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  1. Team NYYC

    Nothing against Bora, he is a top talent, but he did not seem to gel with the team in the few events he drove. Maybe more time would have corrected that, there were race wins and relative good race bright spots, but something seemed off. We'll have to see how this develops, maybe with the Olympic campaign something was planned ahead of time anyway. No matter what I hope he heals well and can get back on the water soon.
  2. Team NYYC

    TFE's Sailing Illustrated posted a notice that DB is going to drive the Q TP52 next season. https://www.sailingillustrated.com/single-post/2017/10/18/AC36-One-hears-Dean-Barker-NZL-will-skipper-the-Quantum-TP52-in-next-summers-Super-Series-will-Deano-skipper-NYYCs-2021-challenger
  3. Team NYYC

    The NYYC had a lot of money and were the first team in Freo back in '85, but it did not get them far. It has to be used smartly with innovation and a crew that knows how to use it. Ask LE about that now.
  4. AC 36 Protocol

    If you look at the pattern, anytime you juke with the rules, you lose. EB in 2010 and LE in 2017. 2007 & 2013 were fairly clean.
  5. AC 36 Protocol

    When a replacement challenger wins the selection series the original challenge is withdrawn, settling the original challenge, then the new challenge is submitted based on the winner of the selection series. I remember this being discussed when OR lost on '07 and withdrawing their challenge, then ETNZ filing the replacement challenge. That way it remains DoG compliant that no other challenge can be accepted until the current one is settled. It should be in there on the transfer of the challenge if someone other than the CoR. We all know it is a formality since the multi-challenger format was accepted by the NYYC, but should be followed to comply with the terms of the DoG and not leave an opening for someone with enough money to drag it through the courts.
  6. AC 36 Protocol

    EB was screwing the DoG and LE made the appearance that he was going to do right by it. Only after getting his hands on it did the real LE appear, EB 'lite' with a more proper challenger YC instead of a fabricated one. I thought Oakley and HIYC were going to be OK but that did not last. Along with cost I wonder if health was concern seeing that he did not last that much longer past their withdrawal. The defender dealing directly with the CoR is not bad, it is the way it should be. It will be the responsibility of the challengers to keep LR honest. RNZYS only has the obligation to worry about who shows-up on race day. I do not think there was ever any challengers 'commision' back in the day, they had to deal with the CoR. Same with the defense candidates, they had to deal with the NYYC and the club could do as they pleased since it was their defense to win. That is why they did not run a defender selection series, only trials where they did keep score but were ultimately looking for the best boat and crew that they thought could defend the Cup. Other than that they did not care.
  7. The LV (not the AC) WS

    Well, let's just sit back and see how this all develops. Unless they come-up with something better than what the course and tactics were in AC35 I don't expect more attention than what we saw in June. The foiling is neat, the speed is neat, but it is just slot cars running around the groove with no lane changes. Hell, even my 67, 69, 70, 73 Chevelle/Malibu (take your choice) can change lanes, sometimes when I did not necessarily want it to...
  8. In Over Our Head

    I think that is the lazy guy hanging down, could be pulling down on it some.
  9. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    The Soverel is a light air venue boat, the Olson more heavy air. The Soverel also has runners so more complexity.
  10. AC 36 Protocol

    Yeah, really strange going through that thread. It was a wild time that helped keep my sanity by distracting me from dwelling on being out of work for a year and a half. With the economy like it was there was not much to work on looking for a job, so the time spent on the SAAC forums kept me going, sad to think of these days, seems like an eternity ago now.
  11. The LV (not the AC) WS

    LE is taking his bat and ball to another field to play his own game by his rules, nothing more.
  12. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Or, a big team with a B behind it cannot come along and just cherry pick crew from a smaller less funded team. Which, that it was ETNZ, is just an example of what can happen to any low-budget team that puts together a group of really good crew that may not have been on the radar before. Also remember that LE picked JS from Prada after '07 after they had picked him from Syd Fisher's team. So, it can be a common belief of both the defender and CoR this time.
  13. "Atop the charts overall is Valentin Zavadnikov's Dynamiq - Synergy Sailing Team with Ed Baird on tactics. They successfully submitted a one – two - two scoreline to take an early lead, while Porto Cervo champ Alessandro Rombelli at the helm of Stig with tactician Francesco Bruni gave the day a good run to finish up one point behind in second place."
  14. Ed Baird is on the leading boat from Russia...
  15. AC 36 Protocol

    Yes, she was a staunch EB supporter, but did her homework to back her position and I commended her for that. It made for a good debate on the issue and made me do my homework also. It was so spooky that I received a pm from her the night she passed away, reading it and then seeing the notice on here really freaked me out. Unfortunately the pm's from that time were cleared during one of the website upgrades.