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  1. You are right, don't know what I was thinking. Way too much to ask of him.
  2. Rimas probably loves it on Kauai, no one can starve there. The island is infested with chickens that escaped during the Inike hurricane. They are everywhere!
  3. He unfriended me also a few months ago, sent a couple of PMs thru facebook, but no response from him. I don't follow him anymore on facebook. He is no Tristan Jones. Tristan could a least spin a coherent tall tale and make it interesting. I think Rimas is done with his RTW great adventure.
  4. Big Bob

    Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    Looks like and awesome combo to me. The 59 Impala has always been on of my favorites, the boat looks OK to.
  5. I am surprised to see his activity mentioned here as I was friends with him on FB. Just checked and I guess he unfriended me. Don't know why, guess I did not donate my boat to his RTW adventure.
  6. Big Bob

    One Hit Wonders

  7. Big Bob

    One Hit Wonders

    Hope this has not been mentioned earlier.
  8. Big Bob

    One Hit Wonders

  9. Big Bob

    Your Favorite Cover

    Another cover of Pipeline. Its got Dick Dale, Stevie Ray, Annette, PeeWee Herman, and the Beaver, cant be all bad!
  10. Big Bob

    Your Favorite Cover

  11. Big Bob

    Sunset pictures

    Just a few hours later approaching Seattle. Sunrise with Mt St Helens.
  12. Big Bob

    Sunset pictures

    Poipu Beach, Kauai
  13. Big Bob


    Wow, that blind guy can see again!
  14. Big Bob

    One Hit Wonders

    Here is 3 versions of Louie Louie. Those of us in the Northwest grew up with the Wailers at several venues hearing live from the Wailers and Little Blue and the Blue Notes. Many years before the Kingsmen had a Huge success with it. Friday nights were the teen nights at places like the Spanish Castle, Jimmy Hendrix memorialized the place in his song Spanish Castle Magic. The Castle was just down the street from me. Good Times.