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  1. I once had to cleanup a puke pancake while deckhand on a charter boat. Guy puked right on the hot diesel stovetop. Worst thing I ever smelled.
  2. Blitz

    The Zombie Fleet

    You probably don't want to know.
  3. Blitz


    Nuke it.
  4. Blitz

    Minor hull damage?

    It's bleeding rust, gotta be some sort of metal in there.
  5. Blitz

    Minor hull damage?

    Either that or a cowpie.
  6. Blitz

    Harken Unit 1 roll pin connectors

    Make it the yards problem they fucked up.
  7. Gilligan always screwed up his attempts. I'm guessing he liked being marooned with two hotties.
  8. Blitz

    Interesting New Lifesaving Device

    What happens in 40 kt winds? At 17 lbs it will be a kite I'm guessing. It does pretty good in the conditions shown.
  9. Blitz

    Keel Bolt Questions

    I believe frp compressive strength varies from 15,000 to 25,000 psi. 1 in and bigger bolts develop huge clamping forces.
  10. Blitz

    Mastervoyage hardware Reviews

    Garhauer is good stuff, heavy though.
  11. Blitz

    ds 22 swing keel stuck

    Not familiar with a ds 22 but if the keel is faired cast iron it could be swelled from rust and stuck in the trunk.
  12. Blitz

    New steering cables? Wire or fiber?

    If all parts were new, quadrant etc. I would consider changing. After many years with wire stick to it.
  13. Blitz

    from FP---rescue from sailboat in the Med

    Solid point. Skipper should have tended to his boat though.
  14. Blitz

    from FP---rescue from sailboat in the Med

    They ran out of wine.