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  1. Glenn McCarthy

    your worst distance race experience! What happened?

    I forget, but it was the first ever super-mac from PH to Chicago. So the Chi Mac started in the middle of the week, maybe a Tuesday?
  2. Glenn McCarthy

    your worst distance race experience! What happened?

    My first Chicago Mac (of 43), 1975. Night before the race we're at the pump out dock, sun setting, fire up to go to the mooring, put it in reverse, the boat doesn't move. Put it in forward, the boat doesn't move. I dive quick and see the Martec blades have fallen off, into deep weeds on the bottom. Race requires boat to move under engine for 40 miles. Call a diver who reluctantly agrees to come in the am at 6. Contact Gary Comer, friend, who owns a boats parts store in Chicago called "Lands' End" who thinks he's got a replacement in the store and will meet early. Get the prop installed, load the boat and people, put it in gear and.... in reverse the boat goes forward! Reverse twist on the blades, so we reverse going forward to the starting line. Big non-moving high pressure system, no wind. Rule was that the time limit was 24 after the first boat in your section finished. On a Cal 40, "Duet" lots of wetted surface. IOR (little wetted surface) boat "Tyche" all orange, finished after 72 hours. We hear it on a Detroit AM radio station after 96 hours. TLE We flip on the motor, put it in reverse going forward and go into Harbor Springs, in deep fog. Huge disappointment for me having waited 15 years to do my first one. No party.
  3. Glenn McCarthy

    Go? No Go - SXM Carnage

    Saw it all over the Monaco Yacht Show 4 years ago. You need to catch up with the times.
  4. Glenn McCarthy

    Go? No Go - SXM Carnage

    Did you know that most mega and super yachts today are driven by touch screen? No wheel, no joystick.
  5. Glenn McCarthy


  6. Glenn McCarthy

    Scuttlebutt Ranked #1? WTF SA?

    I was stuck on this: "Page Authority." Does this mean "copy and paste" articles found all over the web and has very little home grown content?
  7. Glenn McCarthy

    Jacked up floor and door casing anarchy

    1. Contact your agent and having emailed the pictures to them ahead of the phone call. In the call tell him/her to look at the pictures and tell them how this is completely unsatisfactory. The agent should advocate for you with the adjuster. Having your goodwill is important to the agent as you tell others thumbs up or thumbs down for this agent. 2. If the agent doesn't get off their tail and do their job (give it time), the final step is to get a contractor to quote replacing all of the trim including painting, then tell the adjuster you are going to sue in small claims court and going to ask the judge for treble damages as a bad faith claim (the law states if the claim is not handled right, you are entitled to 3x's what the cost of the new trim installation) and don't forget to ask for court costs too, so you're not out of pocket when it is done. Trust me, this works.
  8. Glenn McCarthy

    Larry Flynt

    The pink p shots.
  9. Glenn McCarthy

    NFL 2020

    The red coat dancers at half time look like they're wearing jock straps on their heads.
  10. Glenn McCarthy

    Shipping a sailboat

    Bought my dad's boat in Chicago. Said that he liked it because it was a freshwater boat its whole life with no corrosion, with a new engine (with 60 hours on it), and was able to read the restoration it was going through with over 300 projects completed in the prior three years.
  11. Glenn McCarthy

    Sailing solo with running backstays

    Race Star boats single handed (running backstays only). 1. Pull up new backstay. 2. Release loaded jibsheet while turning boat. 3. Pull in new jibsheet and set. 4, Release old backstay. Nuttin's to it!
  12. Glenn McCarthy

    Leon Spinks DTS

    His nephew was shot in the Arby's in my town in 1996.
  13. Glenn McCarthy

    Shipping a sailboat

    Ask Scooter, he just had a 35-footer trucked 1/2 across America over the Rocky Mountains.
  14. Glenn McCarthy

    Select lyrics from Country and Western songs

    I Gave Her The Ring (She Gave Me The Finger)
  15. Glenn McCarthy

    Select lyrics from Country and Western songs

    1. Take your tongue our of my mouth, I''m kissing you goodby. 2. Rodeo Song - Well it's forty below And I don't give a fuck Got a heater in my truck And I'm off to the rodeo It's an allamande left And allamande right C'mon you fuckin' dummy Get your right step right Get offstage you goddamn goof Y'know you piss me off You fucking jerk