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  1. As advertised - http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=102309
  2. It is bad everywhere but your assumption that the US government is not attuned to the suffering in the USVI and Puerto Rico is inaccurate. The US has much more resources to deploy than the UK, France, or the Netherlands (combined) and they are closer. USVI and PR have National Guard units, US Coast Guard, and other US federal agencies already in place. Announcements were made by the US Dept of Defense several days ago about deploying ships to Florida and the Caribbean for this purpose. PR and USVI have been declared disaster areas by the President so the resources of FEMA and other US federal programs will be available. I recall the aftermath of Hurricane Marilyn in 1995. We finally got our car out and got over the mountain to Charlotte Amalie the third day after the storm. At the intersection at Nisky Center was a US Army Ranger, rifle slung over his shoulder, directing traffic. It was a comforting sight. C-130s would fly in full of supplies and anyone who was at the airport got a free ride out. In my view, the main difference in the recovery of each island will be the attitude of the people there. If you have ever spent any time in the Caribbean, you know that each island has a different attitude. The damage is so widespread across the region that this already seems worse than other storms.
  3. Could be.
  4. No, it's definitely not Foxy's. Doesn't look like Great Harbour, Little Harbour, or Great Bay on Jost Van Dyke.
  5. She said "overlooking Magens Bay." That's the north side of St. Thomas, USVI. The bay is long and opens to the northwest.
  6. Don't leave the families in St. Thomas while you go get the boat(s). You'll waste at least a day and the hassle with the most unfriendly immigration people in St. John are not worth it. Fly in to the BVI and just cruise there. More than enough to see and do. You can fly into St. Thomas and take the ferry to Roadtown, Tortola but check the ferry schedules.
  7. RRS 18 Mark Room does not apply because the moored boats are not a mark of the course. Therefore RRS 19 Room to Pass an Obstruction applies. RRS 20 Room to Tack at an Obstruction (hailing to tack because of an obstruction) does not apply because none of the boats are "sailing close-hauled or above." RRS 19.2(b) says: "When boats are overlapped, the outside boat shall give the inside boat room between her and the obstruction, unless she has been unable to do so from the time the overlap began." The tricky part of the scenario is which boat is the outside boat -- the boat on the port end or the starboard end of the gap? Need to check the cases to see if this has been addressed. More fundamentally, why do you have to race through a parking lot?
  8. Look at the Navy's diagram in the report.
  9. If it were at point 2, the USN report is in error because it says the Fitzgerald was on a course of 230 and was hit by the freighter going in the same direction. There is a diagram in the report.
  10. Story is rather different now. USN report says course of the Fitzgerald was 230 at the time of the collision and the diagram in the report shows the collision at an oblique angle with the freighter coming from astern. This would be closer to point 5 in the diagram above, after the "crazy Ivan" maneuver (points 1 to 4). Hmmm.
  11. If that new "ping" is real, it shows he was about 5.5 nm from that reef. Making it a little more likely that's where he ended up. The new "ping" is not registering on delorme.com. How and where did Rimas Adrift get it? Is this what Jean means by "tracker codes?"
  12. For a minute there I thought he said "Ohey!"
  13. Li'l Murray, Rimas, Amelia Earhart . . . .
  14. Why go find him? Because we want to see him do it again. Despite all his ineptness, we are amazed he can drift across an ocean and survive. But it looks like his luck has come to an end. I stick with my prediction that he, perhaps dead, and what's left of Mimsy are on that reef northeast of Rabi Island. Will there be another chapter in the Rimas saga? I hope so because it's so fun to watch. Now, back to work.
  15. That is the only rational explanation for anything about Rimas in this thread.