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  1. ~HHN92~

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    Measure twice, cut once....
  2. ~HHN92~


    Yes, I was speaking with him Saturday and he is planning to be there.
  3. ~HHN92~


    I'll be there too, St. Pete YC.
  4. ~HHN92~

    J/35 Rig tuning question

    Our lowers are usually somewhat loose and the uppers soft from the tight feeling when unloaded. See what the mast looks like, is it in column, hooked to leeward, hooked to windward? For the lowers you want to look at the main when you have backstay on, are you getting too much bend with it on? With the thread length, check all the items noted above with a good tape measure and consistent measurement points. After that then set the rig per your sail maker's tuning guide.
  5. ~HHN92~

    Do you Race in FOG ?? How thick ??

    Off Clearwater once a sea fog rolled in. A couple hundred yards off the beach is was pea soup. Inside that was clear sunshiny day. We had to tack in and out of it with a lookout posted at the bow.
  6. ~HHN92~

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    It is an interesting comment from someone at his level considering the changes away from traditional established classes with multiple manufacturers to the new equipment they are including that are not established in the same way with single source suppliers. Why make such a statement if he does not have intel to back it up?
  7. ~HHN92~

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Here is a FB post from Ser Miang Ng, vice president of the IOC and an experienced sailor in his own right, I think he used to also be on the board of WS. For the comments he makes I would take it he has some knowledge of how things work and what is going on via the contacts he would have: Ser Miang Ng shared a post. October 29 at 5:55 PM ยท "During the midyear meeting in May this year, the World Sailing Council received more than 60 submissions on the 2024 Olympic events, 13 of them were debated on and after prolong process and 7 rounds of voting it took a decision. Now, barely 5 months later the World Sailing Board decided that one of the event cannot work and is proposing to change that. What sort of process is this? lack of leadership? cherry picking? commercial interests manipulation? A mixed two person keelboat offshore event that will go on for 48 hours? a liberal interpretation of Regulation 23? the reasons given in this submission paper are pretty strange. 1) That the mixed one person dinghy event is not workable, then why was it put forward in the midyear meeting and approved after due process? 2) keelboat has a long history in the Olympic programme, but not offshore!! 3) 50% of sailors in the world compete in offshore keelboats ?! fake data?! 49 countries in the world are landlocked, many non landlock countries do not have offshore racing. the huge costs and logistic of offshore racing is not comparable to dinghy racing. the maritime traffic in many parts of the world do not make offshore racing easy. 4) the reasonable costs of supplied equipment is pretty humorous. will the boat manufacturing be prepared to supply free keelboats for participating MNAs to train and qualified their sailors??? 5) my understanding from broadcasters is that the event will be complex and expensive to cover. I do not think it is necessary to go into other "reasons" in the paper. In a note dated 15 Oct sent by Andy Hunt, CEO of World Sailing, he warned of expensive litigations should anyone try to change the Nov decision on Olympic equipment. I find this very strange as in the same breath, the Board is trying to change decision of the Council made in May?! Further, even if the Board will manage to make the Council change its May decision, how will the Council decide on which offshore keelboat at this Annual Meeting? unless someone has already decide which keelboat will be designated? if this is not the case and like all Olympic equipment that has to be well tested and universally accepted then the decision has to be deferred. should the same not apply to all other untested equipment proposed? The Olympic Games is not a testing ground for new experiment. The complexity of our sport cannot be an excuse for not following principles and protecting the integrity of our sport and most importantly our sailors. In most of the Olympic IFs, the National Federations form the supreme body of their sport. Sailing is no different, classes and equipment manufacturers are important partners, but they are not National Federations. It is time for the MNAs to be involved and to take charge."
  8. ~HHN92~

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    I think the issue is that WS is cutting out and rearranging the classes to ones that they get a cut on the action from boat sales, making an insider deal instead of using naturally cultivated classes for the Olympics, so they can get a better cut of the deal. And I do not think it is TE having an axe to grind alone as there have been a number of prominent sailing hierarchy that are questioning what is going on with WS and its management. The appearance is that they are cleaning house and ramming through new classes for the Olympics where there is no issue coming from the IOC. in fact, one of the VP's posted a pretty strong letter asking WS WTF? Being well connected there is probably a lot he knows and has heard but is not publishing due to people speaking of these things in confidence. It does appear to be some mis-management with the CEO and the expenses they are racking up. And changing the classes to ones they get more from makes it look like a move to pay for their ways.
  9. ~HHN92~

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Slovenia build according the boat info, and while it was speculated that the WS logos shown in a pic from Arhus were photoshopped it has been reported that it was legit. Somebody needs to get down to Sorry-sota and do some drug testing, I think they are passing the crack pipe around down there.
  10. ~HHN92~

    This is going a bit far

    They took the stern of our old club launch and made an outdoor leaning bar out of it. The only complaint is that the actual boat never looked that good...
  11. 5 lines sounds really complicated but when you get your head wrapped around the set-up it is really not too bad. You trip the pole off the guy, the tack line holds it during the gybe, both guys are slack and makes it easy for the foredeck. Ease and trim the 500' of sheet to bring the kite around the front, snug the guy back on after the pole is set and you are done. Make sure to put the guys on the primaries and the sheets on the secondary's used for spinnaker trim usually and you are all set. It looks worse than it is in practice, you hardly ever touch the tack line except if you have to move the pole some. It replaces the foreguy basically as you will not need to adjust it.
  12. ~HHN92~

    Valiant butt surgery

    Does anyone have a version of the rule that was used in '83? (3rd Rule) The argument NYYC/DC made was that AIII could not sail in 9' of water when heeled and thusly did not measure as a 12m. Or was that based on them having a 9' measured draft and then considering the wings extending down when heeled? I can only find the currently adopted rule approved recently. edit: I know there was a tweak to the rule where low freeboard was penalized in '83 vs '80, that is the problem why Freedom was not used over Liberty that year, they moved Freedom's rudder and some other mods, losing her grandfather clause to not be re-rated.
  13. On the J35 we have both, as long as the assym is built within the measurements of the standard spin there is no penalty. We lose a few feet of sail area with the assym to meet this requirement.
  14. ~HHN92~

    Valiant butt surgery

    I think she draws more than 9' with that keel, sailed on her a couple of years ago and the other 12m boats call her a 13 meter. They invite her to sail on occasions when they need another boat in the fleet. The rest of her measurements may be OK, the rudder is not part of the measurement.
  15. ~HHN92~

    Valiant butt surgery

    DC was given Valiant for a while so Hinman could concentrate on raising money and running things. They moved him over to Mariner and Ted took over Valiant at the end. Could be they were both on Valiant while Mariner was in the shed. I cannot remember seeing pics of Valiant's stern from that year. She sort of disappeared.