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  1. Are the bots damaging this forum?

    Well said.... if I do say so myself
  2. That Crosses The Line

    @Happy Jack aka @Hillary posted this OP. My response, if God does tell Oprah to run, I assume Oprah will only be willing to run for God if God will have agreed to tell the rest of us he wants her to run. Oprah is wise enough to know, an undocumented claim she has been directed by God will cause sensible people to think her to be a nut job.
  3. That Crosses The Line

    If I found out a POTUS candidate had posted in this thread with a sock puppet I wouid not support his / her candidacy
  4. Siri; "They all look alike to me"

    I am flattered!! Only 60!!!
  5. Siri; "They all look alike to me"

    This does not seem like a problem that is of concern to me.
  6. Why only right footed socks?

    Right wing?? You fool!! I am so angelic I have two wings!!! Admit it, if your girlfriend looked like me you would have no time for posting here. Now, back to my mirror. I can't stop looking at me either.
  7. the EXACT Law He Broke ... this time.

    Oh!! I simply love Yoo-hoo!! I am just a face. No balls or guts. You can judge whether I lie well: But this is such a dignified and intelligent conversation I didn't think I could contribute.
  8. Et tu Kellyanne?

    Well!! I am above it. I do not have a passport with a different photo or name!!! KellieAnn is one hell of a question deflector. She can listen to a question, pick out a word or phrase and go off entirely on that as though it were the subject of the question. It took the media interviewers months to become wise to Kellie's tactics and by then she had worn the Wooden Soldier costume at the inauguration
  9. The ACLU Issues a Travel Warning For Texas!!

    Those Texans are so silly
  10. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    According to the nut job in PA who was attacking the Gouv, I am Gouvernail's sock-puppet. Gouv may be gone for good. He had an anonymous group of stalkers attacking not just his on line imaginary character but going after his real life business. If somebody started trying to mess up my transport business I would be out of here in a New York Second. Gouv was always posting as a very well known member of the sailing community and he certainly brought on his share of flaming posts from his own penchant for spouting his opinions but, when the attacks became personal and came from people he was unable to identify, he made the sensible decision to get the fuck outta here. Note: Gouvernail never has not and never will write any of my posts.
  11. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    Gouv!!! Reality check time! It is just a game for most of us. We are glad you and others host regattas and we come play with you when we feel like it but we have lives outside sailing. Boat manufacturing is a business. Association management is nothing more than a job to our employees like Faust and Campbell. You want us to share your passion and I suppose many of us understand how much better sailboat racing could be if we did. We won't We can't If I see a fleet and think it looks like I could have some fun, I might join in. I don't care if the boats are built by union workers in the USA or slave child labor in China. All I care is whether I can have some fun. You obviously care. I don't and even that great piece you wrote does nothing to change the fact I don't. Now I have to go back to work and you should too. Really. You can fix some boats. That, unlike your rants here, will make a difference for somebody.
  12. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    The Gouv used to show up everywhere Laser races happened. He hasn't made a national or international regatta in years and rumor has it he isn't even sailing in the Austin Wednesday night races he started and fostered for so many years. He has been mostly absent since 2002 . I count myself as one of the thousands who NEVER would have enjoyed a single sailboat race without his encouragement. We rode our one speed bikes thirty miles round trip almost daily for an entire semester and even hitchhiked to Kent State while he was putting together our school's first ever sailing team. Lord knows, I wouldn't be at a truck stop with a 48 foot sailboat on my LoBoy typing notes to Sailing Forums if he hadn't found me a summer job at Harry's dinghy factory. Figuring or explaining how and why it was decided he is a dirtbag with no use to sailing is beyond my pay scale but I agree with him that the class organization quit promoting the game the day he was thrown out with the class trash. Gouv's signature says it clearly. 3000 members. He has made it clear he is too burned out to do it all again but I share his frustration about nobody even trying to replace him. I think Gouv would finally shut up only when he realizes no one else is capable of replacing him. Of course that would require he first realize he is a very special guy who has more talent and knowledge than the sum of the rest of those who now run the ILCA and he simply isn't that kind of guy. He has said it over and over and over. "The class is supposed to be a tool to enhance the game. Currently the class spends all its money running the class." Read a newsletter or look at the financial statements. You may be sick of his constant ranting but STFU doesn't seem to be an appropriate response when the guy cares and is right.
  13. big fan of your work on the j24 hauling thread,


  14. has not set her status