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  1. Totally doable in a sportboat, case in point the i550 Hot Canary. Same amount of lead as in the bulb keels, just cast as a continuation of the foil shape instead of a bulb. Moves the VCG up a little bit, but not as much as you might think given the small size of the bulb on these boats.
  2. Will S

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Any word where in Maine she's going?
  3. Will S

    My newest project

    Yep, pretty sure that's in Southwest Harbor.
  4. Will S

    My newest project

    I race in the same fleet as this boat... Not a fan of how it looks in real life - the sheer is off and the house doesn't work for me. The sheer is not as exaggerated but somewhat similar look as the bulbous looking sheer a lot of Fontaine's designs have. This owner replaced his old M42 with the M42x - Night and day performance difference. The sprit is ugly, but the big spinnaker and new rig/keel makes a tremendous difference.
  5. Will S

    My newest project

    Very nice. What's the detail going to be around the holes - a metal bushing?