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  1. Big Bob

    Random PicThread

    During my 60 years of driving the Viaduct has always been my favorite drive thru downtown Seattle. I will miss it. Be interesting to see how they will cram all the traffic thru the new tunnel. Shirly will screw things up. I know the Viaduct was in need of repair (replacement) and is an eyesore so best it is gone. I will still mess it though.
  2. Big Bob

    Man sues himself and wins

    This story is from 1996, regurgitate much? And from China no less. And it is false.
  3. Big Bob

    Question regarding tape.

    Gorilla has some water proof tape you might try:
  4. Big Bob

    Halloween, Fuck Off!

    Get one of these like I did, don't have to deal with the little basturds or there parents. Might even make a couple of bucks.
  5. Big Bob

    Best Movie Ever

    I was awestruck when I first saw this, was expecting a blood and guts film such as Wolf Creek, that famous Oz film, lol
  6. Big Bob

    Sunset pictures

    Waterfall Resort, Prince of Wales Island, Alaska
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    Sunset pictures

  8. Big Bob

    Sunset pictures

  9. Big Bob

    a classic

    Looks like this one had a busy night.
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    Dude steals a plane

    Another website I frequent has member that believes any nutball conspiracy that comes along, got the link from him.