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  1. mihnea

    Greta Rides Again?

    Knowing La Vagabonde, they'll be filming everything, so for sure they'll be lots of videos coming out about this crossing. As for 'green industries are behind this making money' BS, even if it's true, better green ones than subsidizing coal and tar sands - at least we'll get to keep our houses and breathe fresh air
  2. mihnea

    Pay to play - amateur racing

    seems to me that the is a wide breath of opinions and options, and it looks like it boils down to the cultural concept of 'ownership', the cost/type of boat and the type of sailing involved. Everyone from the US is expressing a highly developed sense of ownership and liability, with the opposite in Norway, and Canada someplace in between. Seems to be along the lines of availability of public services and healthcare (sign waivers, etc), and the structure of super-expensive YCs that are more common in the US than elsewhere. The cheaper the YC, the more 'regular' folk can join, the more 'equal' the people who own vs crew are, while the more expensive a YC is, the larger the gap in wealth there is between the boat owner and crew. I've seen $5K boats being sailed very cooperatively where it's owned by one person, but everyone works and pools money together to fix/repair it for their common enjoyment, and $500K boats where crew only crews and the (rich) owner makes sure it's all maintained - it all depends, I guess.
  3. mihnea

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    arrival and press conference if anyone's interested: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1yNGaprMplXKj
  4. mihnea


    a repost?
  5. it's 2018 - why can't ppl filming off boats get a fkn $150 gimbal for their phones?!? all these shakey vids make me
  6. mihnea

    New imoca boats

    There's HB, all right.
  7. Regattas are a skewed view of the 'health' of the sport, as the same people may be going to a bunch of them, and those j70's numbers just mean that there are that many j70 owners racing - in the country. Here in Toronto, it's a slow-moving death. No young people are entering the sport at the crew level, and the owners are just getting older by the day. There are very few new boats entering clubs and races, to the point where it's been 5 years since I saw a new one on the line - and that was a 2nd hand First30. Yet old decent boats are also hard to come by, as they're either run into the ground by their existing owners before they sell them since the market is so small and they know the resale value isn't high, or have been sitting so long that they're just ready for the junkyard. It's almost the inverse of what you'd expect - instead of a huge availability of cheap, good boats, we get a low availability of shitty, rundown ones. This also has a knock-on effect to the club level, where because of low demand, they need to up their prices to stay afloat, making entry even that much more expensive! And motorboats are taking whatever is room is available, too. There are a couple of yacht clubs that do ok, but those are elite. The 'middle' market is slowing disappearing. The dinghy market is doing ok, though. People can't afford to buy and maintain yachts and are getting dinghies instead. Hopefully that'll keep the sport going.
  8. people make less money relative to before (middle class) everything is more expensive (cars, houses) there are more ongoing high-cost 'necessities' (smart phone, laptop, 4K TV, cable, internet, netflix, gym membership, kids' school, kids' afterschool programs) basically the middle class is changing and/or being squeezed out of money faster than it can make it, and the aspirational 'lifestyle' that is being actively marketed to it revolves around having gadgets, sending kids to expensive schools and being fit and healthy at a gym. there are no sailing ads on TV, or at least none that position it as an everyday thing to do, like running. a middle-class salary covered a lot more in the past than it does now. housing is 10x more expensive where I live (Toronto) than 30 years ago, while salaries have maybe doubled. even 5 years ago I would've afforded a boat and a house for the salary I make now, whereas now I can barely afford a tiny condo - no boat in my future. the way I see it, sailing made sense as a leisure activity when you had less lifestyle ads telling people what to buy, less technology to play with, and money and time to spend on stuff. now, it's back to being a luxury that even the few who actively seek it out have a hard time joining in (love sailing, but hate have having to crew on other peoples boats - I'm there for fun, not to be yelled at for some slower-than-utopic gybe on a 30 year-old boat sailed by 50-60 year olds in a 5 boat PHRF div 2 race in 10 ktn of wind). my 2c.
  9. mihnea

    RS700 Newbie Video

    oh, that sucks. hope you'll get it sorted out soon! as far as capsizing, I can't say I'm a king, since I'm still a complete chicken after having a single-handling skiff for 3 seasons now. I still don't venture out in more than 12kt winds, and probable spend way too much time in the boat
  10. mihnea

    rs aero

    I know Fogh Marine has been waiting on a container for a bit. I'm not sure how things work, but there are often delays at customs or ports. Our first container of Aeros we had to wait almost 10 full weeks in transit... took forever..... Now it's much fast, our next container of Aeros arrives next week after about 5 weeks shipping time. -- I also bought, uh, a lot of the production from the early part of the year, so, maybe blame me Glad our Canadian friends are getting on board. Hopefully some of you come to the gorge for North Americans. Going to be rad, sailors coming in from all over the country. Fogh Marine had a RS demo day this sunday and they had their RS Aero there (supposedly there's only 2 in Canada so far). Unfortunately traffic busted my plans (45min to drive 10mi/16km one way - mmm, no), so yet again I missed the opportunity to get on one. Spoke with them about getting one and the wait time is about 8 months right now. If you want one for next year, put your money down NOW! Yes, they're still waiting for the 1st container to get here with about 10 (already spoken for, of course) in 1-2 weeks time. Maybe we'll get see some OD racing in Toronto harbour this summer - it'd be fun!
  11. mihnea

    rs aero

    was just about to ask the same question - anyone local got theirs yet? Am very interested in getting one, myself.
  12. mihnea

    rs aero

    would love to see one in SoCal in the 'flesh' - any chance to do so?
  13. mihnea

    rs aero

    I had a quick chat today with someone about the rig size, and at 160lb wet I think I'd got for the 9 given the lack of +15 kts winds around here. Here's why: When I windsurf I'm on a 8.8m sail 60-70% of the time, in up to 12 kn. My next smaller sail is a 6.9m, which I use 20-30% of the time in 12-18 kn. And the 5.5m I use 10% (once/twice per season) in over 16 kn. I usually end up sailing with the 8.8m sail from the sailing club where the dinghy is. Heavier people need to carry more sail in the same conditions - I know a 220lb guy that sails a 9.5m when I'm on my 6.9m, for example. The difference between us is about the same as my windsurf and the RS. In my simplistic math I think I'd be ok with the 9m RS in Toronto. It should be fine up to about 16-18 kts, same as where I would have to switch to the 5m windsurf sail. More than 15 kn wind speed is rare in Toronto: http://en.windfinder.com/forecast/toronto_island. I think that even with a 9 RS, planning will only be around 10 kts downwind and maybe 12-13 upwind, or about 2 knots higher than on the windsurf.
  14. mihnea

    rs aero

    How come the intro price is $1125 USD more in Canada than US?! Aren't they all made in the GB and shipped over? In Canada it comes out to about $8065 USD ($8795 CAD) vs $6940 in US. That's 16% more at these prices - a big difference. I guess having the Queen on our money doesn't mean much.
  15. mihnea

    rs aero