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  1. MultiThom

    Lake Travis Tx multihullers?

    Any college town will be more liberal (just lookit Berkeley) than the surrounding towns...but Austin can't be as liberal as everywhere in CA. unShirley, thanks for that...I know a few folks who have moved from CA and either want back in or have moved back...I'm just too ashamed to live here anymore and be represented by idiots.
  2. MultiThom

    Lake Travis Tx multihullers?

    Thanks, appreciate it. Still in thinking stage for now, but trying to find a place to sail and enjoy retirement that has decent air quality and which isn't as liberal as everything in CA.
  3. Anyone out there? Thinking of moving.
  4. MultiThom

    Discovery 20

    I don't think I'd rely totally on temporary shrouds to keep the mast up when you walk away. But other boats have had similar needs. One way is to haul the real shrouds back with the mainsheet so you have the mast centered and supported fore-aft and athwartships with something more substantial than temporaries...but leave the temps attached.
  5. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Back to luck are we? Like early Christians (or most other religions), they figure that if Good exists and has a figurehead (God), then evil exists so it must have a leader (Devil). You are saying that since "bad luck" exists, there must also be good luck. I see your logic, but don't agree. Shit happens...2nd law of thermogoddamics pretty much guarantees things will go to hell...but things don't get better by themselves, you have to work at it. Simple to see in real life...your brakes will wear out, they won't fix themselves.
  6. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Exactly. One of the things that was drummed into me in the Navy nuke submarine force was the "what happens next" thinking. What symptoms do you expect to see if this (or that) fails in the reactor (sailboat)? Here's one of the thought experiments that you can try at home....You are driving your car on a flat freeway with no turns at X mph on cruise control. You decide to turn on the on board 500 watt entertainment system...describe in detail what happens next before you reach steady state again. Will you use more gasoline? If so, how? If not, how?
  7. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Well, the OD went their own ways like all good things. Then I went the single handing route with the SSS for a few years...It's a process.
  8. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    The boat works well in any wind. It just has performance similar to any 24 foot boat (monohull) in above 5 and under 10 kt breeze. I actually was slower downwind than J24s in some races since the course was downwind and he could hug the shore (symspin) while I had to gybe back and forth into the current. If you aren't racing, you will be happy with the boat. I kept it for 12 years, so you could say I was happy with one--even racing; but then, we sorta had a one design fleet for a while with 5 F242s locally.
  9. MultiThom

    Mainsheet Replacement; 30' cat

    I do haveta'd you drag the mainsheet on the freeway--isn't that cat 20 feet wide?
  10. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    It was a Leneman L-7 section spliced to give overall longer length. Dunno how the height compared to sprint was. Did not affect the boat balance, but that could be because I also got rid of square top and used parabolic top on the mainsail. Truthfully, it hardly made any difference in the boat performance on any point of sail. I was trying to overcome the "fat main hull 5-10 kt breeze can't get out of it's own way" that the F242 exhibits....didn't do squat for that. I hafta admit the other reason it was not working out as I had hoped was the fact that I put too little camber in the mainsail and was too lazy to do it over. About that time I called it quits and sold it.
  11. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Since you guys believe in's my favorite quote from one of my favorite authors..."Luck is a word used by the incompetent to describe the workings of genius." People have always told me I'm get where I'm going with this, right?
  12. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Yah, mine did too, except that the other end of the pilot was a pin inserted into a hole on a slanted surface so if you didn't remove it completely it can (and did) rotate aft and fall out and start being streamed behiind the boat until it finally fell off. Plus, taking the arm off took me back to the aft end of the boat, facing backwards while I've probably just left in a hurry while my spinnaker is trying like hell to drive the lee float underwater (once the main hull as well). Sorry, but autohelms are nice when they work right. Not so good when the battery is down, big wind, spin up and in traffic during a race. Love-hate relationship.
  13. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Well, I'd say preparation and skill, no luck involved - now if you mean racing successfully; then luck is a factor ...fortunately, I made my own anti torque lines as well as my own sails so they got pretty bulletproof. Never had a furler fail in a race nor had a sail fail to furl "enough" in a race. Had plenty of "oops's" when testing things out though. Broke the bow off my boat more than once...dismasted more than once...crap happens over 12 years and 6K miles under the keel (well, daggerboard).
  14. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    I single handed my F242 pretty much similarly to Bhyde. Over the years, though, I did carry more sails and made things easier/more effective for racing. I had roller furling jib (no foil; hank on jib), roller furling windseeker, roller furling screacher, roller furling asymspin. Mainsail on slugs (I'd changed masts to one 4 foot taller). Rigged an around the boat tiller tamer in lieu of tiller extension in lighter breeze, but had tiller extension for bigger breeze sailing. Mostly used autohelm though when I had to leave tiller to do something essential. Of course, the damn thing's battery died frequently (I had it set up with its own battery, but not enough's li-ion batteries would be better than what I had back then). Had the remote autohelm, but never used it. Problem with autohelm is you have to disconnect the whole thing in order to steer manually...takes time that makes things scary if your autohelm is operating erratically going downwind with spin up (which is mostly when it didn't work right). F242 is a forgiving boat fortunately-even with taller mast.
  15. MultiThom

    Corsair Trimaran

    Well, if you have the time to fly a signal for vessel not under might just as well get the vessel under command.