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  1. The Next Boat-----2020

    So, if we consider that a trimaran is a cat that has not been optimized, can we say that the AC75 is a trimaran that has not been optimized ?
  2. Both of you were close. Darth, you were closer, but if you had added the L foil I was suggesting, you would have been spot on. Oh, yes and the central T rudder too, but I think your idea was better and I also suggested it. But who knows if the rule will allow it...
  3. The Next Boat-----2020

    And why would team use a suitable central hull for the ocean if the rule is open, if the race has to be held along shores and as we know that extra weight is bad ? If the rule allows it we could have a central hull like the hydroptere who also has a central hull, to main foils and a large T rudder. The only difference will be the kind of foils "arms" and the foils themselves. But even the foils may not be that different and could be surface piercing ones, or close, thanks to the obvious flaps whiche may allow to prevent surface piercing.
  4. The Next Boat-----2020

    Maximum ckicken stability in manoeuves and difficult conditions.
  5. The Next Boat-----2020

    Chicken dance
  6. The Next Boat-----2020

    Intriguing concept. With such a heavy hull and ballast in the winward foil, the first to foil will probably win. The difficulty will be to make the hull fly as early as possible.
  7. The Next Boat-----2020

    Those explaining us Doug's drawings were a trimaran, could you explain how that is a mono ? I have often said that it could be a monopod on foils, well, the pod is pretty big here...
  8. The Next Boat-----2020

    If you cut the right part of the foil, it makes one that is familiar to us, and with auto stability !
  9. The Next Boat-----2020

    This foil design may be what the rule will allow, not what will be designed. I see no stability, either vertical or lateral with these foils. Even planes with flaps have some (negative) longitudinal stability.
  10. The Next Boat-----2020

    I did the same thing, with the same conclusion.
  11. The Next Boat-----2020

    I find the concept interesting, but watching this I wonder: - what is going to be the auto heave control ? Not with the present foil shapes. Not even sure flaps would be enough - what is going to be the lateral stability when more pressure in the sail ?
  12. The Next Boat-----2020

    I love the concept and would like to see it sailing with a foiling multi to compare.
  13. The Next Boat-----2020

    Good we have somebody who knows everything here, from worlds politics to local puppets. Jaysper, the forum's oracle.