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  1. BB's secret was a quick release self contained safety pod, which housed shag pile carpet interior and large disco dice hanging from the roof
  2. Still there... IMG_0133.JPG IMG_0135.JPG Owned by friends that separated during the rebuild of this iconic Crowther cat. still owned by both of them. it will sort its self out in time. Man I hope so.....She was one powerful boat offshore in a blow and Nudd used to have go....... .So sad to see these things not used. We could start a thread on the many jems minding moorings. XL2..Shotover 2...Matchless...Raw Nerv and that's just in NSW Sumtin 2 do with the cost of running these exciting machines - insurance, gear replacement, latest sails, rigging, electronics etc etc nothing like the old days of racing around the bouys on a lazy saturday arvo with a few mates
  3. Haven't you asked that question before, Im not going down that path again, I know you do your research, something about a major upgrade/rebuild, I think Not too many double masted cats around of that vintage I know its a fast cat, Ive seen it sailing, even in present condition
  4. What is the owner doing with it....anybody Reduced $40K and maybe more, probably the best bang for bucks around http://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/rodgers-40/119312
  5. And pink bits
  6. I found a snap of Shotover 2, probably only 1 year old
  7. Before you all go nuts, peter did not post this and he dosen't have to provide photos oftits Just info for F22 enthusiasts Midnight Rain is on the market. If you know anyone looking for an awesome little tri please pass on my details. Thanks Pete The pricing is out now from Ian Farrier and similar spec'd boat would be about $90k ish - I am asking $69k Let me tell you a little about the boat. Boatpoint Ad: http://www.boatsales...8912 4294880873 More photos at link below - I still need to get some sailing photos but most of you have probably seen it sailing at some stage. The boat was built by Julian Griffiths at Noosa Marine - he has built many great boats around including Mojo. Julian is a great boat builder so it was a no brainer to go back to him for this build. I decided on the Cuddy Cabin because I viewed the F22 as mainly a day boat and I wanted the huge cockpit - it is great for a day out with friends. The cabin is still good for 2 people to sleep and the cockpit suitable to a good awning / dodger if required. I also went with the R version as I figured it is always easy to slow a boat down even though we mostly cruise the boat I wanted to have fun racing too - even twilight races The boat is very light - 720kgs with all racing gear in safety survey. She has a teak cockpit - because every high tech boat should have a but of teak - and it is nice on the feet. Carbon Rudder, rudder blade and casette all direct from Farrier marine, centre board from Farrier, beams form Farrier, folding mechanism all direct from Farrier. The mast is a work of art - carbon - CST Section with extra stiffening in the top section and High Modulus Carbon - it weighs about 15kg fully rigged - I carry it around the yard very easily. It is finished in clear so the carbon is protected but looks fantastic. Never has it been out of shape - strong, light and it will last a lot longer than an Aluminium mast. Rigging is all Dymeena Dux with fittings by Precourt and Colligo. The buy who built the mast is an amazing rigger/boat builder. In the photos there are horn cleats on the mast for halyards - these have been replaced with spinlock clutches - so each halyard is through clutches now. Bow sprit is carbon tube also. Deck gear is mixture of Harken and Ronstan - selected where best suited. Traveller by Harken, winches by Harken, Main Sheet and Job Sheets Ronstan. Job sheets are 2:1 and easliy handled without winches. I got away with one set of good winches on the cabin top even when racing with the Spinnaker this is fine. The jib is handled down wind to cleats and the spin goes to the winches. The turning blocks for the spin are Harken and are secured to the aft beams with spectra webbing - no hard fixings and easily stowed away when not required. The sails are by Rob Meizer from Quantum - they are Fusion M moulded carbon. The sail plan was designed for racing and includes: 1. Mould Fusion M Square top fully battened main 2. Moulded Fusion M Jib 3. Dacron Furling cruising job (bit smaller) 4. AP1 3/4 hoist spinnaker 5. Laminate Fractional Reaching / heavy air kite (this spinnaker is amazing, smaller but so fast, made of laminate rather than normal spinnaker material it is very stable and versitile) The main is on bb cars by Harken - there are simple lazy jacks rigged and sail cover built to fit. This makes the main really easy to handle, you can drop the main straight into the lazy jacks will no hassle - the head of the sail then drops off the headboard car and folds down the side and the cover goes on. I haven't done the screecher yet. Motor - Tomatsu 5HP Long Shaft Boom tent, winch covers, sail cover Trailer - dual axle, customised for the boat. Tows very well with our Subaru Outback (Legacy) Photos at this url: https://plus.google....=CLSiy9O01Pj8WQ Give me a call if you want any more info -0411 848 727 Peter Wesley
  8. The info on the Jutson 40 is in the Prosail 40 thread Just asked the same question. The 36 Nacra is that Malice ? Malice has a set of brand new carbon hulls under the old rig.The old hulls are somewhere in Port Douglas.Make Mal an offer.The Hammo boat is from the same mould as Malice but built to survey and is very heavy and quite slow. New rig is on the way so if you make an offer you might as well make a offer for the whole lot. I am sure Mal will be happy to have a second 36 to play against. Here is a pic from the Nats The info on the Jutson 40 is in the Prosail 40 thread Just asked the same question. The 36 Nacra is that Malice ? Malice has a set of brand new carbon hulls under the old rig.The old hulls are somewhere in Port Douglas.Make Mal an offer.The Hammo boat is from the same mould as Malice but built to survey and is very heavy and quite slow. New rig is on the way so if you make an offer you might as well make a offer for the whole lot. I am sure Mal will be happy to have a second 36 to play against. Here is a pic from the Nats
  9. Who wants to bring this great cat home http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=552360103
  10. Seen this week, still without mast, quickly turning into a legend
  11. First over the line is always the best win
  12. The only difference between a good cat and a tri in the light stuff is the tri is slower, we've just sailed the Lexus Port Lincoln Regatta 2012 on Mad Max in generally light conditions against 10 tris and we were always faster and higher http://www.lincolnwe...ulti/series.htm. In the 2012 Surf to City yacht race http://surf2city.com.au/ , we had hours of drifting at the front of the fleet and suffered by the tail enders getting better breeze later in the afternoon but note the elapsed times, not bad for an 8 year old cat with alloy beams. regards Tony Considine Every boat is a compromise, set up to the wishes of the owner at one point of time, now those wishes might change as the owners wife chooses not to come out anymore, or as in dads army, the owner and crew are getting too old to worry about a few extra knots and choose to go the easy way around. The economy at the moment doesn't allow too many owner to have a different boat for racing and cruising. Not too many super dooper high tech racers being brought into Aus. at the moment, even though we are being assaulted by designers saying their creation is the best thing since Hobie was a lad. Most Aus. multi racers are asked to race in a wide variety of conditions at different locations, so this kinda leans back to the standard designed config. and rely on better sailing skills to get a result. IMHO cheers
  13. Yep - showed that to Darren (ex owner) several months ago when it came up on Crew Org NZ I like the big patches on the sails, and the easy single - handed ability ( schreecher and all) Here is a question for you and Tony G how much faster would a new carbon "Twinblade 45" be Would they do the B2G, be as fast as the AC45, why don't people go with the tried and tested designers Who are all these new designers and what experience do they have, all of a sudden every second marine architect has a catamaran design that claims racing success and with a glossy web page ?????
  14. Has anyone around Cairns got the latest on Bags
  15. Darren you have hi-jacked the thread from old Multi's to old Dad don't blame ya, good bloke your dad