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  1. All three boats are completely different designs.The original Tartan 27 was a S&S design.The Pride 270 was a Britton Chance design and the the Nitro 27 you recall was actually a Soverel 27 design built by Tartan.One of the Soverel 27s built.was named Nitro...
  2. jww

    BYC-Mac Weather

    According to WJR radio in Detroit the bombing practice is cancelled per a race official interview earlier this morning..
  3. jww

    What is the boat on the left?

    I think the boat in the middle is a OH Rogers 24 or 26.Didn't know Hobie 33s had fixed levels.Did they offer both a fixed keel and a center board?
  4. jww

    What was it?

    Was that boat Chiquita in a past life when new?
  5. jww

    What was it?

    Reminds me of a Morgan 45..
  6. jww

    Replacing a piece of toe rail

    I think H2O the builder of many custom race boats might know what he's talking about but just my opinion...
  7. jww

    what was it?

    I'll hazard a guess it's a Kelley 24..
  8. jww

    what was it?

    Cobra was the original G&S 25 in 1987 out of CYC in Cleveland.
  9. JA,very nice tribute to Ray.Always enjoyed conversations with him.Sail on Ray....
  10. jww

    Rig replacement on G&S 30

    Know of a complete Soverel 33 rig new in 2007. PM me if interested ...
  11. jww

    looking for S2 7.9 photos

    Hope everything is well.I think the fourth boat was Rugger but it's been a long time...
  12. jww

    What size Tuff Luff for a J/33?

    If the crack is right at the feeder or right at the top of the hoist I'd try cutting that damaged area out.Have done it myself,worked fine.Just file the cut end..
  13. The bow up trim photograph looks like the bow is damaged to me hence the daylight or am I seeing something different from you guys...
  14. jww

    J33 Stories

    My wife and I sailed our new to us J33 quite a bit last year in light air and heavy air.We found it very easy to sail with just the two of us.It has a very solid feel to me versus our old Soverel 33 and much more comfortable. She loves it as do I.Only raced once but smoked the competition in light air.I agree about the feel of neutral helm.Controls pretty well laid out and the only thing tweeked looks to have been the mainsheet controls.