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  1. ~HHN92~

    Main sheeted to windward

    Yes, absolutely. My remark is simplified, but as you state it takes all of these to get it right.
  2. ~HHN92~

    Main sheeted to windward

    Not having the knowledge at the level you guys are discussing I have always looked at placing the leech where I needed it and the boom ends-up wherever, mostly above centerline at a certain point. I first trimmed a main this way when on a 1D35 with the big (at that time) roach from the round head. Reading your descriptions seems to validate in scientific terms what I was doing by the seat of the pants.
  3. ~HHN92~

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    His 'Oprah' commentary was classic, I have a few recorded as I did that for the guys in the shop, but I did not get that one. Almost ran off the road laughing that morning.
  4. ~HHN92~

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    Larry the Cable Guy, his campaign slogan from back in the day: Hooty Hoo in '92., still have the shirt. If you Google the saying my previous post in the imitation thread comes up.
  5. ~HHN92~

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Comanche seemed to come-in high at the turn and had to dig down to get there. IT came-in from a wider angle that was obviously best at this point, as long as they did not put in too meany extra miles.
  6. ~HHN92~

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Lot's of nail biting on the Big Injun depending on what the breeze does. Lots of miles can be lost quick.
  7. ~HHN92~

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    WOXI back duking it out with the 60'ers?
  8. ~HHN92~

    Personal Pics Thread?

    Kona Wind and main only up that day. We were out watching the air show over Keehi Lagoon.
  9. ~HHN92~

    Personal Pics Thread?

    1971 and 2016, a few years and a few pounds...
  10. ~HHN92~

    Personal Pics Thread?

    I was there for 2 & 3. At the dock in #2 but in the same room for #3. #1 I was a long distance away in a crib somewhere.
  11. Looks like an original 1992 design with the destroyer bow.
  12. ~HHN92~

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Spawn was out in our Egmont Key race weekend before last, up hanging the the Melges 32's going down the bay in upper teens windspeed.
  13. ~HHN92~

    Beat The Man

    Now our new J24 team shirts arrived and again they look great. Always a pleasure to work with Mark.
  14. The NYYC got Charlie to switch with them from 23 to 24, Heritage was the last wood 12. Heard it from Charlie himself at one of his talks during our Hospice Cup where sailing on Heritage is donated for bids to the charity.
  15. Was protested once on a BS boat overtaking me and then calling for room inside the circle. The protest chair asked how long before they flew the flag and they came back that they timed it - 35 seconds to retrieve it from the nav table. Protest dismissed.