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  1. A Pretty Face

    Drip Drip Drip

    The planet Vulcan will be visited by Spock hundreds of years from now. The planet will not be blowing up until well after the Starship Enterprise spends many years touring the galaxy.
  2. A Pretty Face

    Just what *is* our (USA) foreign policy?

    Answering the thread title Countries with Trump developments get favorable treatment countries who loan money to Trump businesses get favorable treatment Countries with neither form of ownership of the POTUS are abused Countries whose leaders are ruthless dictators are praised
  3. A Pretty Face

    @a pretty face

    Is Happy Malarkey Jack’s Sock Puppet @Big-wave violating the SA outing policy by using what just might be a real photo of @Gouvernail as his avatar?? Couid this be the crime that finally rids this forum of the shill??
  4. A Pretty Face

    Drip Drip Drip

    Krypton blew up. Vulcan is still there and will be for a very long time
  5. A Pretty Face

    Know any Fact Checkers who adhere to this code?

    As a centrist, my problem with Snopes is they are so far right. I suppose right wing whackjobs find anybody who is not a right wing whackjob to be a libtard
  6. A Pretty Face

    Trump? 'No No he’s not. We’ll stop it,' - Agent Peter Strzok

    Hilarious !!!
  7. A Pretty Face

    @a pretty face

    Oh my!! It seems Happy Malarkey Jack Hillary Killery Man Again Too has figured out how to add another new account. Anything the shill can do to redirect attention away from all the illegal shenanigans and stupid behaviors of the current White House occupant and his cronies will be tried. The shill is on a mission to: Make America Go Away
  8. A Pretty Face

    Merkel Photo was more fake news. (from Merkel)

    FIFY you Addict
  9. A Pretty Face

    Immigration: How you Think It Works and Shouid

    While you A holes are at it, why not make people demonstrate a positive financial contribution before allowing membership. A preemie baby who runs up a $259,000 hospital bill before leaving wouid havevto osy 27.999999% interest until thAt debt is paid off. Schooling and food costs wouid be added get arrested?? Pay the cops salaries and overhead for the cop cars and supervision of course, playing football at an enormous state university might pay millions back into a kid’s account it might be a good plan to leave the country until you get a job
  10. A Pretty Face

    Are the bots damaging this forum?

    Well said.... if I do say so myself
  11. A Pretty Face

    That Crosses The Line

    @Happy Jack aka @Hillary posted this OP. My response, if God does tell Oprah to run, I assume Oprah will only be willing to run for God if God will have agreed to tell the rest of us he wants her to run. Oprah is wise enough to know, an undocumented claim she has been directed by God will cause sensible people to think her to be a nut job.
  12. A Pretty Face

    That Crosses The Line

    If I found out a POTUS candidate had posted in this thread with a sock puppet I wouid not support his / her candidacy
  13. A Pretty Face

    Siri; "They all look alike to me"

    I am flattered!! Only 60!!!