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  1. HI All Here is an interview in the french local press of Guillaume Verdier naval Architect for ETNZ http://www.letelegramme.fr/voile/coupe-de-l-america-verdier-on-peut-dessiner-de-chouettes-monocoques-06-07-2017-11586427.php#closePopUp Sorry I do not have time to do a full translation. But Basically first he details how they fine tuned their foil design he confirms that arriving late in Bermuda was not an issue He explains that their boat dominated as it was very fine tuned for the meteo conditions they had About the french team he acknowledge they progressed a lot but were burning a lot of energy with their system hence the stability issues He is likely to stay with ETNZ, and they would be happy to keep him About the cyclist he mentioned that it was not his idea but in the long run event if they do not develop more power the position is much better and in the manouevre they can give "shots" of power. Having cyclist was good as they could control things with their hands too Monohull is possible He worked on different alternatives and some monohull design can be great. He would feel keeping an open box rule around the AC50 woudl be in his own opinion good. It was a shame that AC72 disapeared. according to him 60/65 feet is good lenght 60feet monohull foiling like Imoca and Volvo?? he says no, 60/65 for Multihull He does not know when kiwi will announce new boat maybe 2 months
  2. Poll: Next AC Boat

    and just to add a bit on above : I think not to waste AC35 learning, keeping 6 crew 50 feet and same sailing area would help all existing team to develop (if they want) their new ideas around what they have. And if we believe we need to cap teh spend then cap the spend not create technical rules in the class that at the end cannot cap the spend!. Let's say cap spend per team and assign a financial auditor end of story. Teams would have to be smart to use the best they can the max budget ($50m $80m?) For the teams or sponsor that have too much money : then they can have independant teams : A team and a B team and have to enter competition with both. It would help to increase number of challengers too. I don't mind seeing Oracle 1 2 and 3. It would be healthy competition. Same a Bar 1 and Bar 2.
  3. Poll: Next AC Boat

    I think the mono hull vs multihull battle is a bit dated now, same foiling non foiling. America's cup has always been a design competition with big money. Even when the design rules are full of constrains or very open the money spend is the same at the end (more or less) Personally I would think a very open class like the C class would be great : mono/multi, foil no foil, regulation system open. Limit length, number of crew and sail area. Wide wind range to guarantee reliability (I like crash test : drop the boat from 5m high the day before the 1st race) The past AC class proved to be non creative class. Moth, Open 60, Mini, C class are creative class. To the main extend, AC class always were "fine tuning existing systems"
  4. Kids with helmets...WTF

    with all the reading above I come to the conclusion that what really prevails is that wearing a protection device depends on the situation and on the understanding of risk. You cannot set a rule/ a law to say : wear an helmet while sailing! Key thing for these kids is to understand the risk Yes I do wear an helmet when I am kitesurfing at 30knts + Yes I wear an helmet when I am doing alpine snowboarding or freestyle No I do not wear any protection when I am longboard skating No I do not have shoes when I dinghy sail and it is 5knots Yes I wear a full face helmet and protection when I a downhill mountainbiking No I do not wear an helmet when I ride my cruiser bike Yes I wear a harness if I am solo sailing in 5 knots No I do not wear harness in 30knots on a sports boat with a fully trained crew what people/kids need to learn is the approach to risk, to look after them selves and not expect a device to save them because they put themself in a situation that they cannot understand.
  5. Kids with helmets...WTF

    Hi All, I have now couple of time seen kids sailing optis with helmets... Is it only me that find it completely wrong? How can you teach sailing to kids if they cannot use all their senses (great to feel the wind direction with a huge helmet) and if they do not understand that need to be careful for themselves first. (yes the optis boom can hit the head and...) You don't need to protect from all the risk you need to understand how to deal with the risk.
  6. Team France

    I thing with 5 MUSD per year for 3 year the budget will be tight but the team is not starting from scratch : they have the base in Lorient with all the boats and tech support, I believed they maintained an engineering team (10 people?)that worked essentially on foils (C class boat upgrade) and with the diam 24 / c class/ ac 45 /x40 they sailed a lot together to build a proper "core" team. Groupama already paid for these in the past 3 year and with this continued involvement in the cup they will capitalised on the money spent. Mich Desjoyeaux also have his engineering group lined up. my point is everything is already started. they are not recruiting now and we all early commitment is the cup is very important.
  7. Artemis?

    There is no doubt Artemis are back in the game. I like there new boat very much but i am still unclear about who designed it? JK or Snackenberg + hds? any thoughts?
  8. GC32 super cat

    congratulations and carry on with the tests guys, breaking is part of the normal process to have a good boat! The boat is quite impressive, I hope to see it sailing soon again! see U
  9. Artemis?

    i saw Juan K in Paris 2 weeks ago late at night in a Hotel talking with 2 guys about sailing and ship design. I was not that impressed. Basically he designed a boat for Beneteau (first 30) that wassaid to be a cruise racer but teh said boat is crap at racing and crap at cruising... He seems to be the kind of guys that never doubt of himself, doesn recognise his mistakes or doesn't take into account others point of view. Not sure it is the right behaviour to lead a AC design team.