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  1. S2 7.9 just over your size but retractable keel & swing up rudder. Lots of them around
  2. barefoot children


    BTW she's singlehanded transpac winner for $12 grand
  3. barefoot children


    Look at the Black Too in the classifieds, has been raced offshore lots
  4. barefoot children

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Well, I kinda like "unleaded"
  5. I'm aware of there results in CRW, i was looking more at dimensions: No idea of price for Xtreme ?? GP26 Xtreme 26 Disp # 2315 2425 L 26.0 25.8 Beam 8.36 8.2 IG 30.8 31.66 ISP 37.2 36.74 J 9.6 9.84 E 13.6 11.81 DRAFT 6.32 6.56
  6. I see an Extreme 26 from Netherlands has now shown up in Charleston, how dows this compare to the Donnovan ?? looks VERY similar
  7. barefoot children

    Saildrive care and feeding...

    Sand blasting seems to be the only to dig all the corroded Al out, just had my lower unit blasted 7 epoxy primed after i had re-surfaced it multiple times with very limited success. Mine is a Saildrive 280, a converted Honda 9.9, a very nice unit but terrible corrosion issues in very warm salt water.
  8. barefoot children

    I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Second that, July & August get too hot & humid to sail mid day, then we have Wed evening races, Charleston race week is the biggest regatta in the country in April. 4.5 people per day moving to the Charleston tricounty area, Boeing has large facility here building the Dreamliner and Volvo is building a new auto assembly factory here, MB expanding facility for Transit vans, lots of new working opportunity.
  9. barefoot children

    Recoring foam core cockpit benches, what type of core?

    I used the pink 3/4" Formular (sp?) for many non-stressed interior panels and after 10 years have seen no problems. Top of motor box is 1/4 ply over 2 plys of E glass counter top is formica again over 2 plus of glass head enclosure forward on port Used Coosa for Extension provides top step entering cabin but has floor in head. Ver berth top also has thin ply skin over 2 glass plys. corbels for support
  10. barefoot children

    Volvo MD2030 throttle lever replacement, with Spinlock?

    Here is spinlock shift/throttle control which uses winch handle socket and a stubby plastic handle, looks great and i'd bet can be adapted to your cables Push in to just have throttle control, out for shift & throttle
  11. barefoot children

    25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    The AZZURA 310 fits everything but the 6' draft, you'll need to accept 7.3', has Honda sail drive and articulating sprit with 3700# dis. All Carbon hull w/ semi-enclosed marine head Barefoot Children
  12. barefoot children

    Seascape 27

    I gotta say... the decals and sponsors logos DO NOT add to the beauty of the hull. Not attractive, not at all. However, it doesn't get any better looking without those decals. One ugly set of topsides
  13. barefoot children

    Seascape 27

  14. barefoot children

    Seascape 27

    In all fairness, I have to admire lots of the detail that is incorporated after watching Cleans video. Saw the boat at the dock at CRW and thought the foredeck mounted solar panel looked very slick. I presume it's capable of foot traffic. However, the overall shape with the slab topsides doesn't conjure "yacht" in my mind. I know chines are all the rage lately, but I'm not buying in.
  15. barefoot children

    Seascape 27

    This has got to be the most butt ugly boat I've ever seen. You've got to have ton of self confidence to be considering this ride. Photos from charleston race week just over.