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  1. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Excellent answer, global warming. Love it! Here in Georgia we just had the hottest week on record, fucking brutal. 9 at night, 97 degrees and 80% humidity. There you go with that arbitrary 40 year thing again. 6 days gentlemen!!!
  2. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Have UF, FSU and Miami all been down at the same time in the past 40 years besides now? It seems the instate talent would gravitate towards one of those schools but that has not been the case for a few years. Why do more of the top 10 instate recruits choose Georgia, Clemson or Alabama than staying home? It is troubling.
  3. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Did you see that Brenton Cox (left UGA because he was being pushed to 3rd/4th on depth chart) is now the highest rated and only 5* recruit on the entire Florida team? Good luck reptiles!
  4. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Both, in addition to suspended or dismissed from team. There is a troubling domestic abuse epidemic apparently. Some people are saying Coach Mullins players have the character of Coach ************ players without the talent. Sad.
  5. 2slow

    NBA Playoffs

  6. 2slow

    Sandra Tartaglino RIP

    Brutal, so sad. Fair winds
  7. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    He has a brutal ME ME ME! personality, saw him on QB1 show and he was pretty much a douche. Cant imagine him being the face of a team
  8. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Love it! Aim high Coach O!
  9. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    In real news, former 5* Brenton Cox was kicked off the Georgia football team for undisclosed violations, he was already on thin ice after an arrest in the spring. The good news is, he was third on the depth chart and wont be missed by Georgia. On the other hand, in the unlikely event he is ruled eligible he will easily be a starter on the thinly talented gators.
  10. George Will is a real conservative, unlike the party of Trump
  11. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Hope so, would like to see tOSU eat some more shit.
  12. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    Hey Phil, Michigan. Really, remind of all the big games Harbaugh has won at Michigan?
  13. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    one more month! I can't wait for football season. Series: Georgia leads Florida 52–43–2 Gaston you are right, Steele is pretty accurate and Van Jefferson is solid, dad was a pro and he will be to. Let's see what he thinks about this year... Here are Steele’s official CFP picks: No. 1 Alabama, No. 2 Clemson, No. 3 Michigan and No. 4 Georgia. Steele believes Georgia will go undefeated in the regular season.
  14. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2839654-ranking-the-best-receiving-corps-for-2019-college-football-season#slide2 And now back to reality, Floriduh does not rate an "honorable mention" in best receiving corps list. I am worried about the experience of UGA's wideouts after 3 guys were drafted and top returning guy was kicked off the team but at least the raw talent is there, we have 3 5* players and rest are high 4*s Florida does not even have three 5*s on the entire team. The talent gap between Florida and Georgia is vast, gator fans have the delusion they will be able to win because Coach Mullin is good a play callin'. Good luck with that.
  15. 2slow

    College Football 2019

    In current news the #1 receiver in Florida took an official visit to UF last weekend and then promptly committed to Georgia right after he left Gainesville. Same thing happened last month with the #1 QB recruit in Florida. Many people are asking when will Florida be an attractive place for the top in state players and why do they immediately commit elsewhere after they experience Gainesville? troubling