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  1. The Heat Wave retired?

  2. Hey, I know this may be a little out the box but I'm looking at buying your Db1. Are you the current owner? I found you while researching the boat. I know I'm supposed to go through the broker but if you feel like connecting let me know when you're free to talk. We can sort out an agreement. 647 535 9455. Looking to see if we can put a deal together by next week. 

    Cheers, Will 

    1. Shife


      I was involved with the boat, but I am not the owner. Sorry for the late reply, but I don't frequent SA much anymore.

  3. Boat Transport Drama

    Sway/tail wag is due to improper (too little) tongue weight/distribution. More tires won't fix improper loading.
  4. this is a stupid race.... I'll be arriving via bus like the vagrant I am Friday evening.
  5. ORR-EZ

    Yacht club politics can be worse than real politics. I'm not a very happy camper on this topic these days.
  6. ORR-EZ

    Al was one of the people pushing to go to Triple Number. Your comment doesn't make any sense.
  7. ORR-EZ

    I don't have my hopes up. ORR acknowledged a problem with HWs rating, literally, years ago. Still lip service in regards to getting it fixed. I'm not expecting any different with this version.
  8. Rio unsafe on and of the water

    you're whining and crying about citizens exercising their rights in fucking Idaho? My God I bet you'd piss your pants if you got within 50 miles of actual civilization. Chicago and DC have the kind of gun control that appears to make your panty liner moist. Wanna compare crime rates between those areas and freaking Idaho?
  9. I crashed today - what should I have done?

    If you want to learn quickly, get a dinghy to practice with. Find a learn to sail program at a racing club and race on a variety of boats. Don't just find one boat and do the same stupid menial sewer job for the rest of your life. Rotate through lots of boats and train on a dinghy - You will learn rapidly and build diverse skills so you can walk on any boat and be an asset instead of a liability. If you want to be a novice douche the rest of your life, stay the course. Full send, Jerry! in the old days, you would have been told to fuck off and pound sand a long time ago. what the fuck happened to this place?
  10. Rio unsafe on and of the water

    It's refreshing to see that ignorant douchebags aren't exclusive to the US. Looks like there's plenty abroad as well.
  11. Rio unsafe on and of the water

    Come on over here and try to knock me off my bike.
  12. Free Macgregor 65 Gone Bad

    What's the deal with the ridiculous lifeline stanchions? Was the nutter who owned this thing storing cattle on the deck? I figured that the last of these shit barges had been turned into floating hippie communes by now.
  13. Craigslist Finds

    That thing is about 10 miles from me. go get it!! its gotta be awesome! I'm tempted to buy it and ship it to Burnsy as a joke.
  14. Craigslist Finds

    Fond memories of racing in Bay City. That thing is about 10 miles from me.
  15. Is the NOOD Chicago Dead?

    and how many of those dinghys are "offshore" designs? If I recall, it stood for National Offshore AND One Design. Regardless, seems a bit stupid to desire to limit entries based on an acronym. More the merrier.