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  1. Argghh. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought "Please, don't let it be Hall" Every one I have ever seen up close has been beautifully built and finished.
  2. Most comparable boat is/was J/46, introduced a little later and not raced as intensively. Believe that may be near identical hull form so all the wholesome virtues of the J/44 would apply, with some cruising niceties added. I'd happily race one to Bermuda, though you would obviously forego the class camaraderie that was a big part of the 44's appeal. But if you are in Europe, you are foregoing that anyway. Something of a rare beast. X Yachts have gone through pretty fast evolution just in the last ten years. A new one will be expensive and the XP 44's are bringing home the (distance) bacon in the USA. It may be that they are just attracting squared away teams. And this year's Bermuda Race was an anomaly. But earlier X Yachts line up much closer in price to what a J/44 likely goes for, and their sailing characteristics (sym spin, etc) are similar as well. Check out an X41, I have raced against a couple of these and they always seemed to contend in a broad range of conditions. X41 may be the last of the "traditional" X Yachts before they went sprit/updated styling. Should be findable in Europe. Here are about 80+ options in your neighborhood: http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/searchResults.jsp?searchtype=advancedsearch&Ntk=boatsEN&type=(Sail)&hmid=0&sm=3&enid=0&toYear=2005&cit=true&toLength=48&currencyid=100&luom=126&boatsAddedSelected=-1&fromLength=39&ftid=0&man=x%20yachts&slim=quick&is=false&rid=119&No=10 IMX 45 was a big, successful bruiser produced in roughly the same time frame as the J/44. I don't know much about the Swan 45 other than its moment of glory was really brief for a boat that seemed to have a lot going for it. All the guys I know involved with X Yachts liked them
  3. Cooler waters up the track and then shear take their toll. If it gets back into the Bahamas and has some time to reorganize the intensity models may change. Remembers that while the greatest forces in nature...hurricane are a pretty fragile system and wind shear and cooler waters do them in pretty quickly. Any sense of probable impact on Savannah/Hilton Head/Beaufort SC area? Haven't looked at radar yet but seems like direct eyewall hit likely. That part of the Lowcountry has been lucky for some time and there has been a local credo that due to concave shape of the shoreline "hurricanes don't hit here" but boy, this system looks like the exception to the rule. Thanks as always
  4. Anybody know if the PFD is available? Looks like more of a "game changer" than the FWG, which is unique mainly for being "milspec GoreTex." Nice certainly but as said above, the Musto and H/L gear with their Ocean and other varieties of GoreTex work great. The PFD as portrayed by EP seems like a step up from the SpinLock which itself is better than (my) conventional Mustang
  5. Look, hard to argue against your overall point or its components. But somebody is "wrong," all principles of self reliance aside. If the Volvo vets are correct that the weather conditions are boat (and man) breakers, the average Joe's who started have made a serious mistake, though one that's absolutely "within their rights." Conversely, if the average Joe's judgment is vindicated, those that opted out made the reciprocal "mistake." My pals are blasting along now at 10+ so something wind/current is happening
  6. boy... couple of boats I am following are 480+ dtf, going about two knots. I've done that twice myself and its more nerve wracking than the nighttime Gulf Stream hose down ride. Never had good luck with Commanders
  7. Saw "Spectre" lined up in Block Island Race this past weekend... hadn't seen one on LIS before. I'd guess well suited to the typical angles of a BI or Vineyard Race, though checked results and saw she retired which must have been for mechanical reasons (ie, conditions benign). I don't know what Spectre was called in her previous life/lives.
  8. I think the focus should be on the suitability of the boat rather than the experience of the sailor, in this instance. He's got more experience (having crewed two) than I did on my first lap down, though I was crewing. I do agree that there is a self-promotional, passive aggressive "feel" to the whole "public letter" gambit. Despite all the polite follow up. And totally agree that the real competition available in the Annapolis option way outweighs any "Tom Day nostalgia trip" in terms of pre 1-2 preparation.
  9. Benj tried his best to make HPR work. It failed. He sold the boat. Not complicated. Interesting. What's also interesting to me is the end of the long standing and successful Melges-R/P collaboration.... did "Fed" pick/insist on Botin, or did Melges drive that decision? Sort of the nail, or a nail in the R/P coffin in terms of high profile raceboat projects. I guess this isn't news, but boy, I had occasion to go to the Farr site the other day and their self published list of recently launched designs was shockingly short. How the mighty have fallen.
  10. Immaculately prepped like every boat that has passed through the "kinda-back to being an X Yachter" fleet...
  11. Anybody take a peek at the Dragonfly 25 tri? Menu (of new boats) otherwise pretty bland this year... stretched out Alerion, nice but bland Dufours, an expensive Grand Soleil (as if there's any other kind). Not exactly the Farr 280/C&C 30 showdown from last year
  12. I'm glad that custom boats are being designed and made. The imagination and craftsmanship are incredible. But it looks like a big tan box that a nice boat might come in.
  13. Bring money
  14. Do you regret being an a-hole?
  15. Absolutely right, and they (RP) have never really recovered.... the spot they once held now occupied by Botin or the like.