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  1. Great, another great place ruined. Yes, the anchorage is crazy on the 4th, and some bad things happen. But, end of August, it is a great place to be, no crowds, and with proper gear you can anchor there safely. The nature conservancy calls it one of 12 last great places, well great if you have the cash..... I predict they'll go to all moorings, and the town council will give their buddies on the waiting list access to the mooring they so desperately want. Now instead of having half unfilled private moorings, it will be 70% unfilled moorings. Progress I guess
  2. Adirondacker

    Out of Control Laser

    When your flying downwind and the boat mostly flat, as you heal to weather or leeward your helm push is going from one side to the other, when your dead flat it can feel like the rudder is dead, but introduce a little healing and sensitivity comes back like right now, heal too much like you did, and there is no way out. Keep the CB under the mast is your best tip in the heavy air down wind. A few loud screams help to
  3. Adirondacker

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Performance benefit is little granted, but the maint benefit is great, I spent too many springs grinding the keel of my paceship 26, and of a certain mariner 19 keel in a vain attempt to stop the rust. Even a yard sandblast and paint treatment was not very long lasting. I like to do a wax job on the boat, then do a little varnish and call it a year. I love the look of a varnished wood boat......but man it is hard to justify the time when there are so many other things to do.
  4. Adirondacker

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    space_sailer_20_-_information_brochure_wm-rotated.pdf It is a Space Sailer............yeah, I know, the name is weird. It is Australian design, but this was made in Montana by a short lived company. Big benefit is it is lead instead of iron ballast compared to Australian design.
  5. Adirondacker

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    This is not a micro, but it is what I got, and we did 12 days on her this summer to Block Island. She's barely a 4 knot-er, but she is 20 feet fun to sail, economical to motor (22 miles on 1.5 gallons at 5.2 knots) inexpensive trailer-able, with simple single axle lead ballast, and no hull or deck core to leak and get soggy Easy to put in and out of the water Fixed fin keel for decent performance, but still only 3.5 feet deep to anchor on the edges. and fun to sail.