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  1. 2slow

    College Football 2018

    UGA is 42-18-4 against you guys, so there is that.... I have been to a few of them, actually like Clemson, favorite ACC team. How someone would willingly choose to live in Columbia vs the shore of Lake Hartwell baffles the mind
  2. 2slow

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    You are more right than you realize. Kemp's kids go to school with the children of one of my friends at our sailing club. He has met Kemp a bunch of times and said he very exaggerated his southern accent in his commercials to play to the redneck voters. When the votes you are going for belong to low IQ people it is best to pretend you are one as well! Kemp is in the Republican runoff against Cagal, also a piece of shit who sided with the NRA against Delta, the state's largest private employer.
  3. 2slow

    Shera Bechard

    Do you think he ever screws up and calls them Ivanka when pumping away?
  4. 2slow

    College Football 2018

    UGA 's nonconference is all sisters of poor/mercy this year + GT, but our rotating SECWest team is at LSU. We were supposed to play tOSU but they (tOSU) cancelled it, have ND again next year, looking forward to beating them a third time in a row.
  5. 2slow

    Georgia Gubernatorial Election

    these guys are an embarrassment to the great state of Georgia. The Deportation Bus broke down, great pics of it on the side of the highway. Also, Cracker Barrel would not let them in the parking lot. When you are such a flaming racist fucktard even Cracker Barrel won't let you set up shop you are probably not the right person to lead Georgia. We currently have a republican Governor, Nathan Deal, who will be very missed.
  6. The republicans are going full retard in this election. Check out these campaign ads
  7. 2slow

    the potential of civil war

    I don't see it happening. In red states like Georgia there are only a few percentage points separating team blue and team red, same with the majority of blue states. If there was a block of states that voted 80% one way or the other we might have a problem but there is too close of an even split in most states. Also families are not uniformly democrat or republican, who wants to fight their kids, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, friends and neighbors.
  8. 2slow

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    BTW, even thought I don't post very often (my 4600 posts are scattered over 16 or so years)I have been here since the first few months of SA and I consider you and anyone else who slithered in here post circa 2008 newbs and I have yet to see some fair skinned Polish tatas.
  9. 2slow

    What Did I Ever Do to Piss Off the Gods?

    Very sorry to hear of you troubles, you are sort of a dick sometimes and have horrible taste in music but I like you. Peace brother.
  10. 2slow

    Lease or Buy

    Lease if you are buying a Range Rover, Alfa, Jag, Dodge or anything that will fall apart. Buy if you are buying Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Suburu. I have a 2 year old 4Runner Limited and will probably have it for 10 more years.
  11. 2slow

    Where would you choose to live

    depends on how much cash I have. If money not an issue: Italy, Switzerland, Austria
  12. 2slow

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    The chickens are here, need to post some pics. First egg (blue) after one day. My two sons and the neighborhood kids are fascinated (city kids) and just wanted to watch them all day. Still too scared to let them free range in the yard, so many hawks around here. Set up a big run connected to the coop under our trampoline. They seem to love in under there.
  13. 2slow

    NFL Draft tonight

    It is going to pain me to root for the Patriots, but oh well...they just took two Dawgs in the first round, Bill B. Loves drafting Bulldogs. Sony is going to be awesome
  14. 2slow

    NFL Draft tonight

    He was a DAMN Good Dawg! Hope he does great in Chicago!
  15. 2slow

    Anyone have backyard chickens?

    They are not getting here until Saturday now.. Coop is ready, wheat straw, cracked corn, feed... just waiting for the 5 ladies. Will post pics this weekend