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  1. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    Team Spitfire is devastated to post that we lost our Captain, Mentor, Teacher, Friend & Family Member, Jim "Skipper" Hellquist. Jim was the biggest advocate for the sport of sailing. He would take anyone that showed interest in sailing for a ride on a Wednesday night race, even if it meant we had double the crew we would normally race with. Because of Jim's passion, so many had the opportunity to learn how to sail and add to the collection of brag flags on Spitfire. We ask everyone to join us in wishing Jim a peaceful sail into the sunset. Please feel free to share your memories on this post. The family is planning a Celebration of Life, to be held at the start of 2021 sailing season.
  2. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    Yup, you and your friends can sail non-stop from Chicago to Mackinac Island any time you want, and all you need is the USCG required safety gear.
  3. Glenn McCarthy

    Dirty joke punch lines

    You choose death. But first Oogabooga!
  4. Glenn McCarthy

    Rethinking the drug war

    Legalize all drugs, but first a breathalyzer type machine has to be created with limits to operate a vehicle.
  5. Glenn McCarthy

    Rethinking the drug war

    Look, you take your car in for repairs, the many parts companies have the part you need to your auto repair shop in 15 minutes. One of the much looked over strengths of our economy is DISTRIBUTION. You'll never stop the elicit drug trade in the U.S. Period.
  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Rethinking the drug war

    The People in the U.S. voted to end alcohol in the 1920's. How did that work out? Everyone who wanted alcohol got it. Gangs were created to manufacture, distribute and sell alcohol (a guy named Al Capone, one of the more notable figures). The U.S. Government tried to stop its manufacture, distribution and sales. Bottom line, the gangs were committing murders to protect their territories, the Government was ineffective at stopping use. The People voted to bring alcohol back to freedom. ============= How is this any different than the war on drugs? Everyone who wants it gets it. Gangs were created to manufacture, distribute and sell drugs. The U.S. Government tries to stop its manufacture, distribution and sales. Bottom line, the gangs are committing murders to protect their territories, the Government is ineffective at stopping use. ============= Ever hear the phrase, "History repeats itself?"
  7. Glenn McCarthy

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    This place used to organize website lynchings. This outfit would go over and add comments and take it over. Has this place gone soft?
  8. Glenn McCarthy

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    There is a buoy 3/4 of the way up the course in the Chicago Mackinac Race where many a sailor's ashes have been disbursed off race boats. Our departed friends are having a massive party there we all believe. Some pour alcohol in the water as they pass the buoy each year as an homage to their family or friends who have departed. At some point in the future, it'll be a reef. I know of 3 others who plan to go there.
  9. Glenn McCarthy

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    I packed it, derigged the mast, took spreaders off, etc., the trucker just loaded and go.
  10. Glenn McCarthy

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Things are different from San Diego than Chicago. Boat is out of the water 7 months of the year here, and to get our fix of "sailing" in, we work on projects throughout the winter. On my list was to plug weld all of the old holes in the mast and boom, then prep them and the poles for paint. I would have built a tent on the ground, stuck a big torpedo heater in it and sprayed them all with Awlgrip. Scot just bought the boat a few years early before I was done with her. As he is in the water year 'round, projects like this aren't as easy. Here's real proof of the difference between Chicago and San Diego, another great back and forth with Scot - ST how much of that pink soap did you put in the water tank??? taking us an hour and all it is is foam we flushed it! GM Holy shit. You fair weather folks have no idea the pains we freezing fuckers go thru every year. The pink identifies it is human safe antifreeze and won't kill ya to drink it. Freezing water in the head, engine, bilge pumps, water systems all get flushed with antifreeze in the fall so expansion of freezing water doesn't break things in half. You'd be amazed at how many dorks don't flush their engine right and have the block cracked come spring time. ST yeah, we don't know nothin bout that shit!
  11. Glenn McCarthy

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Some of you may know, this E35 MkII Scot has, he bought from my father. When my father had bought it 3-1/2 years ago, the Surveyor, the Broker, and Myself all told him not to buy this thing, it should go straight to the dump and be crushed by a Caterpillar dozer. He bought it anyway. The first year, it wasn't safe to cross the harbor in it. The second year, we started the Mac race, sailed 2.5 hours to go below to find water almost up to the knee and dropped out. The third year, we made it to Mackinac Island 2nd in section 7th overall, then the engine locked up and we lost 6 weeks of prime summer sailing. As the CMO (Chief Maintenance Officer) I have been through every inch of the boat, traced every wire, pipe, hose, etc. I wrote a blog reporting monthly on the projects to repair/restore this POS (as I called it for the first two years). Monthly I'd report on the completed projects, and had done over 300 by the time Scot bought it. I sure had a ways to go on the restoration, and Scot has picked up the torch and continues to carry forward with it. Scot texted and emailed me a quarter million times asking all sorts of questions about the boat. Here's one of my favorite exchanges: ST while i lean way way way to the left, i think you lean to the right GM Don't start that shit, take it to PA! ST haha. hows the god damn boat?
  12. Glenn McCarthy

    a terrible horrible day

    Honesty is the best policy.
  13. Glenn McCarthy

    Anybody Knows What Happens If...

    The other guy is 78 and doesn't buy green bananas anymore. Who knows if there'll be anyone to vote for come Nov 3. Not voting early I tell ya that much.
  14. Glenn McCarthy