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  1. dry rub for tri tip

    90% of the red meat we eat is venison...I'll usually mix Mexican style chorizo in my burger patties...adds fat and flavor in one go...
  2. State Sport Cali

    Only in season...
  3. dry rub for tri tip

    The beef marketing guys are small potatoes I tells ya...the chicken wing cartel could show them a thing or two about marketing crappy little cuts...me?...I'm a thigh guy......
  4. Australia Is Not A Country

    Not only is it not a country, but it doesn't even exist... https://www.facebook.com/flatearthbelievers/
  5. Holiday itinerary suggestions, Spain.

    Maybe go to the library and look at a map...
  6. 3 retirement scenerios.

    "Retire"?...and not eat breakfast, make lunch, and be outta the house before the Ol' Lady gets up and around...and be "that old guy who used to swing a hammer with us" at Friday afternoon beers...fuck that shit! I'm sticking with the devil I know...
  7. Add one word.

    Jack Reacher Round
  8. Add one word.

    Cool Hand Job Luke
  9. Sailors Powerboat

    "Sailor's powerboat"?...howzabout Hobie's own"Katie Sue"...
  10. Moovie Review Threade

    I'd forgotten just how hot Pam Grier was in "Jackie Brown"...reminded myself tonight...
  11. OH NO!!! Its Girl Scout Cookie Time Again!

    A 16 yr old daughter in the house immunizes you to their apparent charms...
  12. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Ya know, I'm no demographer, but I reckon it would be pretty easy to talk some of those Polish chicks into moving to Texas...
  13. College Football 2017

    Hahahahaha!...knew you couldn't resist stickin' your fuckin' nose in here...my State kids were sooooo fuckin' close to stopping your season...
  14. Going Aloft

    Indeed, I still remember having no problems on 10/12 or 12/12 roofs, or walking the top plates on first and second floors while framing houses...not so much these days...running trim is so much more age appropriate...
  15. Why the tie?

    ://www.nshof.org/hall-of-fame/class-of-2011-extended.html This was the inaugural class...match the names to the pic...pretty sure you'll have trouble spotting Nathanuel Herreschoff in the group...