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  1. Do you have any sailing videos yet. Looks good now would love to see her sailing.
  2. This on, plus you get maid service and a buffet.
  3. See if you can find someone with a Herreshoff Marco Polo, they were 55 feet long and three masted
  4. Moore 24, Express 27, Olson 29, Olson 30, Santa Cruz 27
  5. Any wreckage found yet?
  6. Watch the video of Commanche approaching the finish line of the Transpac. Furl, gybe, unfurl all in 15 seconds. Pretty common on large boats.
  7. Bolidt makes a fake teak that looks very good and stands up to terrible abuse. It was designed for cruise ships and people walking around in high heels and spilling drinks.
  8. Where are the videos?! I love DD videos, wish I could do the race but don't have a trailer for my O29.
  9. If you think that's the ugliest boat, you haven't seen sailing yacht "A". Mitseeah isn't even in the top 3, maybe the top 10.
  10. As Mustang-1 said, the very best don't have to yell at their crew. Training is important even with very experienced crew to get to the point where there is virtually no talking during an evolution. Ideally everyone knows what to do and when to do it. This get geometrically more difficult as the number of crew increases. On a two person dinghy my crew and I spoke about wind, waves, other boats positions and tactics. We never had to say anything about maneuvers except "tack", "set", "douse" or "gybe" because they were so well rehearsed there was nothing to say. But when sailing a 40-45 footer with a rotating crew pool there is a lot more instruction and direction required, but still no yelling.
  11. At one point in my late teens I sailed Solings with a world champion skipper. He was the foulest, worst tempered skipper I ever had. He would scream insults and curse at other skippers, the race committee, anyone near enough to hear...but not at his own crew. It was an amazing learning experience but I stopped sailing with him after one season as it was just too negative an experience overall.
  12. The woman in the video says he wants to do this "because he has been unsuccessful with many things in his life". Hate to break it to him but this will be another success which eludes him.
  13. The "topmast" extends above the hounds for the mainsail. The boat becomes about a 7/8 fractional rig.
  14. It planes, has drop down flaps at the stern to allow this, like giant trim tabs on an outboard runabout.
  15. If the rigging is in good shape you'll have a pretty strong boat so should be OK for long distance...provided you can carry enough food and water for your family. Personally if I were planning a long cruise with family standing headroom and good storage would be higher on my list than pure speed. The First Class 10 was built as an ultralight racer, loading a family, food, water and supplies will have a very large impact on performance. By the way, I sail an Olson 29 so very much in the ULDB camp but not so much for a long cruise.