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  1. stormy petrel

    This writer nailed it. I'm starting up Amish Yacht Club today, for those who wish to join, I'll run my horse drawn carriage right over to your place, after I get a postal letter mailed to me of your intent.
  2. I've had it with Rhode Island - Where to go?

    Chicago/Illinois reality: More people are leaving this State than coming in, going to lose more representatives to Washington DC. #49 out of 50 in taxes sent to Washington DC, than money coming back to the State. State Income tax almost doubled this year (almost 5%), however, State government still outspending the revenue, more taxes coming. Highest State Debt per capita, somewhere around $20,000 per head (remember 1/2 of the people don't work - a workers share is $40,000). Gonna have to raise taxes. City of Chicago (if you choose to live in the City) raised property taxes significantly this year (and many other taxes increased - cell phones, etc.). City of Chicago debt close to $67,000 per household. Gonna have to raise taxes. City of Chicago is the only major City in the country to lose population, and has done it 3 straight years in a row. City of Chicago sold the parking meters to a private company. Parking along the lakefront is murderous, unless you sail at either Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club (free parking still) or Jackson Park Yacht Club (limited free parking). Millennial's are fleeing the State in droves, no work for young people. 60% of Illinoisians would move today if it were for their family and friends. I meet with business owners regularly, most are just holding, many just keeping the lights and heat on. Those that are doing better, I ask where their business comes from. They'll tell you that 25 years ago almost all of their clients were within Illinois. One told me yesterday 50% of his business is from outside Illinois, another last week told me that 80% of his business is from outside of Illinois. If you want to do well, be prepared to travel and not find your clients here. The good news is - we sail in fresh water, no sharks etc. No one washes their boats off after racing, or before to rinse the morning salt dew off!
  3. Chicago Area III

    Obviously you'll be making connections and contacts in the season, CYC's crew finder works for the Mac race as well - https://www.chicagoyachtclub.org/default.aspx?p=crewfinder&ssid=319174
  4. Rules??

    Always appreciate that the rules only discuss the turning of a boats course. There is nothing in there about the "cause" of why the boat is turning. Be clear on this thought as you think about evaluating the situation.
  5. Chicago Area III

    Saw a few in the Virgin Islands relief effort - https://www.facebook.com/TurnTheTideVI/
  6. Chicago Area III

    Anarchy Party?
  7. parts dept anarchy

    My wife's car has the fob. One day, car wouldn't start at 20,500 miles. Had it towed, ka-ching. Only the dealer could fix it. There are 3 computers connected to each other, one of them went bad. I said, "Get rid of this fob and put a key ignition in the steering wheel. They couldn't do it. Charge - $1,100. I never had a key go bad on me.
  8. Fazisi Front Page

    Closer look -
  9. Fazisi Front Page

    From the brotherhood, Tom Weaver: Fazisi follow up - I went for a closer look today. Remarkably the rig is intact and stowed neatly on the barge, you can see it in the picture - BUT that is the only good news. All the deck gear has been stripped, after all this is Key West: Island of Scallywags and Pirates. The lower part of the rudder is missing but the rest of the hull/keel appears to be in good condition, incredible!!! I have no idea what the interior is like. My “understanding” with the protocol at this stage is: If the owner of a boat is unable to recover the vessel them self then you hand over all paper work to the government contractor, these guys only mission is to pick up and dispose the boats - they do not care. They were inside the Key West Bight Marina today recovering 2 sunk boats - quite the operation!!! A very large barge and crane, escorted by 4 Florida police boats and 2 coast guard boats ALL with flashing lights - and every pier had a bunch of onlookers, beer in hand. In my opinion - this is it, she is off to the scrap heap...... I could be wrong!
  10. DRYA Anarchy

    If'n any of ya'all have contact info on Double Time, Martin Foster, Reynolds 33 (Catamaran) please PM me with it. Thanks.
  11. Fresh from Italy...

    Scotty, we need more power. "I'm Givin' Her All She's Got, Captain!"
  12. West Michigan Thread

    If'n any of ya'all have contact info on Double Time, Martin Foster, Reynolds 33 (Catamaran) please PM me with it. Thanks.
  13. Wong gets his Wang chewed off

  14. Chicago Area III

    If'n any of ya'all have contact info on Double Time, Martin Foster, Reynolds 33 (Catamaran) please PM me with it. Thanks.
  15. Sports Marketing 101

    YOUR CHALLENGE: Your competition and your market are: 300 channels of TV, Video Games, and the Internet (research has proven this). Your hurdles to overcome are: Convincing this market that sailing is not expensive and is not exclusive (research has proven this). You need to prove to younger people with college loans, trying to get their own place to live, trying to get a car, etc. that there is a place for them that will cost them next to nothing (research has proven this).