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    Any Olson 29 owners?

    I've just purchased an Olson 29 hull number 14; wonderful little boat, and am looking to make contact with other Olson 29 owners. Thank you Dave Reams Olson 29 hull 14
  2. sailronin

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Hi, usually a quick luff to unload the board was all that was needed; rudder was about the same. Not enough that boats nearby would even notice the move.
  3. sailronin

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    Mine was "Dogmeat" out of SDYC. Kelp was easy, just raise the board and drop right away, same with the rudder. Of course we tried to avoid it as much as possible but kelp was never that much of a problem. She was pretty quick in light air and we did well in things like Sugarloaf Rock or Round the Coronado Islands.
  4. sailronin

    Any info on this cat?

    Looks like a modern CSK design.
  5. sailronin

    VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    They forgot to look where they were going, sailed into a dead end!
  6. sailronin

    Schrock Santana 23D dagger board model

    I had one in San Diego when they first came out. It sailed to it's rating and was fairly comfortable for a couple of night "camp cruising" with a family of four (two small kids).
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    Captain Ron DVD

    tug on the line when you find the anchor
  8. sailronin

    Etchells or Star for single handed cruising?

    Unless your daughter is over 200 pounds and loves to hike, a Star will be grossly overpowered. If limited to those two choices go with the E22.
  9. This may be of interest as it's maritime history. Not sailing but the R/V Petrel, owned by Paul Allen discovered the wreck of the USS Lexington on Saturday about 500 miles NE of Australia in 3000 meters of water. Petrel is a 256 foot former "IMR" (inspection, maintenance and repair) vessel which was purchased in 2016 and refit into a research ship with 6,000 meter AUV (autonomous underwater vehicle) and ROV (remotely operated vehicle). The "Lady Lex" was one of the first US aircraft carriers and was sunk in the battle of the Coral Sea, an historic engagement, the first naval battle where the surface ships were never in visual range. Aircraft and torpedos were the cause of her sinking. This battle essentially turned the tide of the Japanese expansion into the Pacific and saw the beginning of US and Allied dominance in the Pacific.
  10. sailronin

    Pelagic Autopilot Systems

    Here's my Pelagic Autopilot steering my O29 with a 1.5 oz chute up.
  11. sailronin

    Guns on Boats

    Guns onboard while clearing in and out of most countries is a royal pain in the arse. Additionally not all jurisdictions in the same country (or sometimes even the same district) will have the same rules. Case in point, several years ago a large Motoryacht cleared into Cancun, Mexico declaring weapons aboard with the port captain. The weapons were in a locked vault and there was no issue keeping them aboard (rifles only). When the boat moved to Cozumel (about 40 nm away) the port captain saw on the previous clearance paperwork the mention of firearms and arrested the boat and entire crew and guests. After a couple of days the crew and guests were released but the Captain was held in a Mexican prison for over six months. It also took several weeks (and a lot of money) to secure release of the yacht.
  12. sailronin

    USS Lexington CV-2 discovered after 76 years

    At 3000 meters depth there is very little oxygen and the water is about 1 degree C. There is very little growth or rust at depths below about 2000 meters. When the Indianapolis was found (at 5000 meters) there were boxes on the seafloor clearly marked with "CA 35" "Indianapolis" and part numbers for the spare parts inside. The most amazing shot to me was of the anchor palm where you can read the stamping in the steel.
  13. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    We saw a couple of wipe outs; some blue and black spinnaker on what like a Catalina or Cal wipe out pretty hard and we saw Anarchy wipe out as well.
  14. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    On Ronin we were never spinning out or broaching but just generally overpowered and not pointing well. Video of the spinnaker reach and a large J boats crossing us is below.
  15. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    Yeah, heeling too much being overpowered is not the same as being unsafe.
  16. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    Yes, we were seeing solid 8.5 knots boat speed with 9.9 knots as top speed under chute, we were pretty overpowered upwind. I should have gone down to a #3 jib for the beat from the rock to the finish.
  17. sailronin

    My favorite boat repair tools.

    Great answer!
  18. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    Wow Locus you were correct. It was blowing over 15 knots most of the course!
  19. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    15 knots? Sailflow is only showing 10 in the afternoon...
  20. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    Thanks left shift!
  21. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    HI Alex, I just submitted my registration for the CSS. Still no word on the membership but it's OK, just paid for the three race series.
  22. sailronin

    Chicken Chute

    My chicken chute is a 1.5 oz assy about 100 square feet smaller than my normal chutes.
  23. sailronin

    Blakely Rock Race 2018, Seattle

    I’m planning to race my Olson 29, need to register this week. I’ve been waiting for my new CYC membership to be confirmed to register. Also I plan to be at the crew/skipper Meetup at CYC this coming Friday, right now I’m short at least one possibly two for Blakely Rock.
  24. Sailing my Olson 29 last month in 40F and 24 knots near Seattle. Note the Mustang Survival insulated worksuit, my best winter investment.