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  1. Grabbler


    Faaaaarkin' Daaaaawgs!!!!!
  2. Grabbler


    Dawgs are running on pretty much nuthin' but spirit I think, but after last year's devestating injury toll amongst what coulda been an amazing pitching staff we'll take what we can get...somehow managing to get shit done, and don't forget they swept a cruising UF the last weekend of the season...corny as it sounds, they are the "one game at a time" team...looks like we've gotta wait a day...howzabout these Dudes just for old times sake...
  3. Grabbler

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Vomitted a little...not inside my mouth either...
  4. Grabbler


    Carry on...y'all just continue to beat each other up over there in that bracket...
  5. Grabbler

    College word Series

    Unless you're talking about some kinda College Spelling Bee, ya might wanna poke your head in here...
  6. Grabbler

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Weather has been shitty 'round here...but the traps are producing...
  7. Grabbler


    DAWGS!!!....this walkoff shit of theirs is really hard on the nerves...but I'll take it all day long
  8. Grabbler

    World Cup early results

    Any result will be early...fucker doesn't start til next year...
  9. Grabbler

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    Wes is in FL? ...didn't tangle with BG in a beer tent did he?...
  10. Grabbler

    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    ^^^ What he said...
  11. Grabbler


    Well it's on like Donkey Kong and the State Misfits have come good at the pointy end of the season...Grabs Jr runs @6-1 also and you can catch pics of him in the "Fishing" threads, we still make a couple of pilgrimages each spring up to the new "improved" Dude to catch the Dawgs...Left Field Lounge has lost it's Wild West Aura a bit, but still a great place to watch college up the hot dogs, I'm ready for some ball!!!
  12. Grabbler

    Welding table

    These rules do not always apply...I pulled Grabs Jr out of school to go out and watch them sink the Oriskany off Pensacola...that big fucker went down fast, and left a giant hole you could fall into... And before PB and his elk jump on me, I know this was a "ship" not a "boat"
  13. Grabbler

    Shower mixing valve anarchy

    Always found that Ace is the Place for faucet repair parts...pull it out and take it there for an exact match...
  14. Grabbler


    That time of year again...MSU gets clobbered in opener...knocks out FSU Saturday...then two wins Sunday to set up winner take all today....DAWGS!!!!
  15. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018

    I don't have one of those fancy contraptions...steak goes on Egg indirect at 225° til internal temp around 100°...chuck it in freezer to stop cooking while I crank grill up to 500° then sear each side about a minute to minute and a half depending on size of steak...pretty foolproof...