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  1. krispy kreme

    Dow 9,000 - or less?

    Employment will be stagnant for some time to come with occasional inflections of notable employment drop offs during rounds of state, local and fed worker layoffs as municipalities and whole states go broke. It will be very difficult to grow our way out of this. We simply don't have the export horsepower per capita that we once did, and the American consumer cannot make up the difference. Double dip a comin'
  2. krispy kreme

    espo is a dick

    I'm with Nemesis on this one. 8 pages and 40GB of disk space on a fleet of 7 x J/29's?? bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Get in a friken machine and let's see if those might mouths actually translate into sailing ability.