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  1. ~HHN92~

    Front Page...The New AC...Bad Joke

    Look at the last AC, most of the boats were pretty equal but one had a gadget, ETNZ with the cyclors. DC started full-time training in 1980, sailing in SD or Newport year round. For '87 he just had a plan in sailing in Hawaii most everyday in 15-18 knots of breeze, the Dr. was only around in mid to late summer, remember all the light air races where S&S started losing a few. Once the DR. came on then the boat lit up and ran away with it.
  2. ~HHN92~

    Front Page...The New AC...Bad Joke

    It has become novelty sailing, not a real design/skills test anymore. Whoever has the best gadget wins.
  3. ~HHN92~


    But for one bad race Phoenix was there. Way better coverage than the Volvo, they talk too much over there...
  4. Since my visit out there earlier this year it is cool to see boats that saw during the NOODs.
  5. ~HHN92~


    Keep 'em coming. That 2nd race today got really interesting, other than Phoenix you did not know who was doing what for large portions of the legs. Lots of hero's to zero's.
  6. ~HHN92~

    Just another complaint about Mr. Clean

    Clean was a lot of things, from really cool to boorish at times, which most of us can be. I met him at the Volvo stopover in 2015-16? in Miami. He was going to hook me up with a spot on an RC boat and help with his livestream, etc. Boat owner brought some extra friends so no room. He gets with the guy who was in charge of the race village, moving it and setting up at the stopovers. He is going to see about a ride on one the small ribs. Comes back, sorry, no room on a rib but if it is OK we can get you a spot on the Volvo VIP boat. Well, I was a touch disappointed not to get on a wet rib but the VIP boat was OK. It was full of British top sales reps who got the free trip for their work, treated me like I was a special guest, free food and full bar all day. So, he's OK in my book.
  7. ~HHN92~


    Send us all you can, highlights only go so far...
  8. ~HHN92~

    Adrift Movie

    At least the Russell Crowe 'Master and Commander' had realistic Southern Ocean waves in it.
  9. ~HHN92~


    Are there plans for live streaming the last 2-3 days of the event in the future?
  10. ~HHN92~


    Ready to get going. Was able to spend time with Tony Langley in San Diego after the NOOD's there. Great guy and very cordial to discuss the 52's and AC goings-on.
  11. ~HHN92~

    J35 Anarchist

    The check stays should go from the mast to blocks mounted on tabs either side of the backstay, then to the blocks on the rail and forward. Other than class mandated items that require the original supplier parts you will source things like lifelines, etc. from local outlets. Check your chainplates for cracking where the lowers mount, with the perpindicular mounting to the bulkhead and the slight offset pull when loaded with back stay ours had a crack coming out of one of the pin holes for the shroud. The chainplates are made from a somewhat odd thickness of stainless, a local metal fabrication shop that made new ones for us had to special order the correct sheet stock.
  12. Unless you count 19 years for America from its win until the first defense, where even placing 4th it beat the challenger. Number of defense seasons, easily Courageous.
  13. I always like the low boom on Intrepid and the pics of Ficker driving with his foot on it, with the anti-skid tape placed there.
  14. ~HHN92~

    J35 Anarchist

    Did that happen recently? I sent our prop to them a couple of years ago and we able to get a rebuilt one after finding ours was too far gone.