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  1. serioladumerili

    Route du Rhum 2018

    maybe two buckets of apparent wind?
  2. Hmm, I am sure that my SeaTalk1 instruments (ST60+ wind and ST60+ tridata) are powered thru SeaTalk-SeaTalkNG adapter. I will check tomorrow
  3. serioladumerili

    DIY carbon Bowsprit - best approach?

    what epoxy you will use? To get maximum from epoxy, do the post curing. If you don't have an owen, choose a epoxy with lower post curing temperature and make an simple insulated box with a open bottom and put few halogen reflectors under. They will generate enough heat for post curing
  4. serioladumerili

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    OceanVolt is nice, for my 30 footer boat the quotation 2 years ago was about 18k€ for 30nm @3.8kts. It would be nice to get rid of all stinky and oily pieces
  5. serioladumerili

    Taffeta filmless w Technora

    looks like Onesail 4T?
  6. serioladumerili

    what is it?

    Cheryl Cole
  7. serioladumerili

    What is going on here?

    i hope that they will not see this...
  8. serioladumerili

    What is going on here?

    do they fly the sail from that forestay? what is the shape of the sail?
  9. serioladumerili

    chafing neoprene collar edges

    Any dive wetsuit tailor near? I don't know how they do the edges, here is the picture
  10. serioladumerili

    Spirit of Hungary Imoca in flames

    Interesting boat choice for drug transport. If they managed to sell the drugs, they would buy Hugo Boss for the next delivery?
  11. serioladumerili

    Spirit of Hungary Imoca in flames
  12. serioladumerili

    Mainsheet block to boom webbing material

    any chafe protection between the boom and the webbing? IMO, the webbing can cut the carbon

    Hi, how did you solve the problem with ERROR 38 on the NX2 autopilot. (I have the same problem). Best regards Jens

    PS. The Nexus website is shot down, so no help there.

    1. serioladumerili


      Hi newb :)

      I don't have NX2 AP...

    2. Jenner123


      Ok, thanks. I asked because a couple of years ago you replied on this issue - raised by the user “bjorkski”

  14. serioladumerili

    Taffeta filmless w Technora

    I got a quotation for a jib. Membrane is taffeta with Technora inside, filmless What are your experience with that kind of cloth? Stretch, longevity, mechanical abuse etc. I don't have possibility to compare prices from other sailmakers, is 80$ per mq (roughly) a decent price?
  15. serioladumerili

    Raymarine ST60 connection to NMEA 2000/BG Vulcan

    remember to disconnect old SeaTalk devices from power supply. power for them will be used thru converter power supply