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    Oyster restoration

  2. Grabbler

    Oyster restoration

    Not oysters, but we got a pretty good haul of their blue eyed cousins yesterday...
  3. Grabbler

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    There's a shocker!...Melbun!!!
  4. Grabbler

    Oyster restoration

    Seeing as how I'm somewhat of a tight ass I've always used about a 10" diameter circle of inner-tube...when you're doing that shit all night long a glove can get pretty skanky... "Buck a shuck"?...Sheeeit! back in the day Monday Night Football featured .99cent/dozen oysters...fuckin' chalkboards with the orders would stay full for hours...not so sure I could maintain that pace any more...
  5. Grabbler

    Oyster restoration

    Strange!...I've used DR's for the last 30+ years...I used to go through 2-3 a year, but then again, I was shucking at the biggest oyster bar in Destin, anywhere between 10 and 50 35# boxes a night...I've got a pretty good collection of custom and "antique" oyster knives that I play with at home, but the Dexter Russell New Haven style with the bent tip has always been my go-to for production work...
  6. Grabbler

    Oz Music thread

  7. Grabbler

    John McCain DTS

    Fucker's up there smoking ribs with his buddy and mine Boss Hog...Vale John McCain, an honorable life well lived...
  8. Grabbler

    Storm(y) is Coming to Town

    Man! I could play windshield wipers for hours...
  9. Grabbler

    College Football 2018

    Looks like a "Sisters of Mercy" punishment for that douchebag...a rap on the knuckles with a ruler...fucker already had no moral highground to stand on and now has zero credibility in any sector of society outside of OSU fanboys...
  10. I've got a 17 yr old daughter...pretty much a stress test per helps...
  11. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018's the only way I've done corned beef for the last decade...pretty simple, you can start with the store bought package, or brine your'll never go back...
  12. Grabbler

    oh how the mighty have fallen

  13. Grabbler

    Ransom email thread - where did it go?

    Great thread, was like 12 pages long...lotsa reeeal interesting stuff in it, especially for a Morgan owner...he got his panties in a wad when Ajax disagreed on a couple points, shut it down in his hissyfit and "POOF!" it was gone...prick!
  14. Grabbler

    Swim Call

    Hahaha!...about six weeks back we were about 150 miles out in The Gulf, calm as shit, we'd circled a pallet a few times looking for mahi or something bigger, and spotted a lazy old tripletail floating next to it... Jr grabbed his mask and sling and smoked it...big fucker, went 26lbs...
  15. Grabbler

    Ransom email thread - where did it go?

    Exhibit A: The "Morgan 30" thread in CA...fuckin' crybaby picked up his ball and took it home...
  16. Grabbler

    Grapevine to San Diego

    BP down?...the "bums" obviously haven't found the new location ....yet...
  17. Grabbler

    Maths Tutors

  18. Grabbler

    Grilling 2018

    New coonass boucherie in town...the pork and pepperjack sausage was freakin' sooooo gonna try and emulate this on next sausage making night...
  19. Grabbler

    2018 Fishing Thread

    So errr? Watcha catch??
  20. Grabbler

    Tebow turning heads in Mets org.

    In your fuckin' dreams...
  21. Grabbler

    Tebow turning heads in Mets org.

    Looks like the only thing he'll be hitting on now is an ex- Miss Universe...
  22. Grabbler

    Bacon Anarchy

    Jr and I grind our venison burger a few different ways...some with bacon specifically for burgers ...we do a real coarse grind for chili...and a regular grind for most everything else...we used to process and do all our grinding at once, but this past winter we just trimmed and vacuum sealed whole roasts and we're grinding in smaller quantities...may be my imagination, but fresh ground burgers seem tastier...the ground bacon burgers are great, but we also do some with chorizo for fat and flavor, and those are the bomb!
  23. Grabbler

    Bacon Anarchy

    This is the last piece of my most recent wild pig's about to be chunked up and ground with some venison into burger patties... burgers with built in bacon...
  24. Grabbler

    Irrational fears in a business context

    Leave the silly fucker in Asia and let him find a non-flying way home...meanwhile, hire someone to fill the position which will be open for quite a while...
  25. Grabbler

    2018 Fishing Thread

    Yep! Red Snapper season drawing to a close here...with the 2 per rule in effect, Jr., Grabette and myself have run out the last three mornings...caught, cleaned and packed...winter is coming, but we're good on snapper...