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  1. Longitudinal Rudder movement

    Remember a hair is about 0.005" and engine bearing tolerances are 0.0005- 0.0015 your talking about a rudder bearing here. Keep things in perspective.
  2. Probably more like when electricity was invented.
  3. Anybody repower with a Torqueedo Pod here

    Or get into an emergency.
  4. Sailing nicey nice is down the hall. You might fit in better there.
  5. Reviving an outboard

    Probably to busy rebuilding the thing first.
  6. Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    To the OP why chose hydrogen instead of methanol? Seems the fuel availabity is a problem. Not thats its a bad idea but right now getting fuel is a problem.
  7. Hydrogen fuel cell generator

    Well shit I never heard of Atomic Hydrogen Welding till I goggled hydrogen in welding. My first thought was WTF hydrogen explodes! Still dont understand how they use it as a sheild gas.
  8. That and the sailors on the boats voted for no protection when they gave input on the design.
  9. If he put a hat on you wouldn't.
  10. Reviving an outboard

    New gas new oil and see what happens. No need to fix stuff that isn't broke.
  11. Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    See post 7, there is some sort of steel frame in the laminate of the hull.
  12. Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    Sailboat data says lead ballast but they arent always accurate.
  13. Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    Not familiar with the boat but someone here should be. My guess is the frame is corroding and swelling inside the laminate and that outside skin couldnt take it anymore. Not sure its an easy fix.
  14. Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    Some sort off steel frame glassed in that the keel bolts to? What boat?
  15. Keel joint cracks - epoxy?

    Keel joint cracks are typically between the stub and the keel. I think you have something else going on. If that was a faired in flange the crack would be parallel to the keel.