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  1. VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Or Dongfeng is heading home with an issue...
  2. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    Indeed, I do not know what corresponds to this average of 18 knots. Is this the average of 24 hours compared to the orthodromy, the shortest route? The correct number in nautical miles actually traveled is the second: 22.2 knots. I think they mean with the 18 knots the mean VMG of the last full day. It's not changing every hour. If you sum the point-to-point travelled distances each 15/30 minutes of the IDEC website, you get a maximum sailed distance of 884.15 miles. That's only a little more than the 879 nm measured in a straight line. (no I did not do this by hand, you have a computer for that)
  3. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    I would say, a few times a year. It's only slightly over 12 bft. It's a region where many depressions develop.
  4. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    A quick google on iceberg concentration articles shows that between 160 and 130 W - where they will be in 3 days - icebergs tend to drift more regularly up to ~60 S. But if you buy and analyse satellite images, you know where (the larger ones) are.
  5. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Could be a sail change
  6. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Good point and likely. Won't matter in so may years. It will all be melted away then they can as far South as they wish.Actually it is opposite. Unlike other ice masses in the Nth hemisphere which are melting faster, Antarctic sea ice is increasing. This is largely on account of stronger colder winds blowing sea ice out from the Antartic continent. This relatively recent change in wind pattern is being produced by ozone depletion etc. This expansion and redistribution of Antartic sea ice is causing shipping access problems for those bases located there. Hence the the recent introduction of Antarctic ice limits to RTW races. Yes. But unchecked, eventually melted, blown out to sea and melted. Not sure there will will still be a race at that point though or a human race for that matter. Then there are the contrarians. I met a Helioligist (?) from Northrop recently, a liberal, who recently published a paper suggesting it all has to do with the orbit of the earth. Convincing too. Actually both (partly) untrue. 1) Antarctic sea ice was increasing (since 1979, before that we don't know) - but by for not as much as the decrease of Arctic sea ice. However, out of the blue since this month Antarctic sea ice sets record low values for the time of the year (http://nsidc.org/arcticseaicenews/charctic-interactive-sea-ice-graph/) 2) But it's not sea ice what's bothers them. They stay north because of ice bergs and the swarm of fragments around those. Ice bergs and sea ice are two totally different things. 3) I didn't know if there is a trend in ice berg concentrations. I do know that satellites now can see them, contrary to a decade ago. On other words, now everyone knows where they are, a race organizer can't simply ignore them.
  7. Vendee Globe 2016?

    I can image that may people here are skeptical about the foilers to finish, but has anyone here did some math on it? (I guess the designers did) If we keep it simple and assume that the chance to lose a foil is equal for every mile and every sailor. Using that, the chance with 7 foilers and about 30.000 miles to cover, we get: Case 1: The chance would be only 5% that at least one reach the finish with foils still working is: -- The chance that a boat finishes with foils still working is 0.73%. -- The chance to break a foil is 0.016% per mile, or 15% per 1000 mile. Case 2: the chance is 50% that at least one reach the finish with foils still working: -- The chance that a boat finishes with foils is 9.4%. -- The chance to break a foil is 0.008% per mile, or 7.5% per 1000 mile. Case 3: the chance is 99% that at least one reach the finish with foils: -- The chance that a boat finishes with foils is 48%. -- The chance to break a foil is 0.0024% per mile, or 2.4% per 1000 mile. So, what is our experience, is the chance to break a foil typically 15% per 1000 mile or just 2.5%? It's just a factor 6 difference, but it approximates the difference between Russian roulette and a "must have to win".
  8. VOR 2017-18

    Well, I guess you hinted to Team AkzoNobel led by Simeon Tienpont - now official announced in the Dutch news. http://nos.nl/artikel/2115523-tienpont-verrast-met-nieuwe-nederlandse-boot-in-volvo-ocean-race.html. Interestingly, it's appears not to be one of the known Dutch initiatives.
  9. VOR 2017-18

    Schakel, you should read a little better. Also in these two articles is stated clearly that he is leaving soon.
  10. VOR 2017-18

    Dutch news say that VOR 2018 will end in the Hague - and there shall be a Dutch boat. http://nos.nl/artikel/2094638-den-haag-wordt-in-2018-champs-elysees-van-volvo-ocean-race.html