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  1. Oracle Team USA

    GTF did their complete (non competitive) campaign with 30 millions. Boats are build, most research has been done, boats much easier to transport than an AC75 what if the figures are a fraction of the AC with better cover and in the Northern Emisphere ? All will depend of the boat they chose for the AC, if it's a light non foiling mono, it will be champagne for another event with real top notch boats.
  2. trickle down

    Flying boats, nice.http://www.catsailingnews.com/
  3. Team NZ

    ^^ Do we pronounce Jacinda the spanish way ? Anyway, Labour, not sure it's good news, but I don't know much of NZ politics.
  4. Oracle Team USA

    Team_GBR, I don't agree for sails, as much as they may cost, they are cheaper than maintaining a wing and more reliable too. How much do you think it costed TNZ to repair the wing when the capsized ? and they were lucky to be able to repair it. As I mentionned, supercavitating foils would just be another set for high winds and depending on the race. Also, flaps could modify their profile. I do recognize that we are dreaming, but the step is smaller than it was 10 years ago when we talked of flying yachts !
  5. Oracle Team USA

    I agree that GC 32 is an amazing platform, I think it has its place, but the 50 is bigger, more impressive, faster, another ligue. And, .....they are already existing. As for the suppliers, for sure some would be interested. It's too late for Green marine though.
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Soft sails cost a fraction of a wing, are safer, cost less to repair, allow a smaller support team, does not require a crane to put the boat in the water, would probably allow to sail the boat above 30 kts of TWS. And you know what ? the boat and maintenance would be a fraction of the AC75, would ship easily and would probably be twice faster that the AC75 !!! With different sets of supercavitating foils it could perhaps reach 60 kts. Let's wait what they prepare anyway, I will be the first to congrat if they come with a good boat and the first to boo if they don't.
  7. Team NYYC

    ^^ It will be back to a decades old concept, why don't they chose the TP52 ?
  8. Oracle Team USA

    Lots of the energy is required for moving the whole foil and the rudder, a bit like if a plane had to move the whole wing and the whole tail. Tabs or flaps on both would make it less hydro hungry, more controlable, thus faster. I think they should also use a wing and a reefable soft sails like the GC32, it would not be faster but would make the boat more more seaworthy, and able to sail in stronger winds.Obviously they should have to possibility to have a second smaller jib.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    The AC50 was a flawed boat because it needed to much human oil pressure, I agree with GD. New rules allowing new foils, flaps, wings, would make it easy to sail, safer, faster and competing very well against an AC on slow monos. It would not even compare. Anyway, it should held GD push for the more extreme of their 2 concepts. Seriously, are you interested to go back to keeled boats ?
  10. I wrote a while ago that the only interesting monos would be a narrow pod with foils or a wide mono with L foils. I am not good artist but just found image of how it could look like. Chevalier draws amazing designs but I don't agree with his vision of what would be a good foiling mono, too conservative for me. https://wilson-marquinez.com/
  11. Oracle Team USA

    How narrow minded...
  12. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Same for me and most of my sailing friends, our wifes know we sail, nothing will prevent us from doing so, and we don't prevent them from doing other activities. Another lesson we know in the family, coming from older generations, we know when you go sailing, we never know at what time we will be back.
  13. AC 36 Protocol

    It will depend of LR behaviour
  14. AC 36 Protocol

    2. I agree with you but was comparing with the 2 previous "evils" 5. I understand your vision, but it not about the CoR only, all challengers apply to RNZYS