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  1. Sailing my Olson 29 last month in 40F and 24 knots near Seattle. Note the Mustang Survival insulated worksuit, my best winter investment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52DxbIddLsY&t=132s
  2. Radar reflector

    A radar reflector will help you be seen by large vessels, it's not perfect and assumes that you're not lost in the sea clutter and that the rating on radar watch has tuned the receiver well enough to see you. Fiberglass boats are pretty stealthy, in flat conditions with no sea clutter I've seen 40-50 foot glass boats less than 1/2 mile away that still didn't show up on radar consistently, but a 25-30 footer with a Davis reflector popping on screen at over 5 miles. AIS (receive only) is a real boon for keeping track of large vessels, but they still don't know where you are. The best (low power consumption) solution for a small yacht is an AIS transceiver in addition to a radar reflector. Best high power consumption solution is an ARPA radar (or 2) and AIS transceiver as is common on large motor yachts and shipping. We used to run 2 radars all the time, in coastal passages one on 16 nm and one on 2 nm ranges; at sea one on 32 nm and one on 4 nm.
  3. Fast "safe" boat....

    You guys need to go back and read the entire thread....
  4. Fast "safe" boat....

    A TP 52 would be a better first time single hander for Voyager, he has a Porsche and a TP 52 fits right in as a fast sporty boat.
  5. Fast "safe" boat....

  6. Fast "safe" boat....

    I had to look up "SJW" in urban dictionary; thought it meant "some junior whore" or something... I'm sticking with the TP52 recommendation for a good novice single handing boat, it's fast and easy for one guy to sail well...Voyager will have a great time.
  7. Fast "safe" boat....

    Wow, Jersey boy comes asking for advice and then flames out in less than a page! Come on guys, he needs help, I think a TP52 would do him fine for novice single handing. More room than a Farr 40.
  8. Fast "safe" boat....

    Juniper is a great design and a super choice...for an experienced sailor. She is too much boat for a newbie.
  9. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Absolutely right. On the ICW it's getting really difficult to find a place to anchor for even a couple of nights because the locals are sick of the "cruisers" who are really just squatters on a boat.
  10. R2AK 2018

    I wish that had been available a year ago, before I bought my boat!
  11. West Marine Auto Inflate with harness

    With the Mustang and the exposure suit it's not a matter of comfortable, it literally won't go over the collar. Like I said, I really wanted to buy that Mustang, tried it on several different times but it's cold around here and love that exposure worksuit.
  12. West Marine Auto Inflate with harness

    I really wanted to like the Mustang but they made the neck opening so tight I couldn't get it over foul weather gear and under layers, let alone with my Mustang exposure worksuit. It's impossible to get the collar through the life jacket no matter how you configure the worksuit hood. It's great with a dry suit but if you have a collar on a jacket under your foulies, forget it. Wound up buying the Spinlock 5D.
  13. Another gosh

    Buy it for 20K GPB and invest a couple of million more and you'll have...a really old, complicated boat.
  14. ton fun

    Some of the best ocean racing I ever experienced was in 1/4 tonners. In one Yachting Ton Cup in San Diego there were 4 quarter tonners overlapped at the final turning mark after 30 miles of racing, the other 8 boats in the class were all in sight. Great fun even if the silly things couldn't do over 4.5 knots, they were all doing it together so the racing was intense.
  15. AwlGrip DIY

    Up until about the 1990s all Feadships were roll and tipped painted. They looked perfect, like mirrors due to the skill of the applicators. I read that to be a painter at Feadship required a 6 year apprenticeship but the results were truly amazing. You did an awesome job, really well done sir.