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  1. Older well known IOR Boats

    Bill Langan back end.
  2. Totally different boat from RM! And a seriously good sailor on a boat he knows well.
  3. Ofcet. Some Archambault models now available from BG Race. RM hardly performance! Sunfast 3200 and 3600 outselling the rest put together. Check out the Transquadra entries and results for a status report.
  4. IRC Rating Impacts

    Plenty of optimised J/109s down around that level.
  5. high tension 36

    Remind me the name of the original owner please.
  6. high tension 36

    Have the feeling I sold BBIII back then, when I was at Berthon?
  7. Dehler

    37 is an older Van de Stadt design, whereas 29 is a Judel/Vrolijk. Quite different in many ways.
  8. Pogo30 vs Rm890

    "scope for customisation to suit your comfort needs" sadly means turning a hare into a tortoise.
  9. Flying Fifteens

    Where is "the north end of the Clyde river"? Do rivers have ends? The Clyde flows mainly north, till Glasgow ish, then west where it becomes the Firth of Clyde (estuary then bigger still), and said Firth then turns south. Just saying ....
  10. Paul Whiting designs

    You sure it is not a Farr design. Hull, keel, rudder all look possible? Perhaps the back end has been modified.
  11. Pogo30 vs Rm890

    Light as in luminous - I did say inside ....
  12. Pogo30 vs Rm890

    Chalk and cheese! You buy a Pogo 30 to sail fast, race offshore (not under most rating rules though), and have a blast. DO NOT ADD WEIGHT, as you compromise the whole concept. The RM is a smart boat, but utterly different. Go cruising, faster than many others, enjoy the relatively spartan feel as this makes the boat light and spacious inside. Surprised to find the 2 on the same shopping list.
  13. Cheeki Rafiki MAIB report published