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  1. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Most excellent smoke ring on that Sir!...gonna make some great sammiches...
  2. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Regular ol' Boston Butt...
  3. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Little bit of maple syrup/spiced rum bacon porn for ya too...
  4. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Porkstrami is legendary...two cold smokes and a hot smoke...had the slicer running overtime tonight...
  5. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

  6. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Ran the cold smoker for a 10hr session yesterday...from top, couple of slabs of smoked salmon for Mrs Grabs...a spiced rum/maple syrup bacon...first shot at "porkstrami"...the salmon is done after one session, the bacon and porkstrami will both get a second cold smoke session, bacon will be sliced and stored... the porkstrami will then be finished off with a hot smoke to 165° internal temp, cooled, then sliced...
  7. Grabbler

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Didn't realize you could still get out...all of my Patch guys are "if you're out you're staying out...if you're in you're not going out"...
  8. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    This is the one I've used for the past few years and really like...
  9. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Garlic, lemon zest, parsley, S&P...drizzle cooled venison with olive oil and this...tasty...
  10. Grabbler

    College Football 2020

  11. Grabbler

    '20's Grilling Thread

    Simple fuckin' seared venison backstrap... dressed with gremolata and served cold with Caesar salad...homemade salad dressing of course...
  12. Grabbler

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    Collagen...that's why we throw a couple pig's feet in when we're simmering the roasted bones to make the venison stock we can, and why the venison shanks make such a great stew...
  13. Grabbler

    2020 Fishing Thread

    No Seasons/No Limits...
  14. Grabbler

    Homemade Split Pea Soup Question

    Without 'em you can't have a Pie 'n' Peas at Harry's Cafe de Wheels...
  15. Grabbler

    Armageddon Dinners

    I really don't get this "gamey-ness" thing people always talk about with their venison...we fill our freezer every winter, and have been doing all of the processing ourselves for the last 6 or 7 years, but even back when we used to take it to a processor we never had such a thing...only thing I can wonder is if it's a Northern thing with their deer being bigger than what we typically harvest in the South...