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  1. Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    Davis Island in Tampa will be busy, J70's, Flying Scots, and others sailing around the bay at that time, you can check with leaving your boat at the club, would need a dolly for the boat ideally, it will be crowded with the J70 boats staying over but with the small dinghy we could find a spot for you. You can also get over to St. Pete, Ft. Desoto park, Clearwater, etc. and sail the intercoastal and bay. There are a couple of other regattas at that time so you could possibly get on a boat as crew if you like. Lot's going on then so many options.
  2. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I understand, but they have to be cognizant that there are other areas of the US that need to have service. Still, the answers are robotic.
  3. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    The replies are so robotic, either corporate BS or a troll from a non-English speaking country. Do they not know that there are dealers and customers all over the US, not just the Houston area?
  4. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I am in Florida.
  5. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    So, I cannot go down to my local dealer and purchase a boat off the showroom floor, I have to order one and wait 60-90 days. Please respond to this question.
  6. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    This is the basis of the whole deal. Although it is 30 years old read the book 'Barbarians at the Gate', you will understand things much better afterwards. It is not about building a brand anymore, it has not been for over 40 years.
  7. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    There are generic Sunfish racing and recreational sails out there, have been for quite a number of years on the recreational side, and only lately have I seen knock-off racing sails for non-class events. I was even surprised to see a generic composite daggerboard within the last year or so that our ladies use for their club sailing. (I've borrowed one once) And there have been 'generic' Sunfish type boats out there forever, Phantom and Aqua Finn being a couple of examples, but they were different enough that they were only a threat in the recreation, camps, and resort sales. ISCA going after the hull would be a big step, parts and pieces are mostly out there already to a certain degree.
  8. We're having the same problem in Tampa Bay tomorrow, E at 2 at race time.
  9. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Sure, and I do not think a lot has to be spent on legal fees. Just tell LP OK, you win, and we will go off on our own and see who survives. The class will have to make-up the funds so raise dues, etc. The only big issue is the worlds and boats.
  10. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    No right to the name, which LP can withhold, but nothing that LP can do to stop them from sailing the boats in an organized way or publishing their 'Windward Leg' newsletter. Car clubs are formed due to the cars they enjoy driving but do not violate any builder's trademarks. ISCA could do the same without using any of the trademarks that are registered, 'Sunfish' in a standard font instead of the registered stylized version. They have already removed the Sunfish profile. I think due to the precedence of the class' history and being the recognized association by WS a court would rule in their favor on continuing what they do, just without the trademarks of LP. They are not harming LP by their activities, so what else is there other than the use of the trademarks? Individuals can still buy the boats if they choose, ISCA does not control that, and if it meets the standards of the class then they can sail the boats in sanctioned events. I would not be surprised if LP changes the new boats so that they will not meet the class measurement rules and then that will have to be addressed. Unless most everybody changed over to the new bogus class I do not see how LP wins here, they have cut-off a customer base that promotes their boats for very little cost (relatively) and that buys more parts and pieces than the average customer.
  11. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    They 'own' the class and all it has developed over the past 50 years.
  12. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    OK, here is a straightforward one for you: Why does LP need the class to turn over its IP to LP?
  13. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    What is it, .net or .global? You have pointed people to two different addresses.
  14. Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    Can put half & half on 4 & 5?
  15. tp 52 crop 2018

    I begged for this over the last two Cup series since 2010... They are too hooked on this foiling craze.