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  1. Glenn McCarthy

    Dear ICOM....

    Just went through this for a Tablet. $98 cigarette plug adapter. Grrrr.
  2. Glenn McCarthy

    Hanuman for sale

    Nobody gonna say it? Buy an ad!
  3. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    Does anyone have room in a car going from Chicago to Milwaukee this Friday for the Queen's? How about room in a car going early Saturday morning from Grand Haven back to Chicago? Thanks peeps. - Glenn
  4. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    You described it pretty well. However, getting through the fly swamp into the thermal had us doing 8 sail changes in pretty rapid succession. Then it settled down for an easy ride the rest of the way pretty much with the spin. It got lighter as we got closer being a slower boat, Defiance did the course in 2 hours 15 minutes staying in strong breeze all the way getting the 1st overall.
  5. Glenn McCarthy

    Tiny Shackles

    On some snap shackles, there is a ring-a-ding. On other snap shackles there is a tiny shackle that a lanyard is attached to. I've never had one of these tiny shackles go bad, but have yanked ring-a-dings apart, sometimes losing the spring and pin of the snap shackle. Does anyone know where I can get some tiny shackles that will fit in normal spring pin holes? It makes no difference if they are screw in or riveted. Searching "shackles for snap shackles" or "mini shackles" or "tiny shackles" does nothing in a search engine! Vs. Thanks.
  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    The more the merrier. Eleven was 1 and 1 Saturday and Sunday. This boat was on the fine edge of either going to the wood chipper or being rehabbed. I've spent 45 days over the past year rehabbing this long in the tooth boat. That does not include the other crew who have done things, nor the pro's that did things too. This is the 2nd and 3rd race we have done with her, with a very dramatic difference over last's year's single race. Only added another 8 new projects this weekend to the 30 item unfinished list. The only other boat that was first both days was Asylum. Congrats to them.
  7. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    11th offshore boat Gene has owned. and QLite nailed it. Rumor has it another guy is bringing in another E35 MkII.
  8. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    We're giving Eleven it's 2nd shake down, up to Waukegan and back. New rudder, new main, new electronics, etc. Time to see what she can do!
  9. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    As Jim Hellquist at WYC says, "Racing, it's about the party!"
  10. Glenn McCarthy

    Dear Dr. Rules

    DSQ. Had a boat hit their mast into a bridge, the bridge was a mark of the course, they didn't spin, didn't get protested, and got away with it.
  11. Glenn McCarthy

    Appraisal for POS Boat

    I would not ever want a boat that did not have a clear title. Let's say you restore this boat and put $10,000 into it. Along comes the owner's son, title in hand, with the Sheriff, and drives off with it. You made a gift of $10,000 to the owner. Track down the old owner's family, find out who the Executor or Executrix is. Tell them what is going on and how you wish to attain clear title from them. If they don't have the title, tell them you are willing to pay the State for them to get a duplicate title. Once they receive that they can assign that title to you. You might remind them that they have the liability of this boat as long as they have not transferred title and it is in their best interest to dispose of this property properly. If the boat has a trailer, you will want to do the same thing for the trailer title.
  12. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    If you sailed COLORS this past weekend, they're looking for feedback from ya -
  13. Glenn McCarthy

    Snowflakes and sailing

    What's lost on you is, that our society already has a set of behavior standards. Assault is assault, vandalism is vandalism. That stuff belongs exactly in the hands of the lawmen (and lawwomen). The slap on the back of the hand that some sailing judges give, is no where near the punishment deserved by the arm of the law. And I completely agree that the RRS right of way does belong outside of the court system. But this new RRS69 is a great example how far off the charts this rule needs to be. It needs to be reined in.
  14. Glenn McCarthy

    Snowflakes and sailing

    Dreadom nailed it, when I wrote " "A RRS69 penalty shall apply ONLY after a guilty finding in a court of law." I meant that the current RRS69 is so far stringent, so utterly politically correct, so designed for the professional rockstars and Olympians, that it is completely unneeded and unwarranted for the weekend warrior. Let's simplify it and change it to "A RRS69 penalty shall apply ONLY after a guilty finding in a court of law."
  15. Glenn McCarthy

    Snowflakes and sailing

    I wrote elsewhere on the 'net 5 years ago, "A RRS69 penalty shall apply ONLY after a guilty finding in a court of law." Somebody punches you at a regatta? Call a cop, go to court have her get a guilty finding for assault. Then a RRS69 applies. Somebody vandalizes your boat or car at a regatta? Call a cop, go to court and have them found guilty for vandalism. Then RRS69 applies. Too often, people do not want to involve police and want some judges at the club to be in charge of enforcement. BS. You want these people out? Nail to the effen cross!