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  1. Tornado-Cat

    Corona Virus

    A british point of view: Lockdown supporters cannot bear the thought that Sweden has got it right the liberal US press, which has taken time off from berating Donald Trump to publish lengthy pieces on the supposed failure of the Swedish approach. “The Swedish government didn’t enforce social distancing,” began the Washington Monthly, for example, in May when Sweden briefly had the world’s highest death rate from the disease. “It’s now paying the price – in lives and GDP.”
  2. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Contrary IMO.
  3. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    ^^ Pretty slow for an F50
  4. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Nose in the water as usual.
  5. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    No, IF at the max of the box rule. The flat foil can generate the same lift than the anhedral with a shorter leading edge, thus less drag for the same lift, however it may be much trickier to fly, like a paraglider. Also a flat foil does not allow windward heel without broaching the water surface, if that is really worth it.
  6. Tornado-Cat

    Team NYYC

    As clueless and dumb as usual when you see something.
  7. Tornado-Cat

    Te Aihe vs Defiant!

    The fat dog lost some weight.
  8. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    What we like of Kanterbury locals is that they are not one eyed
  9. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    A smaller belly perhaps ?
  10. Tornado-Cat

    Corona Virus

    This could explain a lot of thing: "People were immune to Covid-19 before it existed: Study “We have had indications for this from a long time that many people may not be prone to get this particular virus at all because they have partial native resistance likely due to prior coronavirus exposures,” he said. Answering if he thinks a significant amount of population is partly resistant to Covid-19, the preventive medicine specialist said, “My impression is that there has long been evidence that that’s true.” Citing the example of the Diamond Princess ship which saw a major Covid-19 outbreak, he suggested the presence of “pre-existing immunity” as only a small percentage of the passengers got infected." Read more at:
  11. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    You must be wrong today Sbd
  12. Tornado-Cat

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Where is the bustle ? or optical illusion ?
  13. Tornado-Cat

    Team NYYC

    Holroyd describes the other boats, he won't criticize them but it does mean he thinks it's the best option. I never said they would use the windward tip to take off but during transitions if they lose their balance. I am wrong ? perhaps, we will see, part of the fun here. We can safely guess that cavitation et ventilation can go together around 50 kts, can you prove the contrary ? I mentioned very early here that Ineos deck aero was designed to be used with the sail. But who care who said it firts, some designed it before You have been claiming that it was important but you are still not able to understand that a flat hull can bring more RM, I found a interview from Martin Fisher confirming it: they consider that AM wants more RM while they want less wetted surface to get out of the water. Listen and learn, it's never too late At the end, I think that the AM boat is much more advanced than what you say, their tests are also designed to fool the observers.
  14. Tornado-Cat

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Well, I found on facebook one of your selfie