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  1. Superkilt

    what is it?

    You can laugh at it as it passes your boat. Lol.
  2. Superkilt

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    There are easier ways of making an open-footed main.
  3. Excuse the digression, but regarding this Jason fellow from YachtVid: Shouldn't that be a hairless cat on his lap?
  4. Superkilt

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    So many anti-J responses, but I confess I have sung that gospel more than once - particularly with the 105. But, have you nay-sayers sailed a a 125? The point is, the fact that it is a "J" is not the deciding factor, but the fact that their "sucessful" boats are just not that fun to sail - and I am speaking from a high-performance perspective. If indeed this 111 design is a go-fast design and not adhering to IRC (or whatever, for that matter), then they'll have a winner and it's resale value in 10 years will blow away the 122's because it's just more fun. As an aside, I wish J boats could get their pricing under control.