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  1. Depends on the rum. No, wait...exceptions can be made.
  2. jewingiv


    Knew he was unwell - still this comes as a shock. He was a Giant. RIP
  3. jewingiv

    J.M.W. Turner Exhibit Mystic Seaport Museum

    I was there back in November. Go. I posted a little about it on the Winslow Homer thread from this past fall:
  4. Maybe Malta might appeal... Stable, in the EU, in the middle of the Middle Sea.
  5. Something like this, though Cuttyhunk is the ideal first stop to or from Newport on its own. Eastbound passages are often easier in the afternoon SW-lies, while westbound is best in the morning before they build. Also note that about once a week a front blows through and brings with it either a northerly, or occasionally, an easterly. Looking at long-range forecasts for that window could help you plan your cruise (e.g. - head east in anticipation of it, then west after it blows through and before the normal gradient resumes). Also don't ignore the currents, which not only affect your passage timing but also can exacerbate the chop.
  6. jewingiv

    All of These DTS Threads

    FWIW, Caroll Spinney (my thread below) was a member of the Silent Generation, and his greatest impact was on Gen Xers (like me) and Millennials...
  7. jewingiv

    Caroll Spinney RIP

    He was a legend of television, playing his roles on Sesame Street for half a century. It’s tough to say he’s DTS when we all know that Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, the characters he created and played for so long, are most definitely still with us. And hopefully they will be for generations to come: Stories&pgtype=Homepage
  8. jewingiv

    NFL 2019

    Ravens currently hold the AFC #1 seed and would host the Patriots in the playoffs, if both teams win out from here.
  9. jewingiv

    Winslow Homer Exhibit in Gloucester, Mass.

    I saw the Turner show at Mystic on this rainy Sunday. It’s a really great progression and a firm reminder of how excellent a draftsman Turner was, something that often gets lost when our imagination of him is more of his defining works in light, shadow, and the Sublime (not that he was not all of those). It’s a broad sampling of his entire career through his watercolors and sketches, with some excellent curatorial juxtapositions. It’s well worth a morning of your time. The show encouraged photography; here are a couple of shots on my older iPhone I thought I might want for posterity. I particularly liked the simple details in the first. I’m the second image, his brushstroke rain caught my attention. The colors in the third, and the smoky morning salute from the man-o-war in the bottom image made me want to snap them.
  10. jewingiv

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    And just off this map to the south lurks TS Sebastien (at 25 N, 55W), which is going to strengthen over the next few days and slash NE across their path on its own way to the Azores and Lisbon.
  11. jewingiv

    Greta Rides Again?

    The forecast path of TS Sebastien (the tight low at roughly 25 N, 57 W) is towards the NE and then curving, basically following the seam to their east before curving around the Azores High and towards the Azores and then into Lisbon. It's also forecast to potentially strengthen to a Cat 1 hurricane. I would be slowing up and letting it pass by as well.
  12. jewingiv

    Best places to live between voyages

    Precisely. I was about to recommend the western side of Narragansett Bay (Wickford, East Greenwich, Warwick, etc). These towns can be surprisingly affordable, and though RI is not a low-tax state, it imposes neither a property nor a sales tax on boats. The bay offers great sailing from May until October, and the offshore access of the Ocean State is second-to-none. It is also one of the centers of the boat building and maintenance industry in the U.S., so you don't have to worry about quality work. Finally, PVD airport under a 20 minute drive from all of these locations, and Boston's Logan International is under 90mins away. Just don't tell anyone...
  13. jewingiv

    Winslow Homer Exhibit in Gloucester, Mass.

    It’s a fun show. Here’s a review I wrote of it: Hoping to catch Turner at Mystic this weekend...
  14. jewingiv

    More than 30 killed off santa cruz island

    Good article and graphics on this now up on the WSJ site:
  15. jewingiv

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Riley and Elayna get a new passenger (cue babysitter jokes here):