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  1. Chicago Area III

    Some? (more than one) and why would they think this?
  2. Chicago Area III

    Seriously? Day two of the 2013 NOOD and no chatter.
  3. Chicago Area III

    COLORS/Day 1/ORR: two boats DNF in 2nd race, DNS/DNC for the 3rd race. What happened?
  4. Chicago Area III

    Adios Raven.
  5. Chicago Area III

    Big Country is staying on the hard in 2013. Oh my, sorry to hear that. Will miss you on Wednesdays. If you'd like a ride on a J30... let me know I'll be lucky to sail at all in 2013 (on Lake Michigan).
  6. Chicago Area III

    Big Country is staying on the hard in 2013.
  7. Chicago Area III

    Saw 10 or 20 shindicks and bloviators in the crowd. Good chatting with some of you. Large props to Spring Fever for the WA logistics and management.
  8. Chicago Area III

    What do you care, you wont show up, you'll have to drive to South Bend for something.
  9. West Michigan Thread

    I'm down here as well, word was Peerless finished 100 yards just in front of the SC 50.
  10. Chicago Area III

  11. Chicago Area III

    A good day to be in Sydney. Actually, upon looking at the day (from shore) it may have been better to have a bigass 155% to help plow through the waves. But what do I know.
  12. Chicago Area III

    just returned to Chicago (from being somewhere else) to find yesterday was a lay day on the Verve. The S. Buoy reported the highest waves as being 13.5 and wind steady around 30 yesterday and are down to 7.2 and 21-ish now. The S. buoy is a "nice stretch of the legs" away from Chicago. Seems to be a bit more tame today from yesterday's oceanic-like conditions. It'd be good day to have a Sydney. Wear a PFD. Good Luck. Enjoy.
  13. Chicago Area III

    Job well done on this SC52.
  14. Chicago Area III

    BC is. 10:30 am. DuSable B-dock BC is. 10:30 am. DuSable B-dock . . . then again in the evening.
  15. Chicago Area III

    Why were they in the same starting box?