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  1. More like beating a greasy spot where the body of the horse used to be.
  2. I can tell when someone starts something. Whether it's the first catty remark (possibly in jest) or escalating the playful banter to something else entirely. I can tell. It been pretty fucking clear from the start that Brent has been following Bob around. Bob decided to respond. That's *his* call. He's not at fault for that -- not one bit. But when Brent didn't get what he wanted, he escalated early and often. I was pretty clear that's what was happening.
  3. We are just turning in at Shilshole. We hope to catch an early tide tomorrow.
  4. One of my favorite Supertramp songs is "Take the Long Way Home." It suited me when I was motorcycle adventuring and it just may suit me now.
  5. Thank you, my friend, for the hospitality and the pics.
  6. It's 1180 nm from Port Townsend to Port Angeles, Washington as long as you go via, Hunter Bay, Blind Bay, Deer Harbor, Jones Island, Sucia Island, Port Browning, Ganges Harbor, North Cove, Herring Bay, Dodd Narrows, Naniano, across Queen Charlotte Strait, Bedwell Harbor, Melanie Cove, Grace Harbor, Owen Bay, Otter Bay, Johnstone Strait, Pt. Neville, Port McNeil, Namu, Shearwater, the Price Island reefs in some real weather, Aristizabal Island and the Beaver Family, Winter Harbor on Northwest Van Isle, and a long straight shot (55 hours and 256 NM) into the Straits of Juan de Fuca) at midnight and zero fog visibility that did not let up until Port Angeles. Bringing on extra crew doesn't necessarily make things easier. Our Hydrovane is a game changer. It rocked, especially when combined with our $400.00 tiller pilot. The Rainman portable water maker is well worth having, even if the only storage spot I have for it causes a serious list to port. The remoteness of the various bays and harbors we visited cannot be overstated. Namu was rocky, remote and in a radio hole. We could not hear weather forecasts. Our ground tackle performed superbly, in a wide variety of conditions. The combination of a 46lb Untra backed up by as much as 175' of 3/8 BBB chain was highly effective. We slept well. We trust this combination for Brigadoon. Anchor buoys rock. We always know exactly where our anchor is. We call ours "Wilson". Our IridiumGo Predict Wind combination made for effective weather decisions. We were 10 our of 10 on our decisions. We never sailed into a known storm and we planned ahead for things like waiting out a gale for a day or so. It all worked. Brigadoon is stout and strong. We can trust her. Brigadoon does not like sailing DDW in two meter, slightly confused seas. It's very unpleasant if she starts to roll and the sails aren't adjusted right. Once they are adjusted, it's just unpleasant. It can't be made much better. Slightly off the wind is better. Brigadoon loves, loves 120 deg and 15-20. We saw speeds in the sevens. We are stronger than we thought and can do more than we expected. The sea, at 0100 hours, a half hour after moonset is a sooty black, seething, foam breathing beast that kept me company on one of my first offshore watches. The stars...the sky is full of stars. Warm food would have been smarter but not so safe in the rollers we experienced. 1180 nautical miles, offshore, in intl waters at times, 55 hours straight, sailing in 20-25 kts in two meter swell -- all things that taught us much. Now we sit for a week or so and figure out the next steps in The Freedom Project.
  7. If I give it a try, I'll be glad to share the results, even if they aren't optimum. I learn from my mistakes too.
  8. Watch the Sailrite video on Youtube. Seriously, this is not a hard project. I have plans to turn our convert our current sail cover into a stack pack. If you can find a cover that is slightly large, it doesn't look like it's hard to do.
  9. I don't know if I shared this. It was taken my Kim Bottles on the Francis Lee.
  10. Not having *anything* on top of your mast is practically an invitation. I watched this eagle try to land on my mast and chose not to, then practically own this one for a couple days.
  11. Sneer at protective gear all you want. Concussions are serious business. There's nothing wrong with surviving our various pursuits and the varied dangers that come along with them.
  12. During the last 10 weeks, as we have worked our way from Port Townsend, WA. to Prince Rupert, B.C. we have encountered numerous boats without AIS. This includes large yachts, tugs pulling huge log booms, and large commercial fishing boats. AIS is nice but...
  13. We have the IridiumGo unit with the external antenna. We've used it over the last ten weeks and, so far, it performs just fine.
  14. We finished a refit of Brigadoon in April and departed Port Townsend on the 29th. We've taken our time and made it to Prince Rupert, B.C. where we sit for a couple weeks, taking it easy. A friend arrives around the 20th and it's outside Vancouver Island, back to Port Townsend (and the Perry Rendezvous) before we head back out, turn left and see the rest of the world. Read more about it here: http://ourfreedomproject.blogspot.com/
  15. This zip tie mohawk seems to work very well, along with twine laced between the mast and cap shrouds, about 4" above the spreaders.