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  1. One line asymmetrical hoist and set.

    Rainbow come down to St George tomorrow, plenty of MGs for you to look at and get it sorted.
  2. Sydney to Gold Coast 2017

    The crew in the photo? Or the crew heading north?
  3. 18'ers 2016/17

    My understanding it has nothing to do with money. The Manly 16s aren't that rich that they can pay him for exclusive rights. It was more that Killo wasn't happy with all the extra equipment on the boat and not having good visibility whilst driving it. They said the equipment stays so he left.
  4. Yacht Racing Insurance in Australia - WTF???

    Thanks for the recommendation. I know I have put in a quote request to them but I honestly can't remember whether they're one of the many who've refused or one of the one's I'm still waiting for a response from. I've spoken to that many insurance companies that it's a blur! Either way the fact that it's this difficult has me pretty worried! Even if I find an insurance company now, it seems that insurance underwriters are desperately trying to get away from insuring cheaper yachts. I can't see any guarantee that a boat I purchase now will still be insurable, and therefore able to be raced, down the track. Any idea where this partnership with YA is mentioned? It was exactly the type of thing I hoped existed. I searched YA's site (sailing.org.au) for some sort of insurance recommendations. All I found was personal injury and Yacht Club insurance. The only mention of boat insurance was a company called OAMPS insurance which no longer exist. IIRC The Nautilus partnership only covers dinghies. I'd suggest contacting RANSA in Rushcutters Bay, there's a whole fleet of well under $1000 per foot shitters racing out of there and they all live on swing moorings. Seems they do have an insurance solution that works for those boats. They mention keelboats/yachts on the Yachting NSW Insurance website, I think it's their autocover option that is only dinghies/off the beach craft.
  5. Yacht Racing Insurance in Australia - WTF???

    Nautilus did TPP including $10m liability for my MG14. Granted it's not a keelboat on a swing mooring but well worth giving them a call anyway. From memory the premium was only $75 They can be found through the Yachting NSW website or http://www.ynswinsurance.com/
  6. Sydney wild weather - boat on the rock

    It's the Upshot, an Elliot 52 https://www.facebook.com/upshot52 https://www.facebook.com/100004669248153/videos/636541699844799/
  7. RIP Roger Hickman

    The First 40s are Flying Cloud and Outlaw
  8. 18'ers 2015/16 the -real- thread

    This Saturday the boys on the camera cat will also be covering the Manly 16ft Skiff Club Championship heat. Racing starts from 2:30pm AEDT.
  9. 18'ers 2015/16 the -real- thread

    Appliances was the only big rig in the top 5 at least Yep, probably more of a reflection that the other big rigs didn't sail that well.
  10. 18'ers 2015/16 the -real- thread

    Definitely big rig day, Smeg sailed exceptionally well to stay in front of the kid
  11. When to replace ball bearing blocks?

    You could try testing them under load...
  12. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Victoire heading north as well now
  13. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Now showing 5.6kts at 342
  14. 2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Heard you the first time Terra