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  1. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    The AZZURA 310 fits everything but the 6' draft, you'll need to accept 7.3', has Honda sail drive and articulating sprit with 3700# dis. All Carbon hull w/ semi-enclosed marine head Barefoot Children
  2. Adding fractional halyard to carbon fiber mast

    Is it your intention to eliminate the masthead kite attachment ? If not, adding an exit sheave above the hounds will keep the masthead option open, Here's Mumm 30 sheave outlets just above forestay terminal:
  3. Wylie 25 interior redo

    If you're not removing anything structural and just adding more furniture, 3/4 Foam you can get at big box stores with a couple plays of glass on either side work well I did the entire interior of a carbon hull boat with this stuff, still going strong after 6 years.
  4. Flag ID Anarchy

    Flags, you ant flags:
  5. Floating Jib Leads?????????????

    31' sporty, used harken small boat traveller with 4:1 tackle to control up/down first had inhaul only, now added outhaul also.
  6. Seascape 27

    I gotta say... the decals and sponsors logos DO NOT add to the beauty of the hull. Not attractive, not at all. However, it doesn't get any better looking without those decals. One ugly set of topsides
  7. Seascape 27

  8. Seascape 27

    In all fairness, I have to admire lots of the detail that is incorporated after watching Cleans video. Saw the boat at the dock at CRW and thought the foredeck mounted solar panel looked very slick. I presume it's capable of foot traffic. However, the overall shape with the slab topsides doesn't conjure "yacht" in my mind. I know chines are all the rage lately, but I'm not buying in.
  9. Seascape 27

    This has got to be the most butt ugly boat I've ever seen. You've got to have ton of self confidence to be considering this ride. Photos from charleston race week just over. http://www.photoboatgallery.net/p189702596
  10. Henderson 30?

    Not a 30, but the SR33
  11. Henderson 30?

    anyone considering Charleston race week April 18-21 ? great fun !
  12. Restoration Ron Holland IOR racer Flirt of Paget (2)

    I was impressed with your weight savings. My entire engine box weighs 2.25 Kg
  13. Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Reminds me of a certan Soveral 26 that was too light to qualify. Crew showd up therafter wearing 800 Lb Tee shirts
  14. There is now a Canadian outfit selling the Saildrive 330. Do a search. Initially used Yamaha adapted 15 HP motor, but now use a Chinese i think called Parasun. Arne said it was difficult to get parts, so he quit. Perhaps the Canadian outfit has better results.

  15. BC,

    Saw your posts regarding the honda saildrive 280. I've tried finding more info about it--Arne's website is no longer up and running. I'm looking for options to replace my 15 hp OMC saildrive--Yanmar and Beta won't fit--even the 10hp models, which tend to be about as big as their 15hp counterparts. Saildrives options seem scarce here in the US! thanks for any i...