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  1. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Just a reminder to CHANGE LONGITUDE to E in Zezo after crossing the Prime meridian!
  2. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I'm setting up for a 24 hour longest run. Weather's okay to me. As I figured a couple of days ago, I'm back about 6 hrs behind Mom but I'm now hooked onto the front of a classic southern ocean Low and ripping along over 20 kts. YIPPEE E E E ! I'll try and wave as I go by, Wethog.
  3. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Yup, lack of beer ranks right up there with: "this tack doesn't give me much sun" on the 'importance to sailing satisfaction' index. I, of course, never let these considerations hamper tactical choices. . . .not at all.
  4. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    It's interesting how many decisions are made on the basis of "fuck it, I'm not going to catch'em by following" or similarly phrased reasoning. Sometimes breaking away pays but, if you're not prepared to do the homework, the break is likely a flyer with only luck to help you out. M2for was hugged into the back of the Mom Group with Breitling, Prowler_1, Wing it, et al. when Zezo suggested a hitch west and south was a good route to Table Mountain. On the water, in a real boat, I'd look at continuing the route and take the header early, i.e. continue with the Mom Group (maybe I should call them the Stufishers or, better, the Mongrels, but Your Mom does have the rating chops). However, the "electronics" (zezo) which I don't have onboard in reality, showed significantly better pressure building to the south so I broke and thought I'd hook up with Golden Rose (but she snubbed me) so I carried on to WetHog (ugh!). Although the little group of us with Mudsailor have good pressure and boat speeds around 18 kts, the angles that the Mongrels have by going deep into the knock before gybing, is going to put me just about back where I started (with some luck), around 6 hours behind. I, unfortunately, have to keep re-learning things or at least do more homework to confirm the trade-off between boat speed and major shifts. I'm still having fun: the game always has the potential to commiserate with others like Hike Bitches who needs to maximum zoom out to get his competition in view. I can feel good being ahead of him (and Golden Rose). AND, it is going to be a (virtual) rush speeding into Capetown. I'll watch the Africa huggers while their glory fades; I'll feel chuffed to stomp those stupid fuckers; not that my humility is at all in need of a lift after caving into this south-westerly flyer.
  5. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    Thanks Rat for including m2for. . .. Breitling and I have been playing sweep on the StuMomGrel group for some time and it looks like our eastern hitch may pay off against the most western of Group A (and B).
  6. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    It always takes me time to remember lessons revealed in previous games. But, since I only compete in the Vendee or VOR game, by the time the next one comes around, the lessons have joined most of the other flaff that advanced age has relegated to dim awareness. Breitling and I shared a similar strategy for getting west and, unbeknownst to him, I used his route to measure the effectiveness of my naviguessing. In the end, we both have tucked in behind the group surrounding Your Mom. Our strategy of stepping west lost us 4 or 5 hours to Mom's group even though the Mercator projection had me looking good at times. Lesson re-learned: if you want to do westing or easting, remember that longitudes are closer together nearer the poles and distance sailed is only the same as between latitudes at the equator. Wind pressure and angle were not enough to overcome the committed dash west at a higher latitude. So, wrong strategy, in spite of what I consider a brilliant tactical job in chipping away AT LEAST 11 nm on Breitling's sorry ass!
  7. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I guess we broke zezo!
  8. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    You're a wealth of knowledge Mom, thank you. Now, if you could also monitor m2for and let me know when I'm on the rocks, or better, tell me before I hit the dirt, I'll consider your service complete. Stranded
  9. Did your pooch swim North?

    Good to see Golden Rose in this VORG.  Pretty boat! Colourful tail, er trail!


  10. VOR '17-'18 - THE GAME

    I guess I'm in since they've finally recognized my boat. I started a little late and am still not sure about how the cards and credits work. Seems like you are allotted only a certain number per leg? I tried to buy some waypoints to get me through the night (no soundtrack Driftwood, please) but they took my money and ran as far as I can tell. I'll re-read YM's notes.
  11. I don't think you can. But at least the eventually put a warning on it so it doesn't go on for 24 hours if you mis-click. Again, well done YM. It turns out it was virtually virtuous to be confidently conservative. . .or whatever your sailing style turned out to be
  12. Did someone say how to turn off the stealth mode? I didn't realize it lasted for 24 hrs. . .
  13. Congratulation Your Mom, Kymen and Gybe Turkey. Well played! indeed.
  14. Really hard to overtake on the outer lane. But now.... I'm ahead. I'm chipping away at you both. A 'win' for me is to beat Rainbow, possibly Hamachi. Breitling is too close for me to get any leverage and we are both pursuing the same strategy (atm). I was thinking of kicking my AIS too, just to give Breitling less info on my final push. I don't think it would faze him however; he does just fine with his own resources. HAH, just checked, and I'm ahead of Rainbow too! I'm winning, I'm winning! . . .