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  1. shipping a 16' runabout on trailer

    At a buck a mile, just buy one in San Diego.
  2. US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    Sailboat sales across the U.S. used to be 30,000 to 40,000 units per year. This year I suspect will be under 2,000 units (including Sunfish, Lasers, Optimists, up through super yachts). There aren't enough orders to keep factories open.
  3. From the "WTF" files

    A few years ago I saw the stats on boat thefts. As I recall there were less than 50 sailboats stolen in the U.S. each year. Not even 1 per State.
  4. 8 Bells for George Cuthbertson

    Sailed on C&C33, C&C35, C&C37R, C&C43, and in the article Jim McHugh's C&C53. The 43 (my all time favorite offshore boat) was for close to 15 years, as a friend said, "We put her through everything, stopping on a dime hitting a rock at 7 knots, death rolls, wipe outs, masthead in the water, and she always came up with a smile." I always wanted to get on a C&C61 in a blow. Great boats, great designers, great builders.
  5. Never thought I'd see the day. The earth just shook under my feet. Clean quoted Scuttlebutt! ROTFLMAO.
  6. Declining fleets and memories of the boom years...

    New boat sales in the U.S. in 2017 are up 6% on average in all categories - pontoon, runabouts, kayaks, cruisers, fishing, etc. All except one category - sailboats. New sailboat sales are down 37%.
  7. Hugh Hefner - DTS

    Buddy of mine used to get the printed Playboy magazine flat sheets sent to his factory, and then fold them into a magazine. He never thought to keep a centerfold without creases. Could you imagine what a set of centerfolds without two creases would be worth? My Dad worked for Hef in a TV variety show in 1959 called "Playboys Penthouse." He made two cast parties at the Playboy mansion on North State Parkway (Chicago). I suppose this TV show was where Bob Guccione ripped off part of the name for his magazine.
  8. Names that have been ruined forever

    Mighetto Pod
  9. Another clinton related person found dead

    It still cracks me up that Sheriff Joe was pardoned for a MISDEMEANOR. Really? I can get my speeding tickets pardoned? Too damn funny.
  10. Musical Anarchists Thread?

    12 string guitar, just added a pickup. Required to keep my day job. Percussionist with 7 tom toms. Like all music except punk, opera and rap.
  11. Son of Ferrari Man

    And from a prominent sailing family. Very sad.
  12. love is blind

    Popcorn ready.
  13. Print this out, carry it around. Refer to it if confused

    When I got go, I ain't looking at a chart to figure out which can to go in!
  14. Chicago Area III

    MORF OPEN September 23 & 24, 2017 THE AWESOME ‘MORF OPEN’ PARTY – Dinner, Drinks, Awards Sunday 9/24/2017 @ 4pm on the Tent Deck at Columbia Yacht Club · Free Beer & Food · Ala Carte Drinks · Immediate gratification! Brag Flags Presented METHODS OF PAYMENT Cash & Credit, Debit. RAFT UP AT COLUMBIA FOR THE PARTY Complimentary dockage from 1500 hours on, 9/24/2017 INVITE YOUR CREW, FAMILY, FRIENDS, & CHILDREN TOO Your Guests are welcome to the party. PARKING Checkout Online Rates: Monroe/Millenium Park/Grant Park - http://www.millenniumgarages.com/rates/. Or DuSable Harbor Parking https://www.chicagoharbors.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/DuSable-Parking-Rates-2017.pdf . SHOWERS Grab a quick one at Columbia Yacht Club, bring your own towel. SHARE • Share this with your Racing Friends who you think should join racing against you – challenge them. • Share this with your Crew • Share this with your Family OLD SCHOOL RACING Back in the day there was one handicap/rating rule for all boats racing, everyone raced against everyone. It’s Back! All boats are entered with PHRF Handicaps. Don’t have one? We’ll assign one. The following “Standard” one-design fleet boats get these handicaps: T10 126; J/105 87; J/109 72; J111 39; Farr 40 -12; Beneteau 36.7 75; Beneteay 40.7 54. OUT OF TOWN BOATS Complimentary dockage at Columbia Yacht Club (see NOR for reservations) WHERE Starting Area 7, two course races Saturday, one course race Sunday. Entry Via Email & PayPal $45 for 3 races, Deadline September 21, 2017 - http://morfracing.org/signup.jsp Notice of Race - http://morfracing.org/meta/racebook/Morf17-Open-NOR.pdf Sailing Instructions - http://morfracing.org/meta/racebook/Morf17-Open-SSI.pdf SPONSOR FOR YOUR FUN (be sure to spend some of your money with them) Skyway Yacht Works For Your Storage, Brokerage, & Repairs. Chicago, IL - http://skywayyachtworks.com/ SPECIAL THANKS TO Columbia Yacht Club (for the dockage & party facilities). While there, ask how you can join their membership! - http://www.columbiayachtclub.org/ ORGANIZING AUTHORITY MAKING YOUR FUN The Midwest Open Racing Fleet. While there, ask how you can join MORF’s membership! - http://morfracing.org/
  15. Irma

    Not counting the Caribbean Islands, just FL, it appears that we all expected this this to be nuclear, wiping the surface of the earth clean the way Hurricane Andrew did. Nothing sounds like things are devastated (some in the Keys apparently are), but most of FL is power outages, knocked over fences, trees down, low level flooding (not the surge that submerged the 1st & 2nd floors), wet carpets, street signs down, etc. Even in Naples with a recorded gust of 142mph, the trailer parks have the homes in the same positions with siding and screen porches ripped off. Tons and tons of people with minor damage, and a smaller crowd with major damage. Does anyone see it differently?