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  1. serioladumerili

    Raymarine ST60 connection to NMEA 2000/BG Vulcan

    remember to disconnect old SeaTalk devices from power supply. power for them will be used thru converter power supply
  2. My collegue offered me a VHF 54 because he cannot change the MMSI sign. He have two same VHF's and succeeded changing it in one. It seems that there is maximum number of allowed MMSI change. Is this true? Also, the nearest service center is in UK, it should cost more than a half price sending from our site.
  3. serioladumerili

    New jib on hanks transferrable to furling system?

    maybe the Ubi maior furler can help
  4. serioladumerili

    opti's (sic) rule

    just one picture.. 20+kts, up to 1,5m waves
  5. serioladumerili

    End of Sprit stick / wand??

  6. serioladumerili

    Boomkicker rod boom vangs

    my boat is 30', and kicker is Barton 44035 on carbon boom. the original fittings on the boom were for different vang. do not shorten the rods, I did that, and made a mistake
  7. serioladumerili

    AwlGrip DIY

    I get 60 minutes per hour
  8. serioladumerili

    drill and tap carbon?

    I think that the cost of titanium bolts is not prohibitive for small project
  9. serioladumerili

    when the boat withstand more then the crew...

    the boat is also ok. why would you leave a boat good condition?
  10. serioladumerili

    Fresh from Italy...

    with 80 HP, Lagoon can do 8 kts in calm water. I think that this was inexperienced crew
  11. is this is a J? when I saw how they jumped in the RIB, this couple was in good condition. happened near Corsica yesterday
  12. serioladumerili

    Fresh from Italy...

    trying to embed fb video...
  13. serioladumerili

    Fresh from Italy...

    yesterday in Port of Ostia. how can I call this: checkmate in two moves
  14. serioladumerili

    the most frightening engine in the world....

    In our island every boat from 4.5 to 7m have a Volvo 1 cyl or 2 cyl. Electric starter is very rare. Just insert the shaft for manual starting, open the decompression lever, make few turns and close the lever. It starts always, no full throtle. The only problem that people have is cooling system with sea water - usualy they remove the thermostat to reduce scale.
  15. serioladumerili

    Same hose for manual and electric bilge pump?

    Thank you Olaf, I must check for space and bending radius for hoses. My manual pump is near the outlet, will be challenging...