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  1. Me too, the jet of water coming off of her nose. And then later Johnny's "I'm losing it, Jeff !!!!!"
  2. Most races were a one on one match for wagers in the early days. The NYYC held several races or regattas on occasion but nothing weekly, etc. That is what the America was trying to get when she got there, matches. They only raced the Round the Island race since they could not get any matches and were invited to this race specifically since the Brits had been shamed into it by the press.
  3. The Aussies held a worlds in Freo in 85 or 86 with everybody there except S&S and maybe Blackaller. All of them were racing old boats or first design builds for that cycle. No one had their Cup boat at that point, they were still being built. They held another in Lulea Sweden after the 87 match. It really showed how S&S 87 was in the corner of the rule as in the light air she was barely competitive, I think a best finish of 3rd or 4th. Kooks and NZ being the top 2 boats. The Kooks trialed some with NZ but their race info was held back after Fay was 'advised' by some US and other banking interests that it would be bad for business to do so. No one up until this latest series had raced a defender against a challenger boat prior to the Cup match. Some 'show' races to raise interest, train, and gain sponsor exposure is no problem in my book as long as it is pre-match and not in the actual Cup match boats. The ACTS and worlds regatta's were no harm to the spectacle and excitement of that first Cup race.
  4. You gotta spell it right, Moaning Glory... I really thought that it was the beginning and ending of Susan's coastal racing career on her first Kahlua Cup back in '92 or '93.
  5. Tell everybody the crazy guy from Florida says Hi and we'll be watching.
  6. Hurricane Central
  7. Quoting LeBeouf from True Grit (1969): "I aint dead yet..." The storm was not as bad as feared but enough to take out the power from 10:30 pm Sunday until 4:30 this afternoon, and our house is one of the lucky ones. Still a lot that will not have power for a couple more days yet. Generator life is something to try, I look at it as an adventure, no sense to get mad if everything else is OK. We had a nice steak dinner with baked potatoes and field peas mom brought with her Monday night. The eye passed over Lakeland, which is only 8-10 miles away from where we are at. Funny though, at the height of the storm I sat on my back porch taking it all in, with no wind pressure at all. The way we have two 2-story houses on our east side blocked the brunt of the wind, with the effects of being in their 'gas' our back yard was covered from the direct pressure. Now, the trees above were slashing back and forth with the wind screaming through the branches, it was something to hear. I tried to record it on my phone but all that comes through is the rainwater, which sounds like a hose running into a bucket. It is cool where the blue glow flashes when a transformer pops, it looks like lightning but is not. The yard can only be described as shoveling 16" of snow out of it, the limbs, branches, and twigs we so thick on the ground. The back, virtually clear, the front was the war zone. Fortunately with the easterly wind blowing the water out of Tampa Bay at record levels the boats were settled into the mud bottom and did not get beat--up by wind and high water. We were lucky that it took a jog inland where all its strength was sapped. If it buzz-sawed up the coast the story would have been more tragic than it is. So you're still stuck with me...
  8. It looks like it has headed east of Ft. Myers, or at least a wobble.
  9. Excellent teaching the good ol' fashioned way. In the roof truss business I started before computers were widely used. Later on the young guys who never handled a hammer or drew a truss by hand had no clue other than what the computer told them. Lots of bad truss sets I had to get fixed. The prettier and detailed the cad drawings, the worse the trusses were.
  10. Looks like a wobble to the right at Cape Romano.
  11. Unless they moved that is not Foxy's, we were there in '93 and it is in the bay tucked into the NE corner. also there were only 2 police Samurai's on the island then with only a small paved footpath back to the ice house.
  12. A local weather guy was on the radio and the talk in the center was about all this water being purchased. The question was: even with the loss of electrical power who ever lost water? Made me think and we always had water during Charley, Francis, and Jeanne even when we did not have power for 3-4 days. Now, if you were in Pt. Charlotte, etc. that close to the landfall and total destruction then maybe.
  13. As I remember it the SORC was the series where all the new boats were brought out and showcased. The Admirals Cup were boats, that at least from the US, had performed well at the SORC and other regatta's to be selected for the team with the Circuit performance weighing heavily on the selection.
  14. Judging on pics and experiences I have seen from the roof and floor truss industry, as soon as the interior is breached, a blown soffit, window, garage door, etc. it pressurizes the house and blows it apart. As long as everything stays intact there is a better chance of survival.
  15. Looking at a live radar from San Juan a few minutes ago it appeared to be lifting to the north just a touch, not tracking somewhat parallel to the PR coast. Hopefully a sign of starting to curve that direction but waay too early to start counting on that.