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  1. Rimas is alive

    Hard to believe the cockroach survived....amazing.
  2. Olson 30 vs. Soverel 33

    Absolutely right! Also the post about dinghy sailor is right on, you'll be more comfortable surfing if you've sailed planing dinghies a lot.
  3. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I stand in awe...Rimas got the USCG to tow him once again and is safe in port (where he will run up bills for someone else to pay). Amazing survival skills!
  4. Which autopilot?

    Here's another vid of the Pelagic on the Olson 29, a two sail reach at 8.5-9 knots.
  5. East Coast version of a Moore 24

    Here's a Moore 24 in it's natural habitat...
  6. Which autopilot?

    Look at the Pelagic autopilot. I put one on my Olson 29 and it works great, most to the SHTP racers use this pilot. My YouTube has short videos of it working (look up Olson 29 Ronin on Youtube). Just a happy customer, not affiliated with the company in any way.
  7. blooper time!

    great shot! What a cool boat WP was so far ahead of her time!
  8. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Beautiful little trimaran...
  9. In the late '60s to mid 70's there was a good 110 fleet in San Diego, really fun boat. First boat I ever trapezed on and first "Robert's chute launcher" I used. I used to race with a Mr. Burton who was the fleet champion out of SWYC for a while. I wish there was a strong fleet in the PNW, would sail one again in a heartbeat.
  10. Time to go see the walruses

  11. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    I had four foot web straps on the create, then 150 feet of 1/2 inch nylon (44 foot 9,000 pound trimaran). The create functions as a vortex generator and is more drag than a tire and less likely to skip across the surface; it's easier to retrieve than a traditional sea anchor. Also the rode stows neatly in the create when it's not in use. As soon as the slack is taken out of the line the stern just snaps into line and stays there, lets the auto pilot barely have to work. It would slow us down two or three knots as I usually wanted to keep below 10 knots downhill in big seas so I didn't plow into the next wave. We were just cruising with wife and two young (4 and 8 year old) kids, not looking for speed records.
  12. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    I towed a drogue several times on my old Kantola 44 trimaran, always off the stern. We carried a cone shaped drogue 4 feet in diameter (classic sea anchor style) which was only used once, in 45-50 knots and big seas with no sail up heading downwind and a second "milk create" with four point bridle used downwind in 25-30 knots (double reefed and #4) with 10-12 foot following seas just to slow down a couple of knots and help the autopilot hold course. The little milk create on 150' rode would stop all the snake wake action and the auto wouldn't have to work so hard.
  13. A big project!

    Massive undertaking in Tally Ho. Seems a very talented kid, sure hope his funds hold out for the project.
  14. Inland Waterway Bridge Clearance

    Did you stop in Wacca Wache and Beaufort (SC)? Both really lovely places, Wacca Wache for looking like you're the first person to see that part of the river and Beaufort for a cool small town. The other Beaufort (NC) has a really impressive Maritime Museum, lots of Blackbeard stuff as he was killed in the sound near there.
  15. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    Go to a smaller local loft, you'll get better service and probably a good price for white sails. Always better if the sailmaker comes to the boat to measure for tack back and outhaul car at least.