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  1. Big Bob

    Broken Ribs

    I fell on my back last Thanksgiving, hurt like hell I could hardly get up and get in the house. My wife took me to urgent care, x-rayed said no broken ribs and just wrapped me with an ace bandage, just said to take some Ibuprofen. 2 days later pain was much worse!!! Wife took me to ER, their x rays showed 4 broken ribs on my back. Seemed like it was a couple of weeks before things started feeling a little better. Could not think about getting in bed, going for a drive and checking on the boat. Had to sleep sitting up and very careful about moving. Was a whole month before I could lay down in bed! It just take time. There is no magic. It will suck for a while. I am 75 so it most likely took me a longer to heal up. 2 month later I no longer felt any discomfort. No ace bandage! Best of luck dealing with this.
  2. Big Bob

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    16 hours ago, billy backstay said: I would be curious as to how much his electric bill increases, percentage-wise? billy, He is not concerned about the extra cost of electricity to charge the tesla so he has not kept track. He just wanted a car that he helped to design. Electricity is fairly cheap out here in the Seattle area.
  3. Big Bob

    Tesla Model 3 - Good, Bad ugly... Anything else?

    My son, who works for Tesla got a Model 3 back in January, as an employee he did not get a discount on the price but got the extended battery and the 4 motors ( I think) and a charger. He really likes it, its a little plain but it grows on you. Installed the charger in his garage. He works from home so it works really well for him. It is really quick!!! My car is fast but his quicker!
  4. Big Bob

    Boat books

    "Sailing all Seas" by Dwight Long. Young man leaves Seattle back in the 30's on his boat Idle Hour for a trip around the world.
  5. Big Bob

    Here Comes The Night

  6. Big Bob

    LONQR 2

  7. I can access the page with 9 friends but also feel its a fake page. That is not his real page.
  8. Big Bob

    Random PicThread

  9. Big Bob

    Toilet Paper

    I was in the Federal Way, Wa Costco this am for geezer hours, they had a mountain of T.P. their Kirkland brand.
  10. Big Bob

    Random PicThread

    We were there at the airport and suppose to fly out that day to come back to Seattle. holy shit! Our trip home was delayed a few days as it was difficult to get our wives to get on a plane.
  11. Big Bob

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    I was 16 when Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho came out. I don't think I slept all night when I saw it.
  12. Big Bob

    Trail Cameras Again

    Couple of trespassers!
  13. Big Bob

    Trail Cameras Again

    Pic were taken at our place in nothern Washington 4 miles from the Canadian border near Chesaw. Couple of bucks locked up. Left a game cam to record during one winter. We think this is a mountain lion