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  1. Grabbler


    Galbi...served with stir fried cucumber (oi bokkeum) and sticky rice...
  2. Grabbler

    College Football 2020

    Seems that nobody, not even the commentators, wanted to note that the "vaunted" 'Bama defence leaked 647 almost UF-like effort...
  3. Grabbler

    Anney bodey hearre seene my olde............

    If you saunter into the "College Football" thread you may, just may, stumble across BG using his new nom de plume...just follow the blue and orange slime trail...
  4. Grabbler

    Anney bodey hearre seene my olde............

    Naaah!...not quite...ridin' solo down in BC...still representing the CornBinders though...
  5. Grabbler

    College Football 2020

    Klassik Komment...Lane Kiffin goes to the locker room at half time tied 21-21 with 'Bama..."we've gotta play better in the second half"...Egg Bowl lookin' ugly for State...
  6. Grabbler

    College Football 2020

    I'll take "UF defense sucks" for $600, Alex...
  7. Grabbler

    Save my Sander

    I'm gonna assume none of you Torx haters build decks/ lay down sub-floors for a living...or even dabble in them for fun...just about all of the "exterior" grade screws 'round here are Torx heads now...this is what I use on a stand-up deck gun...
  8. Grabbler

    College Football 2020

    Hahahahaha! MSU dawgs git it done!...
  9. Grabbler

    table saws wtf

    Try and buy a decent size upright freezer new or used right now, same thing...don't ask me how I know......I had shit stashed in places all over town for 3 or 4 weeks before one popped up on CL that I got a jump on...
  10. Lived there in the late 80's/early 90's when it really was untouched...winter time I coulda driven home to Seagrove blindfolded down 30-A there was that little traffic...Grayton Corner Cafe was closed when any kinda surf was Lab could spend all day running on the beach unattended and then get sent home by neighbours at the people who work there can't afford to live there and you've gotta negotiate traffic and douchebag bikers who refuse to use the bike lane to get from wealthy enclave to wealthy enclave year round...and deal with this kinda carpetbagger/Mike Huckabee bullshit... Walton county sold its soul a long time ago...
  11. Grabbler

    Vintage Sailing Gizmos

    That...and position...
  12. About 100 miles to the East things are still pretty mellow...
  13. With the constant influx of turistas, nothing worthwhile has gone on on 30-A in Walton County in the last 20 years...
  14. Grabbler

    Bruce Brown doco.

    C'mon love for "On Any Sunday"?...
  15. Grabbler

    Bruce Brown doco.

    PB, I got it on Amazon Prime