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  1. What type of boat and how tall is your rig? City Marina has the Deepest water and most chance of getting a slip. Also check out Patriots point Marina on the other side of the harbor. The Harboridge is another place to check out but limited by mast height (I think about 53-55ft but not positive). We race all year round down here ( take the month of December off) and most people keep their boats in year round. We race in August, Wednesday nights, usually some of the best racing around. You can pretty much count on a seabreeze every afternoon during the summer if there aren't any pop-up thunder storms. As far as clubs, CORA does most of the big boat racing. Yacht club wise there is Charleston Yacht club, Carolina Yacht club and James Island. All have there own quirks and there is a price range for joining but good in their own way.
  2. Matt DI

    Follow the Rules!! Gotta get you head out of the boat every once in a while!
  3. Matt DI

    What is it??

    Trovao Got it. Thought it was interesting that they had non-skid on the bottom. I guess it makes it easier to stand when your floating upside down! A couple of other shots of her being lifted to the water.
  4. Matt DI

    What is it??

    Close. Just arrived USEC from China
  5. Matt DI

    What is it??

    This may be too easy but thought it was cool.
  6. Matt DI

    Large Tankers off West Coast

    Correct about the storage thing. Also San Francisco Bay gets plenty of tanker traffic. Chevron has one of their biggest Refineries there. Check out Richmond Long Wharf
  7. Matt DI

    Schitt's Creek ??

    Just keep watching one of the best comedy series out there. Was a little upset at the finale!
  8. Matt DI

    Random PicThread

  9. Matt DI

    Flying with Inflatables

    So as op I flew down to lauderdale yesterday on Delta with my pfd. Guy at check in said had to go carry on, that TSA would reject it if checked. No problem thats what I wanted to do anyway. Go through the line and the TSA agents pull my bag. Look through and say I can't bring the cartridge. I point out that the print out just under the cartridge are their rules saying its allowed, ignore me for awhile and get 2 other agents to look, all saying no. Finally a supervisor walks over and says is this a pfd? Yes I said as I explained earlier. Sup says that's OK then and says thanks for your patience. All good in the End! But for the fact irs fucking 40 degrees in Lauderdale WTF!!
  10. Matt DI

    Flying with Inflatables

    This from the Delta website today. PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICES Personal Flotation Devices Though we provide life jackets to each and every passenger, you are welcome to bring your own. One self-inflating life jacket, containing no more than two small carbon dioxide cylinders plus no more than two spare cylinders, is allowed as checked or carry-on baggage.
  11. Matt DI

    Flying with Inflatables

    I know this has probably been discussed before but is there anything special you have to do to take an inflatable pfd on a commercial flight?
  12. Matt DI

    J105 tiller

    Yeah I saw the one at waterline. Was wondering if any other options were out there. Seams to be mixed reviews with Waterline.
  13. Matt DI

    J105 tiller

    So our tiller finally shit the bed yesterday. Where the best place to get a replacement???
  14. It's only fitting with that off-set companionway.....
  15. Matt DI

    Classic Lambo!

    Not really into tractors but this thing was kinda neat!