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  1. Schooner "Dawn"?

    Somebody let the air out...
  2. Kite boats

    I've thought for years that a large kite would be a great way to get somewhere in the event of a dismasting. Maybe not upwind but surely would reach or go downwind better than a jury rig with the boom and spinnaker pole for a mast.
  3. Re-Cut head sail

    I just cut my Olson 29 old 145% genoa into a blast reacher yesterday. It's an old "string sail" with the mylar gone at the perimeter of the clew so it looked like an old lady's string shopping bag but the body of the sail is OK. I raised the clew about 30 inches to cut away the bad material at the edge of the clew patch. Just cut out the clew patch and moved it up the leech then recut the foot to the relocated clew. Probably only two hours of work in a loft but took about 4.5 hours in my living room. Not ever going to be a racing sail but lets me have a high clewed genny for daysailing.
  4. caption contest

    Did you remember to pay the insurance last month?
  5. So with a woman Commodore, have they opened the "Men's Bar" to women? (I haven't been there for many years so maybe it was done awhile ago)?
  6. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    +1 I had a Santana 23 daggerboard midget ocean racer years ago. In one Hot Rum race reaching back into SD bay I went high (west) before ballast point to keep clear air. Two boat went aground following me not knowing I had the board up and drew about two feet of water!
  7. Slightly Obscure But Very Helpful

    A reefed mizzen and a stays'l will get you to weather better than a double reefed main and small jib in really nasty conditions...at least on many full keeled ketches
  8. Tehuantepecker going off right now

    Having made several trips (5) through the area I've always stayed on the 10 fathom curve, this is away from any obstructions and near enough that there is no fetch. Watch the wx map for a high in the Gulf of Mexico, if so wait a couple of days for it to dissipate before entering Tehuantepec. One trip we saw the wind go from 5 knots to gusts of 75 knots in less than 20 minutes. We had steady 50 knots for about three hours before exiting to the south and wind dropping to 15 knots and then zero on the way to Panama.
  9. blooper time!

    First I remember hearing about a Blooper/Shooter was the early '70s on Chris Bouzaid (spelling ?) one tonner in NZ.
  10. Swede 55

    One of my all time favorite boats. Wish I could afford slip rent for a 52 foot slip.

  12. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    From what I recall a foreign national may get a OUPV license but not a master's license. If you are planning on small sailing charters this will be enough license for you.
  13. 525's - "The Original Sport Boat"

    Agree, the ORIGINAL sport boat. Keelboat with ability to plane, great boats by C. Raymond Hunt
  14. Best Semi-Pros?

    Just look at the World Champs in each of the classes you listed.
  15. 5000+ hours, 18,000+ miles, no credentials

    Boating experience has little to do with the questions on the USCG test (IMHO). A good study guide will help and probably work but as I said before concentrate on the Rules and signals as well as navigation, that is what trips up most people.