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  1. I disagree. Don't hink he will serve full term, way too many irons in fire that could end his term early. Investigations, health, loss of congress in mid-terms, general acknowledgement he is not fit to serve, etc. As far as Dylan's question, what will his supporters do? Huff and puff, whine, bitch mostly. Some people will die though, both innocents and domestic terrorists, but no mass uprisings.
  2. Hey Sol!

    North Floriduh Weather Anarchy?
  3. College Football 2017

    The butthurt is strong in this one I hate Bama, but now they are the favorite by Vegas. That's all you need to know if you doubt they are one of 4 best. I do hope Clemson destroys them though.
  4. College Football 2017

    If anyone has watched the last couple of years of football and thinks tOSU is better than Bama they are blind. OSU could not score on Clemson and this year is no different. I fucking hate Bama, still no way to say they are not one of the best 4. Vegas would take them over anyone on a neutral field except MAYBE Clemson. GO DAWGS!!!!!
  5. College Football 2017

    Clemson Bama in sugar bowl And Georgia Oklahoma in rosebowl
  6. College Football 2017

    Hell yeah. Fromm played exactly how I thought he would, the D showed up big. Whose next Oklahoma? GO DAWGS!!
  7. College Football 2017

    Tee Martin to Tenn.? Squirrel, I absolutely do not think the SEC will get 3 teams in, just saying 3 of 4 best look like SEC teams, Vegas would agree. My hope is Wisconsin wins, and OU wins along with Georgia
  8. College Football 2017

    Would love to see what the letter of intent that was signed by Tennessee and Schiano said. Are they going to owe him money? He might have a case to sue. His name has been hurt materially and I don't think any program would touch him with a ten yard pole after this.
  9. BITCOIN,,, anyone playing that game?

    Agreeing with Random. First time for everything. Another thing going for bitcoin is they are limited to 21 million coins. No dilution like national currencies. Futures trading starts soon, I will be following closely. Having dinner with a friend this week, he is on the advisory committee of a new hedge fund set up to trade cryptocurrency. It' a weird mental game to try to figure out where national currencies would be without expansion of money supply, similar to a gold standard except WAY more so.
  10. College Football 2017

    Quiet. I am fishing
  11. College Football 2017

    All these years later the taint of Joe Paterno and Penn State still stinks enough to make Tennessee fans retch. This just won't go away. Sad.
  12. College Football 2017

    But what if TCU and tOSU both win?
  13. College Football 2017

    Will be interesting to see if Auburn can do it away from Jeeerdin-hare. That place is loud as hell. I think 3 of 4 best teams are in the down on its heels SEC.
  14. Love the names so far. In my list anyone over 35 is off(i will call that the Amadeus exemption, otherwise i would have an age 30 cutoff), they had time, and the early and middle part of most careers is the most creative/interesting. Jimi is up there. Mozart would kill today me thinks. Bob Marley Ronnie Van Zant. Bradley from Sublime But nobody has mentioned Buddy Holly. He was 22 the day the music died. We was robbed. Richie Vallens was 17. He might have been one of the greats. Hank Williams was 29. I don't love country but Hank was different. One of the most soulful artists, made some beautiful heartbreaking music. Most covered singer/songwriter of all time? If not Hank it's probably Robert Johnson, died aged 27. DAMN he was good. Sounds like two people playing guitar. As good of bluesman as ever lived.
  15. College Football 2017

    There is going to be chaos. Hope Dawgs win next week, but Auburn should be favored. Winner is in. Clemson-miami, winner is in. Then it gets fucked up with other three power fives. Should be fun. Does 1 loss Bama get in above 2 loss conference champ? Should Harbaugh be fired?