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  1. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    I am in the market for new race sails. Longer that a carbon tri-radial panel sail from one of the other bigs (UK, Quantum, Doyle, etc.)? Why do you say that? At what premium cost? Average useful life? Thanks for any info.
  2. Raymarine Axiom, reviews?

    Anyone using the Axiom have any comments, reviews?
  3. SA Approved

    4 burners on the stove is overkill. Place another burner in the V berth and you might have something.
  4. I have a leather cover on my wheel, it has a suede finish to it. I keep it covered most of the time, but it still seems to have gotten a little dried out. I would like to add some type of leather conditioner to it that won't make it feel oily. Any recommendations?
  5. Mac Race multihulls

    Anyone have info on the 4 multi's that apparently dropped out (according to the yellowbrick tacker)? Smyth was on Earth Voyager, he seldom quits a race.
  6. Cleaner Wax for bogus boat cleanup

    All joking aside, I would like some suggestions on a reasonable way / how to polish / wax a 35 foot sailboat while it is in the water. I won't haul it out for another year, and the hull is quite dull.
  7. Transpac 2017

    If the tracker has a 4 hours delay, I would think they are about to finish. Any real times reports?
  8. There sure is a lot of money (carbon sails) out there for a beer can race.
  9. How to watch live races?

    After following this thread and reading all replies (but not understanding some....), In the US; The NBC Sports programs are only 2 hours long, so they do not have full live or replay, but a combination of live and highlights. Is that correct? If I want to watch all of the action, I can buy the AC App and watch it live or replay on my IPad. Is that correct? AND, if I want to shell out $150 or so, I can buy the Apple TV Gen 4 and watch what is on the AC App on my TV. Is that correct?
  10. Genoa Sheet T900 or Endura Braid

    D2 and MLX are not New England ropes, trying to use the West Marine 40% off sale. I will probably go with 3/8" Endura Braid although upsizing Sta-Set is much less expensive. .
  11. Genoa Sheet T900 or Endura Braid

    Need new genoa sheets on a 36' boat. Plenty of local racing, nothing grand prix. Prefer something better than Sta-Set or XLS. West Marine has a 40% off sale of NE Ropes, want to take advantage of it. Pros / cons of T900 and Endura braid?
  12. I know this has been explained before somewhere, but I cannot find a comprehensive easy to understand explanation. How do I watch live and replays of full races on my full screen TV, for qualifying, LV and AC finals in the US? AC 35 website says that is available by APP, but only on iPhones and iTablets? Also says Qualifying available on NBC Sports, but that is probably just highlights. Also says Finals are on NBC National, Is that the regular NBC, or some special channel,and will it be full races? I tried to get a response from the AC 35 website but got no response. Thanks for any explanation.
  13. Chicagoland...

    LC Take a look at the Chicago Area III thread. Many people there that you could pm. Each of the Chicago area YCs has a crew site, post your resume. The principal ones are Chicago YC, Columbia YC, Chicago Corinthian YC, Burnham Park YC and Jackson Park YC. There is very good non brick and mortar club called MORF (Midwest Open Racing Fleet). Each of the major offshore one design fleets has a web site--Tarten 10s (T10), J105s, Farr 40s, Ben 40.7, Ben 36.7 and I am sure I am leaving some out. Consider going to the boat show in Mid January--many connections to be made with clubs and vendors, sailmakers etc. When you get offers, and you will, if you have questions feel free to PM me. I am currently without a boat but have been an active racer or boat owner/skipper in the Chicago Area since the mid 1970s. Welcome to Chicago, Robin Links to the Farr 40 and 40.7 websites?
  14. SSL gives us live streaming we can watch on our computers or big screen. It just pisses me off more about the coverage of the AC events.
  15. new stiletto? any news on this cat?

    The 400 plus Stiletto owners used to have a great website and forum on a "Wild Jibe" platform. It had a lot of information, articles, photos of past Nationals, owner photos, refurbish and upgrade tips, and forum responses from Wormwood and others with significant Stiletto experience. Plus a good "for sale" section. That is now all gone and cannot be accessed. I assume confiscated and shut down by the "new" Stiletto.