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  1. Salazar

    The Zombie Fleet

    I think I fixed the link so it points where it was supposed to. The linked story isn't funny at all.
  2. Salazar

    Time to talk hawse pipes

  3. Salazar

    Proposed new ABYC standard

    My compliments to Rob Ball. When he designed our C&C 37/40 he made it so all 3 water tanks (totaling 80 US gallons), and the fuel tank (44 US Gallons), will easily go out of the companionway. With a screw gun I can have any one of those tanks out of the boat in probably 20 min (if they are empty when I start). The waste tank will also go out the companionway but getting it out of the boat takes longer as quite a bit more furniture has to be dismantled to get it out of the heads cabinet where it is located. I know the engine also goes out the companionway as the boat was repowered once already and I can see how they did it. Two small cuts in a piece of the cabinetry that covers the engine (that was easily repaired) and then pretty much a straight lift up and out. It is true this boat design doesn't have comparable tankage capacity to many of Bob Perry's cruising designs so Rob Ball's challenges weren't as extreme. But everything will come out of the boat without cutting a hole in the boat. I appreciate that.
  4. Salazar

    Things I didn't know

    On the boat I wear an older Gill Regatta Master Watch. The strap is essentially one piece so unbreakable. There is an easy to use timer function for race starts or for use as a wake-up alarm or whatever. The digits can be huge so I don't need glasses to read it. The battery is easily replaceable, no tools required but a battery lasts a couple of years or so anyway. Mine looks like this: The current version:
  5. Salazar

    Things I didn't know

    Some years ago, after dropping a brand new Makita cordless drill from the top of a ladder onto concrete, thus breaking it, I bought a few of these and use them for most tools while working at heights, and on the boat (which combine sometimes).,42207
  6. Salazar

    foil assisted cruiser

    With the Beneteau Figaro 3 apparently the foils are extended out to both side all the time, except when docking? With the DSS, is only one out at a time?
  7. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    About $3,000 a year for furnace oil, Canadian dollars. Not so bad for a 90 year old house with 2800 sq. ft. of living space I think? A high efficiency Boiler and pretty smart controls (they adjust boiler supply water temperatures based on Outdoor Temperature Reset and Indoor Temperature Feedback from multiple zone thermostats).
  8. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Pretty funny. And the comments at the bottom are even funnier, they take themselves so seriously...
  9. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    As our heat source is oil (Oil fired Boiler and cast iron radiators) we still need power to say warm, but not very much so we have a little Honda Eu2000i that is enough to run the boiler and its pumps and controls, as well as the refrigerator and the freezer, as well as a few lights. We only bother to hook it up if the power is off for a few hours and that has only happened twice or so in the last 10 years. There is a simple way to hook a much larger fuel tank to it so it will run for days. That just required another tank (I use the one for our outboard) and a fuel line connected to a modified fuel cap for the Honda. Apparently the Honda has a fuel pump so it will draw fuel from the extra tank, no problem. I've loaned the Honda to friends whose power was off for longer periods, mostly to keep their sump pumps and refrigerators going. One friend needed it for over a week and the extra fuel tank really helped there. The Honda is quite useful for other things and only weighs about 50 lbs. Occasionally you will see it on Salazar.
  10. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Good call on buying Mr. Honda there. He has come in quite handy this week it seems. I looked it up online, it looks like it dates from the early 1990's? Honda makes good stuff. Stay warm!
  11. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Well, we still don't have any snow here today. On the other hand, it has been so windy since Saturday morning the ferries to Newfoundland haven't been able to run for three days. As of this morning there were more than 200 tractor trailers lined up, waiting for the ferries to start moving again. These ferries are about 600' long but the seas were up to 25' and the wind over 60 mph in the Cabot Strait.
  12. Salazar

    foil assisted cruiser

    I don't really understand what Beneteau is doing here. Is this the same concept, with a different execution? Edit: OK, I found this link that explains a bit about it: ...also: Charles Devanneaux and co-skipper Matthieu Damerval, doublehanded the prototype in the 2018 Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaii — finishing only three days behind 70-footers, with an elapsed time of 11 days, 4 hours and 24 minutes (racing under an experimental rating).
  13. Salazar

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    It is really weird seeing Blakely Harbor with more snow that Cape Breton in February. There is so little snow here I can see my lawn. It isn't green, but I can see it.
  14. Salazar

    The Zombie Fleet

    We went flying on Saturday and went down to the Gabarus Shore to see what was left of 'Liberty'. Not very much I'm sad to say. The photo link I posted earlier didn't work, hopefully this one will.