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  1. AC36 - The Venue

    I haven't read to deep into the details of the soils contamination on the tank sight or read any test wells data. But as cleaning up sites like this and tank and underground pipe removal is my families stock and trade I would offer this. If Stolhaven gets to walk away with 6M and a guaranteed of no future liability for environmental cleanup then that will be there pound of flesh.
  2. Suggestions? Sell carbon mast, sails, boom, etc

    It's a good thing then that I don't have a M32.
  3. Suggestions? Sell carbon mast, sails, boom, etc

    I sent you a PM.
  4. Halyards

    Yeah it's better for a main halyard, which is why I suggested it for a....main halyard. The up and down of a head sail lends itself to something softer.
  5. Halyards

    Vectran is also a good choice for a main halyard. doesn't need to be heat set. little bit less uv stability though.
  6. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Hong Kong is about as first world as it gets Point taken though.
  7. Why don't more people race?

    Here is another great example of a sail racing asshole. You insult other peoples opinions and preferences if they're different than youu own. You've decided you know me and what motivates me. $600 spent cruising with my 4 year old is just better value. I built her her first boat for Xmas. We raced dolphin 100 yards off the beach under sail, and then rowed it through the mangroves looking at birds. $6800 and 375 hours of work all worth it in one day. Enjoy racing against yourself. Out.
  8. Why don't more people race?

    Glass mostly empty. $600 is lots of money. RC are volunteers and I have been to some races where the RC was simply amazing. But not enough to keep me coming back. I wasn't complaining about the rain. Go fuck yourself. I've lived with electricity or running water for a 1/3 of my life. Maybe read what I wrote before you make a shit comment like that. I was the out ready to race in the rain. Those that cancelled weren't. I was giving my reason for not racing anymore. They are my reasons. They won't be other peoples reasons. But racing numbers keep dropping so other folks have there reason too it would appear.
  9. Cat2Fold in its natural environment...

    Wow. And that whale thing was neat too.
  10. Mounting hardware on rotomolded hull

    could you glue a backing plate on with g-flex
  11. We all like to pretend that sport meritocratic. But it's a myth.
  12. Hard vs soft dinghy

    The CNC cut pieces are a time saver and less waste etc, but it is but one small part of the PT11 kits value for me. It's a long list of stuff that makes it a good value to me. Captive hardware, the little turn dogs for the hatches, the rubber seals, the carbon alignment brackets, the dagger board cover seal for when your towing ...it's a long list. The manual made it fun for me because I could read through it and find a job to do in the time window I had on any given day. The dagger board and case alone is amazing. Quite a few steps to it. I dropped it in 2 hours ago for the first time expecting it to be to tight or to sloppy. But no, perfect fit first time. 245 hours so far. Painting tomorrow night.
  13. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Homes when I need money. Kitchens and solid wood furnishing when I feel like working for minimum wage.
  14. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Does anyone mind horribly if I talk dinghy's for a moment. Up thread someone described the PT 11 as just a cnc cut plywood package. The kit is so very much more than that. I'm at the very end of the building processes and that's when the forethought of the manual and all the labeled Ziploc bags full little part in the kit is amazing. The end of most complex projects drag on as oversights and omissions catch up to you and your left wishing you done it different. Not this time. I build shit out of wood for a living and I still choose to buy this kit. I think the woodworker in me saw it as a good value. It is more time building and less time messing around. Oh, and splits in two. I can carry half a boat by myself.
  15. Why don't more people race?

    I paid $250 to enter a Leukemia Cup event last year. A 3 Day event in total. Traveled 150 miles to get there. $600 weekend all up. Great crew I found on bookface. One Man one Woman. Both beginners. Both great. The race committee couldn't get their shit together. Couldn't follow their own published rules. I was sailing in the Multihul fleet and the local fleet captain called off racing after one 45 minute W/L because it was raining on Saturday. He was sitting in his RV on shore. I love racing. But I'm quitting.