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  1. ~HHN92~

    Beat The Man

    New 'rocket' shirts will be on the way soon, Thanks Mark for all the help getting the details worked-out.
  2. ~HHN92~


    After the meter maid?
  3. ~HHN92~

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Looks like the bottom of a sport fishing boat...
  4. ~HHN92~

    Team NZ

    If you are trying to 'build' the brand this is not how you do it. A small community will follow this but many that I speak with about the AC and foiling boats, since the 72 days, see it as a novelty and not much more. They look at it as cool but it does not really 'grab' them as they see it as a level they can never attain, do not fully understand, and do not really relate to. I speak with a wide variety of sailors, dinghy ladies, cruisers, racers, professionals, etc. and there is no large groundswell of support for the AC. You could watch old AC races and see things that you might use one day on the water, it kept your attention. Having a 'diamond' zone that you cannot violate without penalty due to the dangers of getting too close with these freakish looking foils hanging outside the boats just does not relate to the vast majority of sailboat cruisers or racers. Drive a race car on the street? Not in a long time. But, there are a number of race boats that you could take out for a evening sail if you wanted, not these things.
  5. ~HHN92~

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Sled is tearing it up, hope they hold-on to win the regatta. They have been much improved over this year's series.
  6. ~HHN92~

    Team NYYC

    36 years ago today Australia II won race 7 to win the Cup over NYYC's Liberty, September 26, 1983. Still brings a tear to my eye...
  7. ~HHN92~

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Looks like it is scrubbed for today, got to work early so I would not miss anything while driving. Will try again tomorrow...
  8. ~HHN92~

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Dan, any news from Porto Cervo?
  9. ~HHN92~

    Team NYYC

    Nah, they're all just screwing with everybody on SA, getting the hens cackling...
  10. ~HHN92~

    Team NYYC

    I roam around in the background and comment when something strikes my fancy.
  11. ~HHN92~

    Team NZ

    Shouldn't you be over in the NYYC thread, that is where Deano is now...
  12. ~HHN92~

    Team NYYC

    I imagine he gets an 'owners' discount also. He not only has the Q TP52 he is an investor in the company.
  13. ~HHN92~

    Team NYYC

    Most of the 12's were 62'-63' long in the NYYC era. S&S 85 and 87 were two of the longest ones ever built, 65'-66' as noted. Longer boat = less sail area, smaller boats like AIII had more sail area, part of the trade-offs in the rule. Also a heavier boat had less and vice-versa. AIII was small and light, that is part of the reason the upside-down keel with wings on it worked for them.
  14. ~HHN92~

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Sangmeister noted that they were not sure how the boat would go down or roll when it sank due to the sealed bulkhead, worrying that the rig would come down on top of the liferafts when it went.
  15. ~HHN92~

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Platoon sure tried to give it away today and Azzura was not doing much to help their cause either. Other than the opening win and a 2nd Q was never really in it. The Frenchy's did surprisingly well and could be on track to take a race or two along the way, not a bad effort by them at all.