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  1. I started laughing when I saw the subject line.
  2. There is a famous video from the 1970s (probably film, not video) of a port-starboard crossing by two maxis. The view is from overhead and you can see the wakes. Neither one flinches. Anyone know a source for this? I couldn't find it on YouTube.
  3. Has he left yet? Is the Delorme on and working?
  4. Was the actual protest decision posted here? Didn't see it.
  5. There is a distinction between the NOR/SI/RRS binding the owners' of the boats and binding the crew. Liability for injury to a crew member is a different issue. Unless there is an agreement by crew members to be bound by the NOR/SI/RRS in the event of injury, what happens between the boat owners would not necessarily determine who was liable for their injury. Maritime/admiralty law of the jurisdiction should then kick in. And another thing, I am aware of clubs that conduct their informal / beer can races without NORs or SIs. The RRS specifically requires an NOR and SIs in order for the RRS to apply. An easy example: rounding a mark. The IRPCAS/Inland Rules do not have provisions like RRS 18. Failure to have an NOR and SIs for any supposed "race" is asking for trouble.
  6. Dood. Grow a brain. Its an alias. But it seems to fit as the quality of your information looks like it came from the RT network or Sputniknews where actual facts do not get in the way.
  7. freesailing says his location is "Russia." If that is true, it says a lot about his animosity toward ISAF given the trouble the Russians have gotten into with world sport authorities lately.
  8. What diagram program is that? Is it Boat Scenario?
  9. Don't forget that it must be towed out of the environment.
  10. Did you get booted from the "I want to be a weatherman" blog? There are a lot of very intelligent people who prowl this channel and they know a lot about weather. But why here?
  11. I was about to say this should be on Ocean Racing Anarchy but then the shit started flying. This should be fun to watch. And, of course, I do wish I had time to do one of the regattas. Who has the friendliest ladies at the registration desk?
  12. None of you are going to like this but -- he ought to call a lawyer. Otherwise, the insurers - at least if he can find one who will admit liability -- will, at best, give him a lowball offer. If he really wants to be compensated for lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical costs, he's going to need a lawyer.
  13. This thread is right up there with "Flying the Protest Flag" and "Spinnaker halyards - is elasticity a good thing?"
  14. ....seems 'official' . His facebook cover page calls Port Townsend his 'home town' When did he move from Oak Harbor to Port Townsend? How?
  15. Don't forget that lil' Murray is still missing.