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  1. jww

    Older / Smaller J Boats

    If you're looking at a J 35 I would give a serious look at a J 33.Just about as fast as a 35 but much easier to sail..
  2. jww

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Nice to see Dad's old boat...
  3. jww

    New Stuffing box

    The Express 35 is a Steve Killing design built by Goman Yachts in Canada...
  4. jww

    Identify this throttle control

    I should say I believe it's a Morse.Parts and replacements on Internet.Have had the same issue but lubricants have worked.Soaked the entire unit on the inside while someone would pull the handle in and out at the same time.No problem for the last two seasons..Good luck..
  5. jww

    Identify this throttle control

    Morse..Same as my J33..
  6. jww

    Heavy Metal

    For some reason I believe Lee Creekmore was the designer..
  7. All three boats are completely different designs.The original Tartan 27 was a S&S design.The Pride 270 was a Britton Chance design and the the Nitro 27 you recall was actually a Soverel 27 design built by Tartan.One of the Soverel 27s built.was named Nitro...
  8. jww

    BYC-Mac Weather

    According to WJR radio in Detroit the bombing practice is cancelled per a race official interview earlier this morning..
  9. jww

    What is the boat on the left?

    I think the boat in the middle is a OH Rogers 24 or 26.Didn't know Hobie 33s had fixed levels.Did they offer both a fixed keel and a center board?
  10. jww

    What was it?

    Was that boat Chiquita in a past life when new?
  11. jww

    What was it?

    Reminds me of a Morgan 45..
  12. jww

    Replacing a piece of toe rail

    I think H2O the builder of many custom race boats might know what he's talking about but just my opinion...
  13. jww

    what was it?

    I'll hazard a guess it's a Kelley 24..
  14. jww

    what was it?

    Cobra was the original G&S 25 in 1987 out of CYC in Cleveland.
  15. jww

    looking for S2 7.9 photos

    Hope everything is well.I think the fourth boat was Rugger but it's been a long time...