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    Sunset pictures

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    Sunset pictures

  3. Big Bob

    a classic

    Looks like this one had a busy night.
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    Dude steals a plane

    Another website I frequent has member that believes any nutball conspiracy that comes along, got the link from him.
  9. Big Bob

    Dude steals a plane

    The real story about the stolen Alaska Airlines plane!
  10. Big Bob

    Sunset pictures

  11. Big Bob

    Power boaters can be interesting....

    I have a friend that has a Brayliner 42 or some such. Used to spend some time with him in the San Juans, it was kept at LaConner. Sound like your stand on vessel guy. He drove that thing and you best be out of his way, he did not give any warning tho. The last straw for me was when we headed out from LaConner thru deception pass. We powered by a Concordia Yawl (I think) under command of a couple of woman with some kids. My buddy changed course to come close to them, his boat was throwing up a large wake. I asked what he was doing and he said slower boats need to give way to the fast ones, and that it was a rag bagger so there was 2 reasons for it to give way. There was other non-sense stuff over time but that was the last trip for me. He was not drinking, he was just and a-hole on the water. A very gracious host, but.
  12. Big Bob

    The Road Home-E-PAC TROPICAL Wx-

    We landed on Oahu about noon on 9/11/92. Could not get our rental car, our hotel on Waikiki was evacuated so we had to spend the day at Waikiki Elementary School. I attended school there back in 1950 for a year. Lucky to get from the airport to Waikiki. Interesting couple of days.
  13. Big Bob

    Redding CA wildfire

    Unfortunately my sister lost her house in the Cranston fire. She was in the Bay area on Wednesday, heard about the fire at Idyllwild, turned on the TV and saw what used to be her house. About the only thing left was the foundation and the chimney. Five houses on her street are gone.
  14. Big Bob

    You know someone really screwed up when...

    No pics, but you are not alone. I was installing cabinets in our utility room. Managed to hit the copper water line in 5 places. Did not notice till later when my wife asked why there water was all over the utility room floor. Tear out the dry wall after removing the newly installed cabinets, also had to repair the floor in the utility room and also the floor in the bathroom next door. Definitely not my first or last screw up.
  15. Big Bob

    Sinking car (DUKW ) Anarchy

    I have ridden on the Ducks several times here in Seattle mostly because out of town visitors seem to enjoy it. I never have felt they belonged on the streets, they are too large, poor visibility for the driver, when you encounter one on the street it is pretty scary. I stopped going on them after the suspension failure of one of them on the Aurora Bridge a few years ago. The lanes on the Aurora Bridge are kind of narrow and a lot of traffic. A lot of the times there was only 1 driver and he of course drove and gave the tour info. WTF! THESE THING SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE STREETS AND WATERWAYS! That being said it does give a pretty cool experience, if you don't drown or run over a car or boat.