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  1. Yup. I'm headed home to stay with my folks (Dad lives on Sullivan's Island), but the town is going to be bursting next weekend. Rumors of $$$ airBNB couch listings being snatched up in minutes, and the plane fares to CHS that weekend look like flights to Paris in August. Frankly, the interest in Charleston over other venues surprises me: the eclipse occurs on an August afternoon, which generally means high humidity and a chance of thunderstorms. If I didn't have family there, and the eclipse alone were what I was chasing, I'd be headed to the high deserts out west (eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming). If you're going to Charleston, the East Cooper beaches and offshore will probably be the best places to observe the eclipse, due to the seabreeze effect and clouds building up over inland areas. I expect Sullivan's and the IOP to be mobbed, not to mention the uninhabited inlets on Caper's and Bull Islands (those islands will be really special places to watch the eclipse, for those who can get there). Good luck driving *anywhere* that requires crossing the Ravenel Bridge on Monday. All that being said, safe travels and have fun!
  2. If you find yourself down towards Narragansett Bay, the Twenty Hundred Club offers some unique short distance (20-30nm) point-to-point races: http://twentyhundredclub.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/The-Six-Unique-and-Challenging-Races-of-the-Twenty-Hundred-Club_ver_distro.pdf
  3. You do need to mind the currents in Woods Hole, but the whole (no pun intended) passage is only about a half-mile long. The issue is the sheer number of buoys and very severe rock-strewn penalties for slipping outside the channels. Top currents are about 4kts, and due to the oblique angles the currents take across the channel (always pushing you towards the bricks on either side), I prefer to shoot the Hole within an hour or so of slack water. The dredged "Strait" is the easiest passage - just line it up and follow it. "Broadway" is the SE shortcut; it is clearly marked but don't feel you have to take it if confused (it only saves about 3mins). Keep a chart of the Hole next to the helm for the passage, and mind the ferries once through. The best part if you're coming from the north: if the currents are not to your liking in the Hole, then grab a mooring or drop the hook in adjacent Hadley Harbor and wait it out (or even better, spend the night there). Hadley Harbor is one of the nicest anchorages anywhere.
  4. If you can add a year to your itinerary, come on up the US East Coast after the winter in the Caribbean. Take advantage of some of the suggestions on this thread. Maybe even share a beer or a raft-up with some of us! End your trip with a cruise through the Chesapeake in October, then jump back to the Caribbean in November to continue on your westabout trade wind sail back home to NZ...
  5. It's clear the USN could use some advice in this regard. I recommend the book above.
  6. Fair. I had to re-read your post a couple of times for syntax (specifically, the repetition of the word 'above', which my brain did not catch until the 3rd reading). Apologies. Citing the call remains worth the post though.
  7. Because luffing to head-to-wind is the initial part of the tack. See TR Call D7 (p.38 of the linked PDF) for further explication. Also, to a comment above, about the only time you'll convince a jury or umpire that your proper course was to tack would be if you were overstanding (which could happen prior to the start, say you were below the pin-end layline). http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/TheCallBookforTeamRacing2017digital-[21946].pdf
  8. Awesome - thank you. Fond memories of Wednesday nights on her...
  9. I believe there was one named Fearless in Charleston in the 1990s. Any word on what happened to her? It was a great beer can / inshore racer.
  10. Azores or Canaries? I always thought the more northerly Azores were the eastbound destination (best in May/June) while the Canaries were the final stop on the westbound route in November...
  11. Turning east. Heading to Miami or Ft Lauderdale, or just crossing the Stream before resuming his westbound voyage?
  12. Looks like he's having a great sail. Could be in KW as soon as Monday at the rate he's going. Any South Florida folks preparing the Welcome Committee?
  13. Burlington...resident or fellow at Lahey Hospital?? My wife is currently there (though only through June). Much will depend on where you choose to live, and then what (and when) you wish to sail. As many have said, the Snipe fleet at Winchester is the closest. Marblehead is not too far, nor is MIT and the Charles, or Courageous or Cottage Park on Boston Harbor. There is a lot of sailing around Boston, and an inordinate amount in the winter too (if you dare). PM me with what you want to do, and we'll see if we can make it happen.
  14. First update from St. Lucia. Sounds like a decent passage, if slow through the Doldrums: http://self-portraitinthepresentseajournal.blogspot.ca/
  15. Looks like his next YB update will show his arrival...