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  1. FT 7.5m still for sale. Excellent boat ... will go to a new owner for a good price. See Academy Yachts listing for more information: http://harborsailboats.com/yacht-sales/brokerage-specials/ Contact us for more info or to take a look. Trailer and help with delivery available ...
  2. Flying Tiger 10 USA#83 is looking to build a crew in San Diego. The boat is in excellent shape and will be very well maintained to be competitive. Plan to race actively in the FT10 one-design series and local PHRF regattas. Looking to build a consistent crew to race aggressively and have fun. Experience is great but not necessary. PM if interested.
  3. Some good pictures from the Winter regatta last weekend ... Pictures by Cynthia Sinclair - https://www.flickr.com/photos/cynthiasinclairphoto/sets
  4. Thanks for the message. Agree with the comments. Although it has been popular in China and there is a nice fleet in Canada, only 5 boats made it to the US. More than likely you can use the boat as a mixed fleet PHRF racer or a good fast family and friends day-sailor. We keep it in the water but it is easily trailer launched as well. In the light San Diego winds, the Melges and J70 are lighter boats and come out of the tacks faster and have an advantage. Our random leg rating here is 90. Ratings will vary a few seconds here and there but truth is with a good crew and hitting a few good windshifts, its close enough to beat the other small sportboats boat for boat. Its a good deal and well kept. Will be a very good boat for someone ...
  5. Good boat for sale in the classifieds ... This boat has been a lot of fun the past few years. Single owner. Great for daysails and fun to race in PHRF events. It can be singlehanded for fun weekend sailing or raced with 3-5 people. I now have a FT10m and its time to sell the 7.5m. Very well kept. Good working motor. Good spin and jib. New lines. Trailer available if needed. Happy to help with transport. Very good value for $29,000.
  6. Thanks for the interest. It is a fantastic boat. Sails very well. Easy to maintain. Fast and stable. Lots of sitting room for its size - similar to the 10m. My boat is currently for sale in San Diego. It is boat USA 101. Listing in on Yachtworld.com. We will get it listed in the SA classifieds soon. The boat is very well kept. No major repairs. No collisions. 90% sailed in light air. I had a great time sailing this boat for the past 5 years but decided it was time to try something new. Let me know if you are interested in more info and come out for a sail. I am happy to help deliver the boat to a new owner.