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  1. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, it is listed at $5.00
  2. Guns on Boats

    That photo belongs in a "Guns on Boats" thread...
  3. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    The Halkey Roberts valves on my Seabright Inflatable work exactly like this. I don't even have to use my mad pickpocket skilz to push in and turn the little knob, or release it when the boat is filled.
  4. Sailing around the world (Galleon replica)

    From the Spanish Wikipedia https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galeón_Andalucía ... via Google Translate: On March 21 he left the Sevillian port to dock at the Port of Cádiz, where he remained anchored three more days. He then visited Malaga, Malta, Haifa, and crossed the Red Sea through the Suez Canal. On May 7, 2010, she was escorted by the frigate Victoria, on her way to the Gulf of Aden. It was because it was in Operation Atalanta of the European Union for the fight against piracy in Somali waters. It finally arrived in Shanghai on June 24, 2010. So, the dates seem accurate as far as the references in Spanish Wikipedia can be trusted. I was a little surprised.
  5. Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Bull is just pulling your leg, he owns an H-boat and has a great thread here about it. But you probably know that already...
  6. Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Years ago my wife and I got a ride on a friend's classic wooden International Dragon (built in Norway in the 1940"s I think?) for an afternoon in Mahone Bay, NS. It started out as a beautiful sunny afternoon with a nice sailing breeze but the wind built through the afternoon and got quite brisk. We rounded the Second Peninsula so were then exposed to the big rollers coming in from the Atlantic. A dragon is only 30' long and feels smaller with the slim hull and skinny overhangs so I expected the boat to get tossed around some in the waves but it went through those waves like a hot knife through butter, the waves just sliding down the sides with no fuss. That Dragon went upwind like a train. Wow. We had a wonderful afternoon, I still remember that ride fondly.
  7. Show your boat sailing thread

    Wow! Great shot of a great boat!
  8. Sailing Books for Children

    A description of Lying Awake I found online sounds promising: Lying Awake is a beautifully written, quality children's picture book with delightful watercolor illustrations, for ages six to adult. It features the special combination of a read-aloud bedtime story, activities, and several pages of educational information about life on a boat, and little-known facts about the marine life in the story. Waiting for sleep in her cozy bunk, eight-year-old Lanie listens to the sounds both inside the boat and outside in the marina, and relives her adventures with Grandfather out on the tide flats. Readers are treated to the sensory experience of what you see, smell, and hear on a boat in a marina, and to the rhythm and peacefulness of a boat rocking back and forth at the dock. The activities in Lying Awake include a recipe, and three secret signal flag messages for the reader to decode. These messages provide a few details not found elsewhere in the book. https://books.google.ca/books/about/Lying_Awake.html?id=xYjCsaDzJhkC&redir_esc=y And a few short reviews on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Lying-Awake-Helen-Furbush/product-reviews/0974178705/ref=dpx_acr_txt?showViewpoints=1
  9. Electric pumps for a dinghy?

    This guy goes to many, many boat shows to display his line of inflatables. This is the pump he uses himself to inflate (and deflate afterwards) his boats at shows. Note, these are already fitted with the TwistLock adapter for your dingy's Halkey Roberts inflation valves. ...and his prices are in CAN$ so less in US$ You can find these pumps elsewhere too. http://www.seabrightmarine.ca/covers.html#electricpump
  10. Prop Cutters

    We don't have a problem with pots in the main channel into our harbour. The Newfoundland Ferries and the Cruise Ships keep the channel open for us. ...and Lobster Season end in this region by July 15th so its just crab traps and research traps after that, and a lot fewer of those.
  11. Thanks for the NACA Prop video, really interesting. I don't think it would be very easy to assemble that much perfectly clear spruce today. Not a knot or a blemish to be seen.
  12. Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

    Did you change the radiator cap recently? Perhaps the new cap is different than the one it replaced. If it is different it could cause the problem the Crazy Horse mentioned above with the pump lip seal. To quote the internet: "Starting in the early 1970s, coolant recovery systems caught on, first on vehicles equipped with heavy-duty cooling systems, and then on all vehicles. The system routes the overflow tube to the bottom of a plastic tank, usually right next to the radiator. When the system cools, it draws coolant back into the radiator from the overflow tank. This way the radiator’s always full and we’re not pissing expensive, poisonous coolant all over the streets and roads and driveways and garages. Nice! But you have to have the right radiator cap or it won’t work. A cap for a recovery system has two rubber seals: on the face of the main valve, which seals against the lower inner diameter of the radiator neck (all caps have this seal), and a larger seal, just under the cap’s underside, which seals against the outer upper diameter of the radiator neck. This forces overflow coolant through the overflow tube rather than gushing past the cap, and when the system cools down and coolant volume in the radiator decreases, the suction is channeled to the overflow tube, which instead of sucking air draws coolant from the reserve tank back into the radiator." Also: "The pressure rating is the parameter most of us are familiar with, but there are other important choices to make when selecting a radiator cap. One of them has to do with how this pressure/vacuum equalization is approached. In a “full pressure” cap, the vent valve is spring-loaded into the closed position. It only opens when a vacuum sufficient to overcome the vent valve spring develops and pulls the valve open. A full-pressure system begins building pressure as soon as the coolant begins to heat up, and retains it long after coolant outflow would cease to push closed a free-hanging centre valve. This protects against localized boiling in the system, but at the cost of increased physical stress on the entire cooling system—hose junctions, seals, solder joints in the radiator and heater core, etc—because they’re under pressure more of the time, including during system temperature changes. In a “partial pressure” cap, the vent valve is free-hanging and weighted into the open position; it closes only when system pressure rises high enough to cause volume that can overcome the weight and push the valve closed."
  13. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    The teeth give a bit more control when doing this sort of work. The stem post won't skid and slide along the logs as much:
  14. https://yachtanomaly.wordpress.com/ http://yachtanomaly.blogspot.ca/
  15. Snubbed

    Save Steve the bother, this one about sums it up I think.