of fast sailing, not foiling mono.
  4. 15 m cats could have done it too. As far as chops, I have been sailing both cats and monos, cats cut through it like monos can't.
  5. Some cats rounded the world with any range of conditions, Hauraki golf was a piece of cake, this is NOT the right reasin.
  6. As much as P$B has in his agreement with GD. For the case GD denied his agreement, what if P$B made it public ? Pretty obvious he has a signed document, the dog match is the pure fantasy of only one poster here. On the design aspect, the rumors I get from Switzerland are that "they" have been testing mono foilers for a bit more than a year now. GD was at Lac de Genève this week, I even have photos of him and a few swiss guys. I would say the biggest winners know are the swiss manufacturers.
  7. There is no second her Majesty
  8. On that we agree, and I hope w'll have other european teams too.
  9. Jaysper, instead of trying to parrot ro!, perhaps you could try to tell us something interesting, I just received a photo taken by friends of GD in front of Lac de Genvève this morning, was he there to buy chocolate ?
  10. Funny how the gang of 5 was such a bad idea and the gang of 2 such a good one. Funny how teams spending under RC was such a bad idea and such a good one with GD. I remember your other complaints, are you going to increase the list ?
  11. ^^ Obviously monos, IMO, GD has no say and will bend over. The fun part will be to decide the details of the protocol when P$B wants something and the challengers something else. As speculation is the fun part of this forum, I speculate that P$B will impose his agenda first, challengers will only decide details that don't matter, which means there will no real consultation.
  12. Thanks, it will put at rest some baseless accusations.
  13. I bet the italian mono will be decades behind this mono foiler.
  14. YouTube have nothing to do with "erase any official trace". Official traces are in the noticeboard.
  15. Utter BS, if you think of the website, all important docs are still here in the noticeboard. http://noticeboard.acracemgt.com/home