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  1. I have no words. Edit to add: Scratch it. Snopes says the report is false. Looks like rw media likes stirring the pot.
  2. Yeah, I know, from the picture it's obvious you'd rather suck dicks. Bye
  3. Hillary Clinton is emotionally unstablehttp://www.redstate.com/streiff/2015/10/16/hillary-clinton-emotionally-unstable/ I didn't doubt for a second you wouldn't find a site that tries to equate Donald Trump's lack of temperament with H. Clinton. The problem is that the people see the difference. Trump can't control himself, he is so controlling he doesn't even have a press spokesman to handle the traffic, it will get more difficult for him as time goes by and as long as he insists on being his own megaphone all the mistakes and errors belong to him.
  4. True, he just called out David Cameron, the British Prime Minister and said he wouldn't have a good relationship with him. He also said the comments about him from Sadiq Khan, the newly elected Lord Mayor of London, was nasty and offensive. Hardly the way to start a diplomatic relationship with our closest ally. I think there may be enough on the plate to insist that Donald Trump voluntarily submit to a psych evaluation to make sure he has the right temperament to lead America.
  5. This isn't meant to be funny, trollish, or lackadaisical, is there the tiniest suspicion that Trump should have a psych evaluation before he is nominated? What happened is odd, is not something that normal people would be caught doing and in my mind at least is a curiosity worthy of more investigation. Does anyone agree with me?
  6. Socks? Yes but not presidential aspirants.
  7. I think a lot of people are going to see this as sad and pathetic. Who pretends to be other people in order to hand himself compliments?
  8. Hey Jeffie, I really laugh when deadshits like you and Boothy call us Pusstralians. Because you guys are biggest bunch of scared little puritans on the planet. Scared of the human body, you have to pixilate nipples during mammogram items on the news. Scared of each other so you have to own a gun. Scared of your own government so you have a constitutional amendment so you can arm yourself against it. I get it, you nation was built on fucking each other over. Just like us, you have fucked over your indigenous community, Then you brought in slaves to fuck over and do all the hard work. Your national psyche is based on a fear of God and each other. The concept of having free healthcare, minimum wages and affordable education is so foreign to you that you label any sort of social cohesion as evil. Honestly the rest of the Western world shakes it's heads in the same way that a lot of you are shaking your head at Drumpf. We know we haven't got it right but we are so far ahead of you clowns because we don't fear each other. Now your latest fear, since Muslims aren't scary enough anymore is transgender people. First point Jeffie, you can't even be polite and recognise the different between transsexual and transvestite, one is a gender identity and the other a sexual identity. If you can grow up and recognise that it is longer polite or appropriate to call African Americans Brown or negroes? Then you should treat people of trans gender with similar respect. This whole issue of birth gender designated toilets is just laughable. I don't know what you do in toilets Jeffie, but I don't go there to rest. I go to the toilet to micturate and to defecate which is a natural bi-product of digestion. And now you worried that you daughter might see a cock in the showers or some guy might see you daughter naked, most of Europe just laughs at your arcane, sad embarrassed thought process. Your language and arguements are so fearful and antiquated I just pity your poor children. Your comment is brilliant and pretty much spot on. America's attachment to fundamentalism is like sticking a rake in the spokes of a well tuned bicycle at high speed, It ruins more things than it fixes.
  9. When it comes to law you are as baffled as Adam on Mother's Day. Why don't you spend a few minutes educating yourself, or better yet, find someone to read it to you.
  10. Discrimination is discrimination, there are no barriers to it unless the law protects those special classes. It doesn't surprise me that you don't get it, you seem to struggle with equality and the concept of protected classes.
  11. Nice post PB, though I'm sure Obama consulted with the Department of Justice and secured an opinion before he even went there. The strategy is clear and this is just the next phase of the LGBT war where everyone affected is protected from discrimination. I think what we are seeing is a pushback from the religious right since the loss of same-sex marriage and Obama is making it clear that we aren't going to go there.
  12. Is it that high a percentage?Why discuss deficit spending, foreign policy and world affairs, platforms and positions when you can distract with transgender identification issues? I would have thought a majority know how this all works. Strike that, it seems so few do. Sad, isn't it? People who fancy themselves as being intelligent, even intellectually better than the average and all they can muster is disdain for those who don't see transgender rights as paramount. Probably the same argument when blacks made up just 14% of the population in 1860.
  13. Funny how he flat out states that stuff like this is old hat and shouldn't be brought up yet he keeps hammering Clinton about old stuff.