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  1. MultiThom

    Weta anarchy

    Matter of preference. The 6010 came apart on me on my current boat (actually caused my spin to shrimp and eventually put me on the rocks) but the all stainless ones never failed for the 4 of them I owned and used on my F242.
  2. MultiThom

    Weta anarchy

    You can buy a separate high load top swivel. I've used the Ronstan versions in the past. Below is a link to one that is "jaw-jaw", they also do eye-jaw.>NonB>Vendors-_-110785&product_id=110785&creative=108421561084&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&lid=92700049311038593&ds_s_kwgid=58700005418088635&ds_e_product_group_id=172045593844&ds_e_product_store_id=&ds_e_ad_type=pla&ds_s_inventory_feed_id=97700000007545409&gclid=CjwKCAiAjrXxBRAPEiwAiM3DQsOqC2SYPWzQHgyzu1Vwm0wnUNC4e663GAo6sak8HfEt7woPJvbk5RoCe2oQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. True, and usually multi won't have boom vang nor #1, 2 or 3 genoa or a suite of spinnakers or a rail where you have a bunch of moveable ballast that drinks your beer and complains.
  4. I suspect that hard core racing monohull'ers will spend a similar amount to most multihullers-performance is important to them too. But a faster boat means bigger breeze going over the sailplan which means they'll wear out a little quicker (flag in calm air versus one flogging in 30 kt breeze). nets are obviously not something that is on a monohull-and they need replacement occasionally. More surface area to maintain. AND, "they" see you coming with your fancy boat and charge a fancy price figuring you will pay it since you have enough money for the fancy toy.
  5. MultiThom

    bluewater multihulls

    I wonder if a walk around the marinas in New Zealand might shed some light on general choices and options for this topic. If there are more multis than monos; that'd certainly be a good data point.
  6. MultiThom

    One more time

    It is an easy setup. F24 (1 or 2) are both easy boats to get from trailer to water. Doing it alone over 12 years, it usually took about an hour from arriving to the launch ramp to motoring away unfolded. I did it quicker a lot of times, but there's always someone that wants to chat at the launchramp. Over 200 mast raisings/lowerings and 6000 miles with a typical sail being less than 20 miles. Some issues with the stock systems, but more robust gyn pole plus more robust baby stays and it was eventually routine with no mishaps. F24s and Tramps are getting up there in age, though. If they've been used weekly that is a lot of wear cycles....but not being used means no one has cared much for them so look for rot and rust...Be nice if you could find a local owner with 10 years on his/her boat to help you inspect (surveyors don't generally know trimarans).
  7. MultiThom

    bluewater multihulls

    This topic is explored in detail on many you tube videos. For many, it boils down to how much "stuff" you need for an ocean crossing. On a monohull, the weight is negligible considering overall passage speed and boat stability....for mulit's it isn't negligible but is do'able but passage speed is affected. But you really ought to be thinking a bit larger for the monohull than 33-40.
  8. MultiThom

    2019 Compilation

    Diam 24 speed tests, most don't have gps speeds shown, but this one tells the tale (in the description under the vid) about the boat in 20-25 kt winds, 14 kts upwind, 18-20 downwind. The diam 24 sailing manual suggests reducing sail at 25. It is unlikely that the astus 16.5 can go faster than a diam 24. It's these sorts of things that make me skeptical.
  9. MultiThom

    2019 Compilation

    ... Ellipses.... means there's more.... The better velocity prediction equations use a lot of other tiny things such as mast diameter vs length and take measurements along the entire height of the mainsail to get a better guess as to sail efficiency. Doesn't matter what equation I use or don't use; claims about how fast boil down to whether or not I believe the source (fake news or not?). I do know that equations can be completely wrong, for example, it is easy to prove that bumblebees can't fly--yet they do; you can watch them. Vids showing gps tracks have credibility (like the ones I make); claims that "i've watched my speedpuck" ... not so much - similar to dick size-easy to exaggerate. Then there is also experience with other designs and noticing that non foiling trimarans generally don't go much if any faster in kts than their hull length in feet (even vplp boats)....but I only have watched about a dozen or so boats being pushed. I don't doubt you are a daredevil and push a boat to the edge, makes sense to do such things in a race, not so much for fun unless one is an adrenaline junky. Bragging aside, I do enjoy watching your vids, just not able to "let go" of the brags with no support. Fake news unless you have some additional evidence (fact check).
  10. MultiThom

    2019 Compilation

    Well, I have watched your vids. Can't recall a time where the camera was pointing at something that starts with 2-....I also haven't seen a non foiling trimaran that goes faster in kts than its waterline length in feet; just haven't seen it (cats do it all the time). Might be possible...just haven't seen it. I think a weta "might" go faster than 13 since it's main hull does plane if you can keep it flat....When I sailed one I didn't take my gps along so don't know for sure what we reached at the top end. Just based on calculations with sail area, weight, hull length...the Astus 16.5 might get to 19 before capsize....maybe.
  11. MultiThom

    2019 Compilation

    Yah, lame question. The numbers would be easier to believe if a gps track were included in the videos; folks do tend to estimate speeds poorly when adrenaline is coursing through their systems. I do like how high the astus main hull appears to be in the videos; but (my name is Thomas after all), I have a hard time believing 22 kts with that short of a waterline.
  12. MultiThom

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    There's an additional worry with such things. There are many ways to corrupt good construction. Many things are not obvious after a build. Resin preparation, glass quality, voids or fillers....all sorts of things can be done to just "get it done so we get paid". Did they hit the target weight (by leaving out reinforcements?)?
  13. MultiThom

    Weta anarchy

    Yah, BUT, the problem with reverse heel and pointing higher is that any big wind shift causes the reverse capsize-especially with 2 up on a dinky ama like the weta has. Don't know about where you sail, but around here there are 30degree wind shifts.
  14. While you are considering equipment....I suggest you pack and practice with a drogue once you get some experience on the boat and start to know the edges of the performance envelope. Drogues can be useful in keeping your speed down below the envelope edge-I confess I never deployed mine for real, just practice, but I knew it was there (I'm racing for gossake). Your boat is much more powerful than my dinky F242, so you may have more occasion to use it when wind and wave height (my thumb rule was wave height = half of boat length was caution zone) make it desirable You can use it to help steer if you lose your rudder, as well.
  15. BAMA and SSS sponsor offshore races here in N. CA where the conditions can be pretty nasty. An F31 flipped with loss of the boat (but the guys were rescued). Here's a link to the offshore requirements (including those for multihulls) which are conservative but should be a good place to start. 2018.0 with NCORC changes.pdf A multi flipped as well in a race up in your neck of the woods....story was a good cautionary tale. My own preference was to keep hooked in while offshore with jackline and safety line rigged so I could not possibly fall off the boat (singlehanding). When I ordered my boat, I had lifeline stanchions installed which I rigged when going offshore. Before deciding on stuff, you ought to take your boat to a lake somewhere warm and try to get back onto the boat with no can do it, but imagine doing it with your dry suit and inflated pfd.