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    That reminds me: during Hugo, we tied up our 16’ McKee Craft runabout to a telephone pole across the street from us in downtown Charleston. We chocked it in place and knocked out the caster wheel, resting it on the trailer tongue so it would fill up with rainwater. It worked perfectly and did not budge. This was a good thing, because we had a beach house on Sullivan’s Island (this was before Sullivan’s became Nantucket South), and we were able to launch and inspect our house the next day - before the National Guard shooed is off the island. Fast forward a decade, and we did the same thing for Floyd, only the yuppie neighbors who had recently moved to SC freaked out. It was hard to reason with those neighbors without being condescending, but they weren’t going to move the boat - and again, thing happened.
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    Amen. Stay safe. Best to you and everyone in her way. She's a vicious, nasty storm, the kind that shows up once in a generation.
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    little River SC YC & Marinas ?

    That's a great idea. Boats like that make great river runners around the ICW and Lowcountry inlets and bays. Down in Beaufort (SC: Byew-fert) they now have regular catboat gatherings in the spring.
  4. I had heard of an eye for an eye, but getting nailed for a nail is a new one to me.
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    Information Re Bareboat Chartering in Croatia

    Korcula is great. There’s a bar in a turret at the point of the peninsula where your drinks are brought up by dumbwaiter. The local wines there are excellent too.
  6. Actually I foresee some vlogging young lass picking the boat up for a song. She then making a series of videos refurbishing the boat, garnering cash for refurbishment by doing all the work in a bikini (or less). Sadly, she wrecks the boat on the harbor jetties setting out on her post-rehab maiden voyage.
  7. This photo at least confirms the make and model once and for all: Beneteau Oceanis 44CC.
  8. jewingiv

    little River SC YC & Marinas ?

    Honestly, if you're looking for a sailing community and PHRF racing, you'll probably be the one who has to build and run it out of any harbor between Charleston and Wrightsville Beach NC. Georgetown, as mentioned above, is cute and has a great estuary in Winyah Bay. Little River is simply an inlet with some marinas. If Charleston were too busy, and Oriental NC too remote, then I would give a hard look at the Wilmington / Wrightsville area. It's one of the better-kept secrets of US East Coast sailing.
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    Rules Question - Shortening the Race

    One issue that has not been discussed much here is that boats were scored as finishing on the opposite side of the mark they were supposed to round. This is of course how the OP feels he got screwed, in that he was set up to pass the pin to (presumably) port, and the finish was scored with the pin to starboard. Even ignoring the signals, if the finish line were set in accordance with Rule 32, then everyone's proper finish would have been to round the mark to port and be scored when passing through the line...going back to windward. The pin was not a mark of the course to starboard, and thus no one actually sailed the course, much less finished properly. Of course, if you really want to see an RC mess and an endless post-race bar discussion, the OP should have held his lane, rounded the mark properly, and then expected to be scored first. He would have finished according to Rule 32, while everyone else who did not eventually round the mark and finish to windward, thus passing the 'string test,' would be scored DNF.
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    Dark Waters

    It's well-established that Long Island Sound is where all breezes Go to Die; I didn't know that applied to people too.
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    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    And you can sail comfortably from late September all the way through until mid-July. But yes, the Lowcountry has many features in common with East Anglia (& better cuisine, if I do say so myself).
  12. RI charges neither sales nor property tax on boats, and, despite being a wee bit smaller, has better sailing grounds than DL.
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    Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    Bumping this, in case anyone with decent answers might have missed it...
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    Bareboat Charter Company recommendation for Greece

    A friend is looking for a skipper charter in Greece. He needs a skipper and thinks a catamaran might be preferable for his wife and daughters. He is not particularly interested in going to Mykonos or Santorini - is it worth staying in the Cyclades, or should he just bail and go over to Corfu and the Ionian Sea? (or east towards Turkey?) He is looking at this company: Does anyone know it? I have also suggested Kiriacoulis. And it sounds like Fast Sailing might be good too. All advice here welcome. Thank you.
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    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    I might give the Kickamuit River (east of the Bristol peninsula, with a narrow entrance and very high ground on both sides) a long look.
  16. jewingiv

    Newport-Bermuda Wx 2018

    Thank you so much, and totally understood. Clients definitely come first. Though all of us appreciate your insight into such matters.
  17. jewingiv

    Newport-Bermuda Wx 2018

    For those of us stuck following the race from the shore, would you mind offering us a quick Wx synopsis? All I see is that the start looks pretty light.
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    Anthony Bourdain

    "Kitchen Confidential" was a revelation for me as well, as much as anything due to timing: it came out when I was about 22 years old, which was the perfect time in life to read the book. Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade both were cultural and style icons to many in my generation, even if they superficially had little in common. And now both gone, each by their own hand, this week. RIP.
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    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Trial lawyers' boat names: Contingency, Judgment, Decision (complete with gavel in logo just so one knows). Financier: Little Dividend. Tuna Teaser, an offshore fishing boat I remember from my youth. Not quite The Bearded Clam, but still. And for great boat names, there's always the immortal FUJIMO.
  20. Fair winds and following seas. Our sport has lost a great leader, ambassador, captain, and friend.
  21. jewingiv

    SUV anarchy

    Likely too big (& old) for you, but I love my 2014 Honda Pilot, that I bought used. It's not that long a car - it fits easily into the tight spots of downtown Boston. Winter handling seems perfectly fine. It's a Honda, so repairs are minimal and do not break the bank. And the back-up camera is huge and tremendously helpful. Plenty of storage and towing capacity. I needed the 3rd seat for family purposes; if I did not need a 3rd seat I might consider the Outback.
  22. jewingiv

    Philip Roth, dts

    He was a great. Arguably deserved the Nobel Prize...
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    Pancakes are fine, but French Toast is better...
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    9 yrs and no more attempts??

    He's been up to a pretty cool project in the interim:
  25. jewingiv

    Tom Wolfe DTS

    He was an original, and one of the greatest observers of our time. Time to re-read much of his great works, particularly his poignant cultural ("Radical Chic," "Mau-Mauing") and artistic ("The Painted Word," "From Bauhaus to Our House") criticisms, the points of which remain true today.