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  1. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    Grand master, you are an idiot. Would say it to your face.
  2. College Football 2017

    Gotta love kids. Just now I was explaining to my kid Georgia's very unfortunate history with Florida since 1991, told him about when they renovated Jacksonville stadium so we had to do a home and home with FU. SS was calling bombs in the 4th quarter up 4 touchdowns trying to get to 50 in Athens, a first and he succeeded. He saw the Dawgs break Vandys spirit on first drive by running the ball up the middle 8 times, averaging 12 yards carry, till we scored. My 11 year old son's conclusion was next week against Florida he hoped we run the ball every play the first half and keep throwing bombs in the second trying to run up score. We can dream son.
  3. College Football 2017

    Gouv, has Penn State beaten a team with a winning record besides big bad Iowa? Which y'all barely handled. PSU will have 2-4 losses by Jan. 2. They don't pass the eyeball test, a good D will stop your running game then you are fucked. UGA is batting 100% on red zone offense. 1st in country third down completion percentage. Top few in every defensive category. GO DAWGS!!! Sol, are you going to cocktail party? I have to miss it this year, my sons have a regatta that day:( This is one year I would really like to go!
  4. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    Native Atlantian and LLSC member. I live in Buckhead/midtown area. Takes 48 minutes to get to club. Above comments are pretty accurate. I know the area and burbs well. Call me anytime. Would be happy to meet up and take you sailing after you get here. PM sent
  5. College Football 2017

    Would truly hate to see Leach at FU. His offense with the quality of player you guys get on D could fuck some people up Yall really are playing like some "Kansas city faggots". Keep it up! You going to the J'ville?
  6. College Football 2017

    If the eye test matters Bama is 1, UGA clearly 2, TCU then Penn State. Would love to play Penn State, sofa king overrated, sad. Have they beaten anyone with a winning record?
  7. Just asked my wife. Her opinion, not rape. She consented, just profoundly stupid.
  8. I knew a guy in Chicago (Dan E) who would say ANYTHING to a girl to sleep with her. He had one believing he was a Pediatric Cardiologist for weeks. Was this rape?
  9. NFL Draft Tomorrow

    Why do NFL GMs needlessly complicate things? Deshaun Watson anyone?
  10. College Football 2017

    Does Butch have a job Monday? Edit: even 100-0 CBS SEC last two weeks
  11. College Football 2017

    The last two SEC games of the week on CBS have cumulatively had a score of 96-0. I really hope UGA can keep a vols out of end zone for rest of game.
  12. College Football 2017

    Totally agree, thought so at the time. With 4 and 5 star guys he would be deadly, just like Paul Johnson. GO DAWGS!!! Who else wants some? I am feeling really good about Georgia, defense is so damn legit
  13. College Football 2017

    Georgia proved it, they are legit, pay attention to Jake Fromm, kid has it. The SEC East is a cakewalk, I don't even think UGA can blow being this year's sacrifice to Bama. I would buy Rosen futures over Darnell futures any day. Give that one 10 years.
  14. College Football 2017

    Is anyone else watching this disaster of a FU/Tenn game? This game is going to become a meme for poorly played football
  15. College Football 2017

    Tennessee and Florida should both just call this season a wrap has to be the worst game of the year