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  1. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Well reasoned Paul Henderson weighs in: http://www.canadianyachting.ca/lifestyle/cyob-inbox/4382-olympic-sailing-an-important-perspective
  2. US Sailing Olympic Submission for 2024

    Charley Cook used to control the US Sailing position. I wonder who came up with this?
  3. US Sailing Arthur B. Hanson Rescue Medal

    A swimmer is attacked by a sea lion, severed vein. sailboat rescues him.
  4. Chicago Area III

    I just looked at the list of "current entries" in the Mac and copied from there.
  5. Chicago Area III

    Nat J Imedi Heartbreaker Who else?
  6. F@#%ing Mice in car anarchy.

    Mice need three things to live: Food, Water, Shelter. Remove anyone of the three, they are gone. Your car/garage is providing shelter and food and water is found plentiful outside. New car wiring uses an insulating coating made of soybean. Many cars are being re-wired as they are eating the insulating coating on your wires. Probably the cause of your light on your dash. The song, "Three Blind Mice" is true, they are blind. If you ever see them, they run along walls, as their whiskers guide their path against the wall. Put your traps against the walls, not 1 inch away, right up against the wall. Peanut butter is just fine for their eating. They do leave a scent where they travel for themselves and their family to follow. After eradicating, scrubbing the place down is advisable.
  7. Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    Whatever type of boat, if there are any for sale, go buy them yourself, tow them back to your house, fix them up and make them ready for sail and for sale to the people you talk to.
  8. Growing a fleet with realistic goals

    One to one, mano e mano. See people, call people on the phone. Do not think for a moment that any electronic message is going to convince anyone to buy a boat and race it. Electronic means can keep them up to date on activities once they own a boat.
  9. almost a boat yard disaster

    Good practices in shipyards are boats side by side in a row with fire lanes between.
  10. How are We Perceived?

    A guy leveled with me at work: "Rich fucking assholes."
  11. In a two week cruise, they will need to have 1/2 of those skills on the list in order to make it. But I can't tell you which half!
  12. Do you possess the following qualities: Engine mechanic Firefighter Carpenter Electrician Rigger Plumber Handyman If not, you're not going to make it.
  13. Asheville, NC

    Absolutely make the trip to the Biltmore. And the Grove Park Inn is where my parents honeymooned 65 years ago!
  14. how long would it take

    130 nautical miles. 65 mile days are possible fairly easy, if the wind isn't against ya. Then adjust.