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  1. 2slow

    What a Great speech

    It must drive tRump supporters crazy knowing in 50 years Dear Leader will universally be known as the worst President to ever live and Obama will be on the $10 bill.
  2. 2slow

    College Football 2020

    I am seeing what you are seeing. What gives me hope is even though daily new cases are still rising in some places the death rate from the Trump virus has gone down 70% from high.
  3. 2slow

    College Football 2020

    Decided he would rather be 3rd or 4th in line at UGA than start as a freshman at Florida. Smart kid.
  4. 2slow

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    My favorite Father's Day present was finding out junior ordered Trump tix. Liked it better than 100 quart 10 day ice cooler!
  5. 2slow

    Tulsa Coronapalooza a Bust

    GenZ for the win. Just asked my 15 year old, yep he ordered tix. Apparently this was a very well known thing in his age group and it went pretty much unnoticed by the world unti tRump was punked. Gave my kid a high 5 and hug.
  6. 2slow

    College Football 2020

    You realize Florida will come in at best 3rd but more likely 5th in the SEC for recruiting right? Third on the country is as likely as tRump releasing his tax returns.
  7. 2slow

    College Football 2020

    Sure thing! Gators are lucky no first rate coaches wanted the job, you guys sure dodged a bullet
  8. 2slow

    COVD's geographic shift in the US

    Go catch it then! For America and TRUMP!!
  9. 2slow

    College Football 2020

    I don't blame Chuba and I applaud him for using his voice and power at such an opportune moment. Fuck Gundy and anyone who employs black labor and then pimps an OAN shirt. What a compassionless cunt.
  10. Our club turned off the communal ice machine during COVID for obvious reasons. Going forward the discussion is whether to keep the current ice maker with large metal scoop or move to a freezer filled with bags that get replenished by a local ice company. For the baged ice we would use some kind of honor system. What are your clubs doing?
  11. 2slow

    Donald Trump loses Nov 3rd

    Close vote, lots of mail-ins that take a few days to count....sure I can see him not conceding. Especially knowing he and his corrupt abeders will likely be facing years of investigations or worse. Naturally his supporters will go along with this under some twisted logic. In for a penny in for a pound, right Bravo?
  12. 2slow


    Nice, I am not far. Near Piedmont hospital. Glad downtown is starting to repopulate
  13. 2slow


    You live in midtown right?
  14. 2slow

    Are you in favor of slave repatriation ?

    So at a breast cancer march are you the guy yelling "what about skin cancer?"