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  1. I guess you did not realize that the first video is from september 10, not posted here before as far as I know, and represents the first video I have ever seen of a foiling mono in a strong wind, on the ocean, and with a reef. That was not a Qwant on a lake in perfect conditions. For the rest, I am not a mono foiler apologist but your comments about foiling gybes and tacks are pretty stupid when you know the progress that was made in a few months with the multis. When was the first foiling tack realized ? a few months ago.
  2. Thanks for the picture. I would see a more extreme concept with a reverse curve finishing by a V or T foil: one main foil palce in the middle and another at the place of the rudder, only a narrow central dagger board for light wind, surely no keel. No keel and foils with flaps would not require much power. Just an idea though.
  3. I did not try to express a personal opinion here, but a personal interpretation of JS comments. I don't know if I am right or wrong, but he may have a point.
  4. I like this one: And this one too: Architect: David Raison, from Lorient I think.
  5. Thanks for the article Barnyb. In clear i read that JS is leading a syndicate but that it is very difficult to shop the right architect without know the boat. Which gives all the time to GD and P$B to pick the best architects and let the other teams chose the rest later.
  6. I don't know but guess that the put the other foil down before tacking and then pull the other up.
  7. In my vision there would be no rack because it is too draggy at high speed, and a long foil would not require it considered its RM. The foils could be surface piercing, interior or exterior, flaps would prevent the adjustment of the full foil, wich requires lots of energy. Yes, the boat would be dangerous and race rules would have to be modified. I don't expect such an extreme boat in the next AC but let's hope it's not going to be a slower fest as some here would like the AC to be.
  8. I agree about some of your points on this new post, however, 1) Number of teams: 6 teams was not so bad 2) Interest of the races: I could not figure out who would be the winner most of the time, some races have been really exciting, in particular when TNZ nearly stopped at the end of the race, but also with BAR. Boats were incredibly fast, exciting, using tactics. 3) The reason the gap was so big at the end was because TNZ was optimized for light wind and were lucky to have perfect conditions for their last races. Had the conditions been higher the result could have been different. But that is part of a race. At the end, it was a good AC, even though not as spectacular as SF, and Bermudas prices were a deterrent to travel.
  9. Doug, the pictrure was just a representation, my dream foiling mono would be much more extreme: - foils with long arms outside of the water for lower hydro drag - surface piercing foils would be replaced by flaps - with both foils extended the mono would look like a trimaran without floats, but it would be sailing like a proa without floats. - the winward canted wing would make it look like Sailrocket
  10. Scassini, I think the vmg would not be the same that a multi, which means determined by the apparent wind. Doug, I don't go with the racks for a couple of reasons, first the aerodrag, second the foil itself would be long enough to avoid it. I would imagine a boat like on this picture with narrower hull, winward canting sail, much finner foils, 3 times longer.
  11. A narrow mono with very wide Q foils could have as much RM as a multi, be lighter and work a bit like Sail Rocket by canting the mast to winward. How dangerous, but if that is the new mono, I buy it !
  12. We can call it the "slower boat AC"
  13. 1) What do you consider few ? 2) I advise you to watch the races again 3) Wrong, you can also add Sweden, France and probably a couple of others.
  14. Ah ah, take Sail Rocket, I take an Opti, I am faster than you around 3 buoys.
  15. Again, facts but flawed logic. 1) Yes, even for me, new fast foilers are more intesting to watch than Tornado series. But that is an opinion, for what it's worth. 2) You mix AC races with OD class races, the interest of the AC is about the fastest non OD boat 3) AC is about the fastest open boat, as the few I mentioned, or the fastest in an MC box. To take your expression, to say that the AC is about slow boats is talking shit. We basically have two different views of the AC, what your refer as seemingly to best of the AC, the 12s, are for me worst of it. You will be please to come back to that time, but w'll have to see if public, sponsors and media follow... To draw attention a mono will have to be huge, between 80 and 90 ft,and that will require huge budgets too.