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  1. jewingiv

    Carl Reiner DTS

    RIP, and thank you. Here's hoping that your lifelong best friend Mel Brooks does not follow you too soon (but if he does, heaven just got a lot funnier at earth's expense). From a few months ago:
  2. jewingiv

    The rise of the KAREN

    I'm not an attorney, but if it can be proven that the public has enjoyed the right to walk along this stretch of beach for a number of years, then they should not be able to just eliminate that right by dropping some rocks on the beach. Even if the rocks were properly permitted, one might be able to force them to not only re-open that section of beach, but build walkways and footbridges over the obstructions to free passage.
  3. jewingiv

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Maine announced today that quarantine restrictions will be waived for anyone who has a negative covid test within 72 hours of arrival. Tough to do when cruising, but it's another step out of the hole.
  4. jewingiv

    Random PicThread

    I had thought it was LAX in the photo. Looks like the Route 1 (PCH, or whatever it is in there) tunnel under the airport.
  5. jewingiv

    Post-covid Cruising?

    The Globe had a synopsis of current restrictions around New England as of today. The quick synopsis: CT and RI are open for visitors with effectively no quarantine requirements; Mass has a soft quarantine request; northern NE states (ME, VT, NH) still have pretty firm quarantine restrictions for now, though things may change between now and July 1:
  6. jewingiv

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    Ordered the sealant. Worth a shot. Will report back.
  7. jewingiv

    Post-covid Cruising?

    Mass (where I live) will most likely go into Phase 2 on Monday (June 8), with plans to go into Phase 3 on Monday June 29th. Travel with quarantine is permitted again in Phase 2, and Phase 3 should eliminate the quarantine requirement. TBH, summer tourism is a massive part of the economy in certain places like Cape Cod that have not been hit particularly hard. I know there is a lot of pressure out there to have some sort of functioning summer economy, and my guess is the worst case scenario is that we see the Cape and Islands open up, with metro Boston access still limited. RI is already in their Phase 2. Quarantine is now required only for visitors from states with active stay-at-home orders (right now only NY and NJ). I have a vested interest in this as a Mass resident who owns a boat that is kept in RI, and it will be nice to stay on her, which I know I now can. So you're fine there. " For domestic travel, mandatory self-quarantine rules now apply only to people coming from places that still have a stay-at-home order in place. " Block Island is even starting to re-open.
  8. jewingiv

    Post-covid Cruising?

    I believe quarantine restrictions in RI elapsed on Monday (June 1). Mass's should elapse by the end of June. I do not know about Maine's requirements.
  9. jewingiv

    Inflatable dinghy anarchy

    I have a petition for the group as well. We currently own a 2009 8'10" West Marine (I believe it is really a Zodiac 275 Aero Wave) air floor dinghy for our cruising boat. It stows just about perfectly on the foredeck of our Lancer 36, and it is relatively easy for me to life over the lifelines unassisted. The air floor keeps it light but also maneuverable. As a bonus, it nestles around the forward hatch comfortably, allowing us to keep that hatch open or cracked in most any weather when not underway. We stow her upside-down and covered during the summer. Last summer long-term wear and tear meant that one of her tanks finally started to give. We did the soap search to little avail, and frankly - it's an 11yo PVC dinghy. It's probably time for a replacement. The engine is a simple Yamaha 2.5hp 4-stroke. Nothing fancy. Going online, I see that Zodiac offers the Wave 275 Aero, but they also offer a "Cadet" model that weighs a little more, costs a little more, and has slightly more carrying capacity (926lbs vs 683). Defender also offers a Mercury and Achilles in the same range. And North Atlantic Inflatables has both an 8'2" model (70lbs, 992lbs capacity) and an 8'8" model (85lbs, also 992lbs capacity). Does anyone own any of these models? Any thoughts? Again, my criteria, roughly in order, are: 1) fit on the foredeck (so 8-9'), 2) light enough to be lifted by one person, 3) easily inflated, 4) easily deflated and stowed in the winter or for storms, and 5) durable. Easy access and decent rowing (yes, I know) are pluses as well. Many thanks!
  10. jewingiv

    Random PicThread

    Famous photo of the USS Wasp after being torpedoed off Guadalcanal. She was discovered only a year or so ago, more or less intact, almost 3 miles down.
  11. jewingiv

    Christo DTS

    We were in NYC when The Gates were up. I have to admit they were pretty cool. Simple, beautiful, effective. A heavy shock of color against the gray New York winter. I had previously thought his stuff were primarily self-indulgent crocks, and though The Gates were certainly self-indulgent, they were not a crock. They were gorgeous. RIP.
  12. jewingiv

    Chicks of the Week

    In the summer between high school and college, I sailed in local regattas around Charleston with a varying group of friends. At one event, two of us had borrowed a JY 15 and smuggled some beers on board for what was shaping up to be a hot day with just barely enough wind to race. On the lazy sail out to the course, another friend (rival at the time) who was working as a junior instructor at the host club spotted us and, sporting a glean and a shit-eating grin that would make even the Cheshire Cat wince, gunned his tiller throttle 13ft Boston Whaler right for us. In 5kts of breeze we were sitting ducks. We knew what was coming. The hard turn and the soaking spray. The nautical version of the high speed hockey stop on skis just upslope of one's friends. He got closer, and the engine got louder. ee-een-eee-eeeen-EeeE--EEEEEEN. We ducked. Then A-VROMP. gurgle. It got very quiet. Remarkably, we were still dry. After a brief pause to be sure, we turned back and looked up to see this kid standing over the transom of the whaler, with a spiral of bubbles rising to the surface behind the boat, each circle slowly getting fainter and fainter. He turned back to us, and the shit-eating grin became a shit-in-the-pants fright, knowing that this might doom his planned summer of instructor fun, and maybe his teenage checkbook. His only words were a faint "Oh Hell." We bust out laughing so hard we almost fell out of the boat. Karma man, karma. (Turns out they were able to recover the motor, and his career survived that incident. But it still cracks me up to this day.)
  13. jewingiv

    Hard dinks, nesting dinks, and why we like them

    Considering selling one? Our Zodiac / WM 9' Cadet is 11 years old, and the tubes are starting to go. It nestles pretty perfectly on the foredeck of our Lancer 36, even forming a sort of protective vent cover for the forward hatch (we can keep it open in just about any weather condition when not underway). With the high-pressure floor, it's also light enough to hoist on deck by hand. So this model has a lot going for it, and I am open to comparable models as well. That said, I am a bit tempted by the hard dinghy. Obviously there's the benefit of rowing better and generally avoiding gas and grease. I also have children who would be approaching the age of learning to sail and becoming more independent (the older already rows a little), and the thought of switching to a dinghy that could offer them this experience is tempting, not to mention one that could ground on rougher shores. If I could obtain a dinghy that nestles forward and offers space for the hatch, all while being light enough to hoist by hand, then it would be a win/win. My guess is the better move is probably still the inflatable, but the idea of the hard dinghy is tempting...
  14. jewingiv

    Random PicThread

    Were you...looking to plug something in?
  15. jewingiv

    Sail On