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  1. Absolutely, it's basic human psychology and the letter is part of an identity. Same with Republicans, they'll cast votes for Donald knowing that he'll play more golf than Obama ever did.
  2. Must be tough to get to age 73 without a shred of proof and no one will listen to you...except for clowns like Grumpy
  3. Yet according to Happy Jack, Project Veritas and James O'keefe are the investigatory gold standard of the Republican party.
  4. What happened to Obama's Kum ba yah world?

    Its fine to pick on a half black American? It is fine to pick on his policies & actions, even if he is "Halfrican - American" Seems like it was good fun to pick on "W", for eight years, & he wasn't even black, or even half black, nothing for him to hide behind. But you said "Actually, everything is fine. BO is being picked on because he is black, well, half black, anyway" That's a racist statement those are your words verbatim.
  5. He thought that book "Criminal Investigation for Asshats" was real and memorized every word, and I can't help but visualizing him on the phone "Allo this is Wictor"
  6. What do you bet the Dept of Education cabinet secretary ends up a pedo? Good vetting process Donnie.
  7. What happened to Obama's Kum ba yah world?

    Its fine to pick on a half black American?
  8. IIRC, one was a general, but he was cut for his stupidity, or incompetence or something.
  9. I have been clear about my support from the beginning. I support Bernie Sanders and I will 100% support the Democratic nominee. Also here's a hint Donnie hasn't clinched his nomination either, the powers that be may just deny that to him and I'll love your exasperation should that happen.
  10. What happened to Obama's Kum ba yah world?

    Imagine if they had just paid attention to the Presidential Daily Briefing on August 5, 2011 too.
  11. Hillary Clinton is a lying sack of shit who destroys evidence and then claims there is no proof. The entire administration backed her up with the lie about a video protest. The entire administration is full of lying sacks of shit who destroy or hide evidence and spread lies to the people. Your girlie just lost another primary and tied another against an old white guy. There are plenty of people who recognize her as a self serving lying sack of shit. The Republican led House Intelligence Committee vindicated her. Why can't you accept the fact that the matter has been investigated ad nauseum with no different outcome? My girlie(which she most certainly is not) holds a 3 million vote surplus over Bernie Sanders and has a 54% to 46% delegate lead. The math settles it and there is no way for anyone but Hillary Clinton to gain the nomination. And just so you know, there is no American administration in the history of American politics that lied more than the Bush administration in their eight years in government. I am outraged that it didn't even get a peep from you. I didn't bitch when Bill Clinton said the Iraqis had WMD either or used up our stock of old cruise missiles. Of course Clinton also nominated the Director of the CIA who told Bush it was a Slam Dunk. And, the idiot bush kept on as Secretary of Transportation(the guy that's supposed to keep the airways safe) was also a Clinton Nominee. Too bad, you should have bitched. Now you just look silly.
  12. What happened to Obama's Kum ba yah world?

    It's now the Trump "I'm going to cum on you world"
  13. The next round of hearings is going to get all up in that stuff like a chicken on a june bug before you can say "blast off". It wouldn't matter, lies will be ignored, the liars extolled and the people exposing the lies will be ridiculed. It must suck to be so powerless you can't get a conviction after 50 hearings, 8 independant investigations, thousands and thousands of pages of testimony and way more than $20 million spent to get at the truth. Really, it must suck to expect your elected officials to find the truth with all that at their disposal. Come to think of it didn't the same thing happen during the Clinton administration? They had to spend $70 million for that one. Maybe you're just picking the wrong battles.
  14. It appears that the Koch bothers are ready to kick in millions to his campaign but will not confirm that in advance of the Libertarian convention. http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/19/exclusive-david-koch-pledges-millions-to-gary-johnsons-presidential-bid/
  15. Women sense saying "is it in yet?" and that terrifies them more.