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  1. I did the Bermuda Race back in 98. A rum and coke at the yacht club bar was $6.50!!! The cost of living there is horrendous, and the flights are pretty crazy too so I can't imagine the freight was a bargain either. Very odd decision to host a Moth worlds there...
  2. Thanks m_kiel, much obliged. I don't see Goobs on the entry list.... late entry? I would imagine Slingsby and Chew will be making their presence felt at the pointy end of the fleet too.
  3. Anyone know what's going on with the Bermuda worlds? Almost zero information on the website. No press releases, news, list of entries etc....
  4. Abbo

    what is it?

    was thinking the exact same thing!
  5. nice wildboats. JC, your delusions are as strong as ever I see. I thought you were seeking help? FWIW they did keep the old bow and stern. There are hanging from the walls of the HIYC.
  6. Have been enjoying Abbos silence since WO was rolled. Rolled? They retired.
  7. You may have changed your name thread police but you are still a wanker!
  8. Beginning to wonder if commentating the AC wasn't the only reason KR wasn't onboard....
  9. My my, someone needs to get laid. Either that or a short sharp uppercut. Those numbers came straight from the yellow brick tracker, so if they are wrong, the tracker is wrong, not me. Why don't you enlighten us with your genius if you dispute them. Or are you just a WANKER?
  10. Oh JS, please stop, my sides are splitting. You appear to know even less about comedy than yachting. Sad state of affairs there son.
  11. Finished. Well done team Comanche. Well done Casey Smith, QUEENSLANDER!!! About 5 days, 14 hours and 26 minutes. 15 minutes shy of 24 hours off the record.
  12. If they can tack through those angles and maintain those speeds then they have jumped ship onto a foiling wing-sailed multihull.
  13. Support and ultimate routing decisions are chalk and cheese....Commanders don't do high res race boat specific and Scanas should start a family and move to Tennessee. More bullshit. I garentee that’s exactly what Commanders are giving Comanche. Anything less would be of zero use to Stan and a total waste of time. Get ya hand off it JS and lay off the wanker pills.