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  1. MultiThom

    tiller pilot with attached battery

    Madman has been out of stock for these for a while but promises a new model.
  2. MultiThom

    Corsair Pulse 600

    In under 5, it is about weight and skipper skill. Some skippers are light wind masters, some just fire up the outboard and go home. In 5 to 10 kt you can do as well with a monohull as most trimarans of the same length because you can put a ginormous headsail on the boat and they point 10 degrees higher in some cases. If you are planning on racing, go crew for someone who is racing and observe. Corsair doesn't make light boats for their size--so if buying a corsair, have the boat weighed prior to buying to avoid a dog for your winds. F27s do better in lighter stuff than C24s or Pulse, you can actually fit a bigger genoa on the F27 which seems to do well on the boat in your wind range.
  3. MultiThom

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Don't think any corsairs come without booms nor with self tackers. F25C is boomless, but not a production boat-still one of the fastest tri's you can buy in that size. If you are looking for a scuba platform, don't think either boat (24 or 600) will work; just too weighty of gear. If you are just looking for some fun on the water without having to deal with ginormous seawind there are lotsa beach cats. I'd suggest a searail except they are as hard to find as dragonfly--self tacker, boomless and lots less money than the 600 (which is why I have one).
  4. MultiThom

    Corsair Pulse 600

    Corsair Pulse vs Corsair 24--won't be a whole lot of difference sailing. 24 has higher top end, the pulse may be quicker in moderate breeze depending on which flavor of 24. No winches on the Pulse. No cabin on the Pulse (storage may be an issue for long distance cruises). My objection to the Pulse design is threefold, 1) Too expensive if purchased new; 2) no self tacking jib; 3) Has a boom (I prefer boomless designs for family safety reasons).
  5. MultiThom

    Reefing a Multihull

    That's a good trick if you can pull it off. Once you release the halyard (to reef) and cunningham and mainsheet....seems only draw you are going to get is maybe at the back couple feet of the back couple battens. Jib is bubbling the main luff, boom is out some, forestay is sagging, boat plunging in swells..... just a raft for the 30 seconds or so you take to reef (if you've practiced). Gets nasty if you take too long.
  6. MultiThom

    Reefing a Multihull

    Depends on the boat and windspeed. 10 degrees is enough for the F242 in 30 kts. Probably also depends on how new your jib is. Once you release the mainsheet/travel down the forestay will be a noodle so the draft moves aft a bunch. The reason it is easier to do on a monohull is the backstay keeps the forestay taut.
  7. MultiThom

    Dreamin' and window shopping

    The point, though, wasn't which was faster or the better racer; which is the better cruiser for ocean passages for an old guy. Basically liveaboard for 2 weeks with no sight of land. Which can be parked in a marina or moored without a kerfuffle.
  8. MultiThom

    Reefing a Multihull

    On some boats in that much wind, you can still make some headway toward the upwind mark by falling off to a reachy course, then reef. That worked in an F242 with jiffy reef system. F27 with roller boom reefing couldn't do that, though.
  9. MultiThom

    tiller pilot with attached battery

    I wonder when (or if) someone will update tillerpilot designs to this century (current raymarine goes back to the 1980s or before). A self contained tillerpilot (as I've rube goldberg'd together) with a bluetooth interface built in so you can steer from where ever you are with your phone. How hard would that be? I was going to mount the RF remote control on the tillerpilot as well so I could steer remotely...but the rf module isn't waterproof and is emphatic about mounting in a dry location---so no go fo moi.
  10. MultiThom

    New Corsair 880

    I think they had a lot of people on board (max design load) and not a whole lot of wind to work with. So I think it'll do something with a "2" in front in the right conditions in racing trim. But, as with all corsairs, not a pure race machine-family friendly fun.
  11. MultiThom

    Rigging Design Experts

    Basic triangles. Shroud length are one side, distance from forestay to shroud the second side, Length of forestay the third side. From that use an on line triangle calculator to figure angles and pose your what-if.
  12. Basically boat porn. If money was no object and you wanted a blue water cruiser to "get away from it all" for a couple years (and you are an old dude so can't deal with too much heavy lifting). Which would you choose, A Farrier catamaran (45') or a Seawind Catamaran 12xx? I know that there are lots of other choices, but try to limit your opinion to these two.
  13. MultiThom

    Looking for Sprint 750 MkII

    This one just came up on local craigslist---not a mkII though
  14. MultiThom

    Looking for Sprint 750 MkII
  15. MultiThom

    Self steering trimaran

    Upwind going to weather, not usually a problem with changing AWA with gusts or lulls. OFF the wind, is another issue. Just yesterday, I was on a reachy course with lots of gusts and lulls. Apparent wind changed 40 degrees in 10 seconds as the sail plan filled, the boat accelerated and then as the sailplan stalled, apparent wind changed again. The autohelm (electric) certainly was hunting trying to keep a steady compass course....dunno what an apparent wind device could have done. Similarly, off the wind in any kind of waves, the electric autohelm has difficulty keeping compass course-sliding down (surfing) a wave, yawing at the crest....