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  1. Matt DI

    "National Cleavage Day"

    It's that Mara. Then it would be the New York Football Giants!
  2. Matt DI

    New Rambler

    Sad. Was doing an inspection on a ferry at Dockyard when the they were headed out. Didn't realize it was the start of a race.
  3. Matt DI

    J 105 Sailtec Backstay adjuster

    Thanks, I'll give them a call
  4. Matt DI

    J 105 Sailtec Backstay adjuster

    That's what I was afraid of. It's not leaking now but it hasn't been under pressure again.
  5. So after a windy Sunday at Charleston Race week. We got back to the dock and noticed some hydraulic fluid on the transom. seemed to be leaking from the bottom of the unit. I'm sure this is not a rare event but has anybody had experience with re-building these units?
  6. Matt DI

    Brand new and totally ignorant

    We had 3 gorgeous days of sailing for Charleston Race Week this past weekend. You all should come down and check it out some time. They had 32 boats in the Pursuit class. Which definitely race what you brung
  7. Matt DI

    Not mellow yellow

    Is that the shoal draft version??
  8. Matt DI

    Hazard to Navigation

    Just a friendly heads up. A container ship lost 73 containers over the side last night off of Hatteras. The vessel is anchored off Charleston now.
  9. Matt DI

    Asheville, NC

    Favorite restaurant there is definitely Katie Buttons Place Curate. Fantastic Tappas. Might need reservations but if you go early can probably get a spot. Best to sit at the "bar" right in front of where they do all the prep. 2nd Sierra Nevada reealy cool building. We were there in December and no crowds but looks like the place is set up to handle large amounts of people so not sure what it will be like in May. As said above tons of good Brew Pubs right downtown. we Like Green Man and Asheville Brewing. Grove Park is really cool but certainly not a budget stop
  10. Matt DI

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Dude So wrong most commercial vessels are not restricted in there ability to maneuver. Maybe into the tac but otherwise just common courtesy to stay out of the way
  11. Matt DI

    j105 class health?

    Racing for the 105's is outside. we had a blast last year big breeze for the first 2 days then it eased off on Sunday. It's a bit of a hike but I think it's worth it. I am a homer though
  12. Matt DI

    j105 class health?

    We're gonna have at least 6 at Charleston Race Week this year. So any of you from up north want to come down for a little early spring racing it's worth the trip. "Ruckus" USA 239 pm me if you have any questions Matt
  13. Matt DI

    why am i here?

    Northport. Spent many races wondering if we gaining or not on those fucking stacks
  14. Ok, That is fantastic. The music though was something. I was 14 when that happened and had to wait for the news in SAIL or Yacht Racing & Cruising as Sailing World was called back then. That and the sailing calendars that had all the best shots. Thanks R Koch
  15. Matt DI

    National French Toast Day!!!!!

    That's some good looking french toast