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  1. Glenn McCarthy

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    It makes not difference, courts around the world do not want to be involved in these disputes, which is why laws get created to alleviate the courts of trivial matters like this. Look to your local laws for the simplest answer.
  2. Glenn McCarthy

    Seek advice on forced buyout of 1/3 share in sailboat

    This is a legal question based on the jurisdiction. For example, in Illinois, any partnership property where a partner wants out is to be put up for sale. It can be bought by anyone, including the remaining partner(s) which allows a fair market price to be created.
  3. Glenn McCarthy

    After Ericson 35...Ed will get?

    It's his last 44 year old boat. Next one will be less than 6 years old!
  4. Glenn McCarthy

    2020 Hook Race

    I only know one "Her" that sails on Shmokin' Joe, was it Her?
  5. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    Why? Because it's picking up out of the South right now?
  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Chicago Area III

    Anyone else noticing how awesome the first day of today's cancelled Mac would be?
  7. Glenn McCarthy

    Mary Kay Letourneau. DTS

    This thread needs early pictures of MKL.
  8. Glenn McCarthy

    Renaming the Washington...

    My first time to DC on the Mall with GF sitting on a park bench having an ice cream cone. The majesty, the feeling of power, the awe of history. Truly feeling something I hadn't felt before. Black guy walks up, unzips and pisses on the lawn 15' in front of us facing us. Feeling erased. How about the Washington Pissers?
  9. Glenn McCarthy

    Welland Canal collision

  10. Glenn McCarthy

    Welland Canal collision

    Under maritime law both vessels will be found wrong. Now argue about the percentage each vessel was responsible for.
  11. Glenn McCarthy

    Under water recovery ideas?

    If the water is clear enough, a flyover with an airplane directing you to the spot works.
  12. Glenn McCarthy

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Leave the spinnakers at home, enjoy the beat all the way to the island and sitting on the rail all the way!
  13. Glenn McCarthy

    Garage Renovation Anarchy...

    One wall in our garage leaves just enough room to open the car door and get out. I installed these the entire length of that wall holding all of my non-electric handle yard tools.
  14. Glenn McCarthy

    RIP... The Devil Went Down to Georgia

    Damn. What an entertainer.
  15. Glenn McCarthy

    Greatest Ever News Report About Sailing

    Sentence includes an "alcohol awareness program" in Ireland. Is that held in the corner pub?