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  1. Just red that thread. I used the Gul more then 50 sailing days in my nacra f20c. I have size 15us and they are great in uk13. Durability is so so to be honest. The vulcanisation is poor. But theyfit my big and wide fest. Greetings from germany. I bought two sets for next seasons!
  2. looking for a new set of sails for my nacra F20C. Main and Jib will be made of a landenberger LP membran designed to crew weight and sailing style. Question: What impact does the thickness of the mylar plies of the membran create? From 0.75mil - 1.0mil -1.5mil is available. My current thoughts for a gennaker are to choose for the outer panels Superkote130 and for the rest Dynakote75. That's based on my experience on flying double-trap downwind courses at lake garda. Heard from the Tornado crews that they prefer dark blue clored fabric because it should be more durable than other colors (allthough same fabric). Appreciate your comments and recommendations. greetings from southern germany
  3. When i visited lake garda in oct. 2015 i saw the italians assembling their fourth boat sind they started their olympic compaign. There is a reason for sure. Why are they not able to sell their old Modells? Same in germany from my view. I greatly enjoy sailing my F20c and a huge thank you NACRA for inventing it. But build Qualität is miles away from marstroem e.g.. Qualität drives the second Hand price right? Cheers frorm bavaria
  4. AS long AS you dont know the type of aluminun you dont know if any headtreatment has ever taken place. The material preferably used for extrusion is not head treated. High tensile Aluminium tends to corrode in an marine enviroment much quicker than low tensile (si0.5) Material. Its important to close the holes. Cheers from germany
  5. I don't know where exactly your mast snapped. I had experieneced a mast failure due to an elongated bale and block line. The swivel block which runs the gennacker halyard can not rotate when the length oft both lines are not correct. The block does create huge point-loads to the mast which caused a prestressed laminate which was the root for snapping. When your shrouds are slack, the mast will overrotate and the steel-wire and it's pressfitting-fixture can damage the mast aswell. But already said maybe there the engineers habe underestimated the loads while sailing er maybe the manufacturing process has Bern poor. Jerry x-mas
  6. sorry for you Randy, had the same experience on my former Tornado some years ago. i learned that you NEVER EVER ease the mainsheet under gennacker. If you have to depower, luff the gennacker first. Your main acts as a backstay and supports your mast. Dependend from the shape of your mast, the angle of rotation is changing fore and aft stiffness of the mast. Shroud tension is important as well. I really liked your approach to kickstart your sailing carriere on a 32ft beast. I'm with you and never give up!
  7. i have been out on lake Garda during the race. There was only very calm winds during the morning with absolutely windless areas during noon time on the lake. The M32 and the GC32 are complete different boats (compare hullshape, weight, rig, etc), so the light conditions during the race has favoured the M32. When you see both beauties close together it's obvious. cheers from germany
  8. a used F20c is a good buy. An F18 is not that overpowered like an F20c. The length and width will give you a totally different Feeling in sailing. And the speed is much different. That's important as you have to learn to bear away and push her in the waves hard. Two different pair of shoes for sure.
  9. Just do it if you can afford it. But spend a second about going in two steps. Buy a F20 carbon for a year or two first and enhance your sailing skills. The F20C is not that much slower than the M32. There are some videos from sweden at YouTube which demonstrate that. The normal wear and tear of a M32 are thousands of $/y.Just think of the price for a new main as UV-Radiation destroys the sailcloth. I own a F20c and think about stepping up as well. greetings from germany
  10. just show the picture from her first sail. I'm deeply impressed on the boat design and would love to step up from my F20C and by a new piece of dope. Based on my experience sailing with C-foils, there is a risk to snap the windward daggerboard when the hull suddenly drops down (caused by the C-shape and resulting levers and forces). As you all know this might happen from time to time... The design/shape of the daggers must cause tremendous forces in case the windward hull drops down suddenly. Not only on the daggerboards but on the trunk and it's moveable inserts as well. How does the design compensates that? Any thoughts guys? have fun sailing her!