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  1. GPS Data Logger

    Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at it at AMazon and they seem to have two-something with 1000 and another with 818. Both in the same $100 price range. I like that they record NMEA. Is it easy to adjust the fix interval?
  2. GPS Data Logger

    OK, my Canon AS-100V went overboard last sail date. Never liked the video quality but did like the built in GPS. The GPS that was built in recorded a .txt file of NMEA sentences-which worked well with Dashware software to overlay the data onto my movies. I'm looking for a replacement GPS data logger. At first, all I thought I needed was a NMEA logger on my Android phone. In fact, it works OK but I have to stop it and save before the battery on my phone runs out--and I'm never sure how long the phone battery is going to last. I've had similar issues with Garmin GPS' over the years. When I'm sailing (single handed usually), I may not have time for electronics...I prefer, set and forget. It is amazing to me, shopping for a data logger just how many there are and the variety of purchase expense. All I need is speed and position (although heading is nice). Quick time to first fix is nice and a setting for how often to take a fix (my phone takes a fix every second...not needed that fast). I'd prefer NMEA .txt sentence format to a microsd or external USB to computer hook up. Those of you who don't overlay data on your movies probably don't have a clue what I'm talking about...those that do, please tell me what you use for your GPS data for overlay.
  3. I'm signed up for the Oakland Yacht Club Sunday Brunch series. Since the boat is new to me, I'd prefer to have a crewmember. The SeaRail is just barely long enough to be allowed to race and the race committee would prefer that I have a crew on board (apparently, some smallish multihull years back joined the races and ran into a bunch of folks causing damage but never made good). The Oakland estuary is narrow and boats tend to pile together at the marks. Multihulls mixed with monoslugs at the same marks can be chancy since if a gust hits a mono-he leans over; the same gust hits a multihull and he accelerates; and if he is in a line following a mono, he can easily have no place to bail without hitting someone (I know this, came close a few times). In any event, a hand would be appreciated. Races are every other Sunday starting on January 7. I will buy your brunch! No need to commit to every race-I'm a candy ass anymore so I won't race if it is raining.
  4. Corsair Pulse 600

    That's nearly how the SeaRail is set up. But instead of the cabintop winch, there is another 75 mm ratchet block on either side of the cockpit. So each sheet goes through 2 ratchet blocks. Then there is a camcleat in the cockpit just below that second block. The idea is to tension and cleat, then go steer instead of hold. Haven't had enough wind to find out if it is a good system yet, or not. I've noted in Phil's video's that he routed sheets inside the shrouds and sheeted initially about mid-beam aft...so far at least, I'm set up to sheet outside the shrouds and aft outboard. I'm not sure if that 2 feet will make much difference.
  5. Corsair Pulse 600

    I usually make a nylon windseeker for use in winds under 8. It is cheaper to make, lasts forever and you can really tell easily when it isn't useful any longer (stretches too far out of shape to allow heading into the wind). I make it high clew and about 12% camber placed 35 % forward. Basically a free flying nylon jib. You do have to put a line in the luff so you can tension it adequately. On the F242 I flew it on the bowsprit behind the spin tack and used the screacher halyard. It was nice having two sprit sails since a lot of races started with very light wind that built. That sail was also very useful in very big wind for going downwind--it wasn't big enough to cause a pitchpole.
  6. Corsair Pulse 600

    There is no doubt that winches are fine machines for applying tension. Weight and maintenance, though, are real downsides to them (plus you always are looking for the darn handle). Before making permanent changes to the boat, I think I would purchase a lot of line and try a 2+:1 at the clew or add one or two more ratchet blocks.
  7. Astus Upwind

    Yah, that's the book I recall. I dunno that I believe him (nearly 20 years now since I read it) with 8K miles racing under the keel. I'm more of a science and balance of forces guy than a magic sort of fellow. About the only thing I can think of with still rounding down with no jib is that one of your amas is pointing crooked. When it is in the water, it acts as a rudder, when it is above the water, boat acts normally (rounds up).
  8. Astus Upwind

    You sure about that? Helm imbalance (I've been taught) is caused by the difference in location between the sailplan COE and the underwater foils COE. If they are on top of one another, no helm imbalance. Move either one (by mast rake for sailplan, rudder rake for underwater foils) and your helm will change. I know that somewhere in the dim past some "rock star" wrote a book about "rudder feel" as a different thing than helm imbalance, but I dimly recall he was referring to helming technique. It is a puzzle that your boat rounds up on one tack and down on the other. Have you tried sailing without a jib? It'd be amazing if your boat still rounds down without a jib.
  9. SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    I am sure that it will get faster and easier. Many of the things that are taking too long relate to unfolding the boat next to the dock...one side is easy, the second side is harder because when your weight is on the unfolded side, the boat leans that way so you are pushing the ama down through the water instead of across the top. Also the dock itself is an impediment since lines, fenders and the dock hang up. A second person would be very helpful; but I did buy the boat for single handing. Of course, it doesn't help that I'm 68 and have been diabetic for 22 years; it is taking its toll.
  10. SeaRail 19 Owners Blog/Vlog

    Short sail today. Boat sails well. Not pleased with how long it takes to set up or take down; not pleased with tack angles. Very pleased with how fast it is in light wind.
  11. Astus Upwind

    Thanks for the tip, Doug. I typically don't have issues with the sync step (I tack and gybe often enough it is pretty easy to sync). What takes so long is I leave the camera on during the whole sail (couple hours usually). Then since the camera has the GPS built in, the Dashware processing takes 2.5 hours for every 30 minutes of video. Certainly I don't have to do anything except put the computer down and let it chug along (then do it again for each half hour segment-the camera stores data in half hour slices). I like the whole sail track being on the video since I use the track to see how well/poorly I'm pointing (the GPS track is a single file). I do like Dashware's ability to move the track overlay or use different gages and create custom gages. I suppose I could edit each 30 minutes first before processing instead of after; that might save some time.
  12. Astus Upwind

    Can you point us at one of your video's. The TomTom bandit sure looks simpler to use than how I'm doing it. Editing and overlay takes SOO much time.
  13. Astus Upwind

    Where I sail there is as much or more variability as where you sail (and my wind shifts/gusts typically vary 20 degrees or more from the usual direction). My first move is to drop the traveler, NOT release the main sheet. Wins races that way. But if you are just playing around...
  14. Astus Upwind

    S'OK, we've all been there, right? Half a bottle of bourbon and that down button is really easy to reach! I also got one of those "down" indicators; and all I pointed out was that most little tris without foils have the same speed potential and bigger payload without having to learn arcane sailing methods. I'll probably get another down for this one (sigh).
  15. Astus Upwind

    Since this particular question arose in my mind, as well--due to similar short soiling mishaps or 3 in my F242. I asked Phil about it related to the SeaRail (Phil is the only person I know who actually flipped his F242). It also has the hatches at the end of the floats like the Weta (and Astus) and he tells me that they can be used like the Weta to right the boat in case of a mishap. The SeaRail weighs more than the Astus (to my chagrin, I weighed mine and found it to be heavier than expected at 960 pounds (fully rigged, with motor and sails (435 kg))). SO, not that I ever expect to have to right it, it is designed to be recoverable without outside assistance. I suspect your Astus is likewise able to be self righted-use your traveler more and you'll never find out!