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  1. Nets are important. I wove my own bow nets on my F242 with 3/16" poly. I also made my own side nets for that boat with net fabric from Sailrite...that was a mistake since the resulting net was so slippery I had to go back and weave the 3/16" poly through the holes to provide sufficient traction to keep crew on board. Kinda like sails...they cost more than they ought, but try it yourself before bitchin' too much.
  2. MultiThom

    nacra 5.8

    Kudo's should go to the guy who shot it, not me. I just found the video on YouTube and thought the OP might want to know what the boat looks like in 10-12 which is what the wind looks to be based on water view-which we all know is tamer in video than in real life.
  3. MultiThom

    nacra 5.8

    Well, it is not a sedate ride, even in 10-12.
  4. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Well, as you saw on the GPS speedometer, it was just a gust; most of the sail was under that. I'm starting to get into the windy part of the year so speeds should go up with the wind. Which, incidentally, is why handicapping multis with monos is near impossible, multis go a fraction of windspeed (fraction (multiple) determined by point of sail); monos (keelboats anyway) go hull speed regardless of windspeed or point of sail pretty much. Which, also incidentally, is why I don't race anymore, for multis it is not satisfying because the winner is oft determined by handicap (ie, politics in the rating committee); for multi/mono races, it is not satisfying because winner is course/windspeed determined; for one design, who wants a boat you can't play with and change? But, like your moniker, I do like to pass giant monohulls on the water.
  5. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Was a nice day sail. Setup with help is down to 1.5 hours from arrival at launch ramp to sailing out of the marina. Don't think I can trim too much more from that without getting rid of the lashing lines (fiddling with them takes a lot of time). Wind was 10-12 with gusts to 15 or so. Video is only of the downwind portion since camcorder SD card got full. I found a leak in the daggerboard trunk that I attempted to repair after the last trip...but then I had difficulty dropping the board in the slot and had to force it, which may have undone my repair since I still noticed a lot of water under the cockpit--oh well; if at first you don't succeed... We had a good ride upwind with occasional gusts forcing the lee ama nearly under water. From the tramps, it is very difficult (impossible for me) to uncleat the traveler; so I may have to replace the camcleat with something easier to may be a technique thing, so I'll hold off on that for a while. We stopped for lunch (hove to) and watched a 40 foot monohull get about 3 miles away beating to weather...we passed it about 6 miles after's why I like multihulls.
  6. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Had new crew today and short aborted sail. Wind forecast was for gusts in the 30s. Lots of chop when I left the marina entrance and the main halyard slumped...So I got to two blocked on the mainsheet so I could not put tension on the forestay--so I couldn't tack. SO, I bailed after about 15 minutes or so. Made a decent video, though, showing how the boat looks in chop.
  7. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Had a little more wind (8-12) today but had helping current to weather--but that created a 3 foot chop in spots. SeaRail slows down a bunch in chop. Camera didn't work so video is from my neighbor's cell phone.
  8. MultiThom

    Corsair Pulse 600

    As a former F24 owner, I had the same needs but decided to downsize to a SeaRail19 instead of another Corsair. I liked the looks and price. I've been sailing it since September and other than taking a little longer to setup than the F242, the performance is better and a dream to single hand (self tacking jib). I'm sure the Pulse is a great boat too and a used one might be more reasonably priced...but thought I'd let you know that there is another alternative.
  9. MultiThom

    Drag behind speed sensor

    Thanks, Zack. That works on a different principle (pull a washer behind you and it stretches a spring). Only works to 9 kts.
  10. MultiThom

    How big a square top?

    Suggest you have a conversation with Kame Richards of Pineapple sails in Alameda (near San Francisco). He designed a Very Large square top that works very well on a local F24Mk1. Of course, the F241 does not have a rotating rig and that makes a big difference when it comes to supporting the square top (and yah, the F31 would need a much bigger sail). I am actually surprised by how well the sail works in the heavy winds we get here-I would expect it to be better in the lighter stuff vs. the heavy. And you should know that the COE is not necessarily at the centroid of the triangle. The sailmaker designs the max camber placement which has an effect on the COE of the sail and the COE of the sailplan. You also will have to deal with your local rating committee who will be suspicious of any sailplan changes.
  11. MultiThom

    Drag behind speed sensor

    Yah, Thanks, I think that is the principle of the thing, but 20 years ago or so there were dozens and made of plastic...only ones I see on eBay are ancient brass.
  12. MultiThom

    Drag behind speed sensor

    Before GPS, there were speed sensors that didn't require a through hull transducer (not pitot). They just dragged behind and twirled like a spinner fishing lure--they were useful in small slow boats or plastic boats or boats with no electrical system where paddlewheels were not practical. I was looking for one and either I don't know what they are called or no one makes one anymore. Anyone seen one lately?
  13. MultiThom

    SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Another light wind sailing day today. Beat upwind for a couple hours, took half an hour to get back. Easy boat to sail.
  14. MultiThom

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    There is room for barely one in the "cabin". Seriously, not easy to even turn over. If claustrophobe, don't go down there. BUT, some protection/relief is better than most beach cats. In heavy stuff you may want the weight outboard instead of in the cabin. But R2AK isn't a race for folks looking to sip champagne, right?
  15. MultiThom

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    If you want a 2 man trimaran with some protection and light weight; look at a SeaRail 19. Weighs in around 950 pounds (I know the website specs say 700 pounds, but I weighed mine and it is 950 or so). Easily sailed single handed (so one can be tucked into the cabin while other drives). Dimensions are 19' long by 15' wide but folds for trailering there and back. So far it is about windspeed to weather (boatspeed, not VMG) and slightly higher than that downwind with spin (spin is very flat, 55% SMG).