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  1. Hugh Hefner - DTS

    The lifetime invitation for centerfolds says a lot about his character (in a very good way).
  2. Irma

    Atlantic coast flooding had a pretty long reach. Jacksonville flooded for the first time since records began. Charleston saw almost 10' of storm surge, the highest since Hugo (and putting up to 4' of water in parts of the city, and over the barrier islands).
  3. Irma

    Godspeed and well wishes to all of y'all in her path, and as well as to those who have already felt her fury. Stay safe, and keep us posted as you can. Not that boats matter anywhere near what humans do, but there's a Moore 24 on the hard in Marathon that has come a very long way on the water only to be potentially lost on land. http://self-portraitinthepresentseajournal.blogspot.com/2017/09/evanston-waiting.html?m=1
  4. Irma

    Not the main Foxy's in Great Harbor and the trees, but the little one on the east end on the beach.
  5. Irma

    And even better, Travelopia owns Leopard catamarans.
  6. Irma

    What about Foxy's Taboo on the east end of JVD? The building is the right shade of blue.
  7. Irma

    Of course, I just noticed that Moorings/Sunsail ("Travelopia") were sold in February to KKR, which has plenty of deep pockets of its own. So the principle remains, even if the numbers above are not representative.
  8. Irma

    Further to the point above, TUI tapped the bond market in October 2016 for EUR 300 million and only had to pay a coupon of 2.125%. They could easily do this again, especially as it's their only outstanding note: http://www.tuigroup.com/en-en/investors/bonds-and-ratings/bonds
  9. Irma

    TUI (Moorings/Sunsail) is a massive travel conglomerate - as of 30 June 2017, they had EUR 2.2 billion cash on their balance sheet with overall assets of EUR 14.9 billion and equity of EUR 2.4B. The charter companies are pip squeaks compared with their cruise and hotel lines. While this would be a huge loss in their charter business, they have the financial wherewithal (and ability to tap the bond market if necessary) to fund replacement of the fleet. As for the other charter companies, we'll probably see one or two less financially stable companies go under, while the better ones probably have some sort of insurance or tail risk coverage going: http://www.tuigroup.com/damfiles/default/tuigroup-15/en/investors/6_Reports-and-presentations/Reports/2017/TUI_QB3_16-17_EN_170809_Web_geschuetzt.pdf-96f5fe757c5186340b70c97dab989fa8.pdf http://www.tuigroup.com/damfiles/default/tuigroup-15/en/investors/6_Reports-and-presentations/Presentations/2017/TUI_Group_FY17-Q3-Results-vFINAL-WEBSITE.pdf-1e4e6e9f8a2a536c9d435eb61684284c.pdf
  10. Irma

    TUI is labeled as 85 monos, 135 cats. So in addition to E-B-F-C, my guess is Moorings / Sunsail are also rows T-M-N.
  11. Irma

    Yes - photo looks like the SW part of the bay (note where the island is in the photo), which was rows G-H-Y-J-K-S-L. In the diagram it is almost all cats from Dream, BVI, Conch, etc. Moorings and Sunsail (labeled as TUI, their corporate parent) appear to be rows E-B-F-C.
  12. Irma

    Absolutely. And a very good informational website at that.
  13. Irma

    Though Patreon-supported Tropical Tidbits is an excellent exception to this rule.
  14. From FP kids getting killed

    This may be too soon, and the evidence I have is primarily anecdotal, but it might be time to consider recent major changes in our national instructor pool. A generation ago, a large percentage of sailing instructors were college sailors, with underclassmen filling the staffing roles and usually the most motivated rising seniors serving as 'head instructor', perhaps under the supervision of a parent with experience or a professional teacher with the summer off. For highly engaged students and sailors, managing a sailing program was a fantastic way to gain experience with professional responsibility before entering the formal professional world. It was also a lot of fun - for many of us it is among the best jobs we ever had. In recent years the increasingly competitive job market has changed that dynamic. Employers want to see candidates up close, and thus college summers are now spent in internships (and for the lucky few who may go on to professional sailing, campaigning). So now many of these college sailors, particularly the most motivated ones, are no longer teaching sailing. The net of this is that we have more or less lost the high end of the instructor talent pool. Sure, we can still find some college students to teach sailing, but the ones who are not interning are either much younger (rising freshmen or sophomores) or not as motivated (sort of by definition). While it would be tough, if not impossible, to prove (counter-factuals always are), I wonder if some of the major issues we have seen this summer and in recent years might be a knock-on effect of this trend.
  15. That's my device. DOC. Easy to remember, and places the phases on their proper sides of full.