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  1. Glenn McCarthy

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    Dontchya still think that you'll be swallowed up by quicksand with all of the cartoons you watched? That shit is everywhere!
  2. Glenn McCarthy

    Caption Contest

  3. Glenn McCarthy

    I'd like to thank the previous owner for...

    Did they turn before?
  4. Glenn McCarthy

    Can rating authority authorize powered winches?

    In answer to the question, a rating or handicap authority is to rate or handicap the speed of the boat. If powered winches create some speed advantage, their job is to rate or handicap that. Conditions of the race are set by an organizing authority. It the organizing authority wishes to waive powered winches, this boat is in. If they do not wish to waive powered winches, this boat won't be in this event.
  5. Glenn McCarthy

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Has anyone told them yet that when they get her all fixed up, that they'll be able to sell it for what they paid for it?
  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Light Air Polars: How low do you go?

    I've sailed both ends of the polar spectrum. A Star boat loves to sail deep for best VMG. Yes, when very light, one does beam reach and tack downwind a lot. On the sled, in most winds we beam reached and tacked downwind. It was a rare day where we pulled the pole back and started to run (20 knots true +). As we sailed with many Star sailors on this boat, we struggled greatly to beam reach and lost a ton of races as a result. Once I "got it" I would hound the shit out of everyone to get the pole on the headstay and just go fast which is what sleds love. Learn your boat, find your sweet spots and memorize them.
  7. Glenn McCarthy


    A billion here, a billion there, now you're starting to talk about real money.
  8. Glenn McCarthy

    Do Some Boats Just Suck In Reverse?

    Our boat had the original rudder which was undersized. Didn't steer well at speed, and when docking had a little response going in, but backing out the boat wandered wherever it wanted to. Installed new modern larger rudder, and the boat goes in and out of a dock well.
  9. Glenn McCarthy

    Where there's a Will...

    If you lived in Illinois, I've got the right attorney for you.
  10. Glenn McCarthy

    boats catch fire at an Alabama dock

    Some underwriters won't touch a marina with covered docks. Good example.
  11. Glenn McCarthy

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    Jim McMahon, ex Bears QB.
  12. Glenn McCarthy

    Terry Jones, DTS

  13. Glenn McCarthy

    My children are ...

    Early on I said that a parent's job is to create productive children for society. We made it. Daughter has been working in a lab at the Mayo Clinic working on MS and NMO. When I went to a presentation she did during an internship there in summer years ago, I had no idea what she was talking about. One smart cookie. Son is working in IT at a trading company inside the Chicago Federal Reserve building, with some kick ass benefits. So happy for both of them.
  14. Glenn McCarthy

    Flying with Inflatables

    Every argument that can be used was brought up in my effort (this being one of them). The answer given is, your CO2 cylinder is not stowed under the seat. The cylinders installed under the seat went through inspection before it was installed there. Yours is stowed in either the luggage storage over the seat or in the cargo hold. If it inflates accidentally, it can open the over the seat locker potentially harming someone or the crew, or in the cargo hold injure a baggage handler. Next answer, the manufacturer of the cylinders does not want them on airplanes. They said that the cylinders are just stamped CO2. The make identical ones that hold O2, Propane and other more dangerous gases and believes these other gas cylinders could be modified to look like CO2, and there isn't enough of this going on in order to train everyone in the airline industry and TSA inspectors to tell the difference.
  15. Glenn McCarthy

    Flying with Inflatables

    Great question. I researched this at great length when I was on US Sailing's Safety at Sea Committee. Dealt with the DOT, FAA, TSA, UN, IATA, and ICAO. #1. The CO2 cylinder is classified as a Hazardous Material (U.S.) and Dangerous Good (Internationally). #2. Like carrying guns and bullets on planes (done all of the time), it MUST be declared when checking in. Don't do it, the crime is as big as carrying any other dangerous good aboard. Don't tell them, the fine is up to $500,000, and up to 5 years in prison. #3. Each airline has their own Risk Tolerance. They pay their own insurance premiums based on what they choose to do with the airplanes they own. 1/2 of U.S. airlines allow the PFD with 2 cylinders total to go in checked luggage, 1/2 of airlines ban customer CO2 cylinders on their airplanes anywhere anytime. Reference: