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  1. The Goose

    tp 52 crop 2018

    On old Quantum
  2. The Goose

    Marina Hemingway, CUBA

    Does anyone have any accurate depth intel with regards to the approach and working depth of the Marina Hemingway? Most charts say 12', I have seen some intel saying 14'. Anyone have intel that has actually been into the Marina? I was there last year with a 10' draft and cannot remember any problems. Possible to get anything deeper in and to a slip?
  3. The Goose

    VOR 2017-18

    Side track: Brunel facebook page showing a vinyl topsides wrap... didn't Volvo make a big deal about all the boats being one design i.e. all having a similar weight paint job? Do all the boats have a vinyl wrapped topsides?
  4. The Goose

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Gotta put some Dyneema on those tips
  5. The Goose

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Dredged the pit and the cutoff canal, so plenty of water even at low tide. Just watch out for the sunken car/pipe/piece of metal on the way out... we draw about 11 ft and launched at mid tide a week ago with no problem
  6. The Goose

    Older well known IOR Boats

    The 81' Boomerang is now the Hexe and was at NEB this summer. Don't forget Doug Peterson's best boat, the Peterson 42 Settler! Still around and kicking ass
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    1. Cundrie


      Quite 'D&M' - still in that frame of mind or have you moved on?