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  1. Grabbler


    Yeah I go the full emulsification route... I do it in batches and keep it in the freezer as I go...basically the Ruhlman and Polcyn "Charcuterie" recipe that I've tweaked with venison and pork fat...lotta work for hotdogs for sure, but at least you know what's in them...same with the venison/shrimp boudin...note the extra bag for boudin balls...
  2. Grabbler


    And to celebrate "The Cure" making it into the RRHOF...venison sopprassetta, venison bresaola, and a standard capicola...
  3. Grabbler


    Bacon??? Yeah I've been making bacon...been pretty busy in the galley packing away the protein...venison hotdogs anyone???
  4. Grabbler

    Opportunity DTS

    Someone needs to get up there with the Haynes manual...
  5. Grabbler

    Haynes DTS

    Fuckin' lived by them...every one of my vehicles had/has one stuffed under the passenger seat...Mrs Grabs' cars not so much, but then again she's not still nursing trucks born in the 90's or earlier...
  6. Grabbler

    Food Processor Anarchy

    No shit?...gonna give that a "whirl"...mine usually only gets dusted off when I have to emulsify a sausage mix...Hollandaise etc. gets "wanded" these days...
  7. Grabbler

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Here ya go @Dorado sailfishing still hot out of Isla...they run 6 connected Go-Pros on the boat, including one on Jr's chest...
  8. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018

    I'm quite uncomfortable now...a fresh point of view is not always a good thing...
  9. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018

    We did a 2" bone-in ribeye on Saturday...leftovers made French Dip sambos for supper Sunday after working late on the boat...this backstrap worked pretty well...
  10. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018

    Drop dead gorgeous day down here...worked in shorts and T-shirt...not like the Egg hasn't been fired up lately, but tonight was venison backstrap stuffed with spinach, basil from buddy's greenhouse and last summer's dried tomatoes...with a stuffed chicken side for the non-gamer boyfriend (amazingly still around) and some smoked venison sausage for a taste tickler...
  11. Grabbler

    Moovie Review Threade

    Let alone one with a correctly spelled word in the thread title...
  12. Grabbler

    Podcast Anarchy?

    Been keeping up with Snags' movie review thread and found it to be a great source of information...I'm sure there's a few more podcast junkies in this group, and am looking for the same kind of feedback...personal favourites include Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" 5-hour epics for roadtrips..."Ear Hustle", life in San Quentin..."More Perfect" about the Supreme Court"..."Shit Town"...Malcolm Gladwell's "Revisionist History", the episode "King of Tears" was a classic look at country music...
  13. Grabbler

    being a good host-jewish guests

    Are you suggesting pork sword is kosher???
  14. Grabbler

    being a good host-jewish guests

    From what I read, deer is not automatically "fine"... In addition to specifying which animals can and cannot be eaten, Jewish dietary law requires that land animals be slaughtered according specific protocols. (Learn more about kosher slaughter here.) All blood must be drained from the meat before it is prepared. The meat of animals that werehunted or were found after they died of natural causes is not kosher. Might wanna check that lamb you served was slaughtered correctly...
  15. Grabbler

    being a good host-jewish guests

    No bacon? No sausage? No crab/shrimp?...and I guess because the venison was hunted not slaughtered in a kosher manner it's out too...poor little fucker would starve to death in the Grabs household...