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  1. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Yes, it's sometimes necessary to cant.
  2. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ + double meaning
  3. Tornado-Cat

    Boats and foils comparison

    Completely agree.
  4. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    At least TNZ is honest, not like the stupid fans who can't see the reality.
  5. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Antoine Albeau, speed world record.
  6. Tornado-Cat

    Team NYYC

    AkzoNobel’s Awlgrip brand will be the official coatings supplier for New York Yacht Club’s American Magic team, which will challenge for the 36th America’s Cup. The American Magic entry will use Awlgrip’s HDT Flag Blue as the hull color for their first AC75 racing boat. The high performance coatings system used on the boat will feature AkzoNobel’s new High Definition Technology (HDT) topcoat, which offers unrivaled gloss, depth of image and reparability in a single product.
  7. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    You and Indiot putting me on ignore and you feel "better already". Ah ah ah
  8. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Correct, on a sailboard we cant in order increase RM with body outside, or decrease the power, or to bring the sail backward but it is not efficient. I guess moth can have a better effect at increasing RM as they have a long dagger board between the hull and the foil.
  9. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Absolutely most respect to all of them to sail a new boat, mainly to the TNZ team who did not have any test boat and for whom everything is new. Also they are the ones most often seen on the water in light or stronger conditions. Obviously the boat is not ready yet and even the Team was saying that all was not going according to plans. I make a big difference between the real sailors who know what they are talking about and take risks vs the fans who defends "their" boats without understanding what is happening on the boat and don't even want to see the reality.
  10. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Amusing, Gladwell as a good fanboy not only had to cut a part of the vid but could not show the few seconds after the video stops, all is good. And that had nothing to do with the AC50 in Auckland who was fast and stable in much stronger conditions than now. Oh, wait, Auckland conditions are too difficult for cats . "The images show that the AC75 is not as unstable at low speed as many expected based on the prototypes sailed by three of the teams..... Te Aihe now looks very similar in sailing characteristics to the AC50, when the 2017 America's Cup Challenger was sailing in Auckland."
  11. Tornado-Cat

    Team NYYC

    Yes, seems like 2 working posts side by side on starboard, 1 one on the other side.
  12. Tornado-Cat

    Team NZ

    Amusing, not only we have our usual trolls like barfy, we also have silent ones, like Koseboy, pitiful little wimps, silently voting and downvoting. They surely improve the face of the team they support. BTW his community reputation: WHINER
  13. Tornado-Cat

    trickle down

    33 + kts, nice.
  14. Tornado-Cat

    Stars & Stripes Team USA confirmed as 5th Challenger

    Let's let barfbarf cry for the stolen videos he did not make but published in his herbie channel
  15. Tornado-Cat

    Stars & Stripes Team USA confirmed as 5th Challenger

    Why do you watch what you don't understand ?