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      Sailing Anarchy is a very lightly moderated site. This is by design, to afford a more free atmosphere for discussion. There are plenty of sailing forums you can go to where swearing isn't allowed, confrontation is squelched and, and you can have a moderator finger-wag at you for your attitude. SA tries to avoid that and allow for more adult behavior without moderators editing your posts and whacking knuckles with rulers. We don't have a long list of published "thou shalt nots" either, and this is by design. Too many absolute rules paints us into too many corners. So check the Terms of Service - there IS language there about certain types of behavior that is not permitted. We interpret that lightly and permit a lot of latitude, but we DO reserve the right to take action when something is too extreme to tolerate (too racist, graphic, violent, misogynistic, etc.). Yes, that is subjective, but it allows us discretion. Avoiding a laundry list of rules allows for freedom; don't abuse it. However there ARE a few basic rules that will earn you a suspension, and apparently a brief refresher is in order. 1) Allegations of pedophilia - there is no tolerance for this. So if you make allegations, jokes, innuendo or suggestions about child molestation, child pornography, abuse or inappropriate behavior with minors etc. about someone on this board you will get a time out. This is pretty much automatic; this behavior can have real world effect and is not acceptable. Obviously the subject is not banned when discussion of it is apropos, e.g. talking about an item in the news for instance. But allegations or references directed at or about another poster is verboten. 2) Outing people - providing real world identifiable information about users on the forums who prefer to remain anonymous. Yes, some of us post with our real names - not a problem to use them. However many do NOT, and if you find out someone's name keep it to yourself, first or last. This also goes for other identifying information too - employer information etc. You don't need too many pieces of data to figure out who someone really is these days. Depending on severity you might get anything from a scolding to a suspension - so don't do it. I know it can be confusing sometimes for newcomers, as SA has been around almost twenty years and there are some people that throw their real names around and their current Display Name may not match the name they have out in the public. But if in doubt, you don't want to accidentally out some one so use caution, even if it's a personal friend of yours in real life. 3) Posting While Suspended - If you've earned a timeout (these are fairly rare and hard to get), please observe the suspension. If you create a new account (a "Sock Puppet") and return to the forums to post with it before your suspension is up you WILL get more time added to your original suspension and lose your Socks. This behavior may result a permanent ban, since it shows you have zero respect for the few rules we have and the moderating team that is tasked with supporting them. Check the Terms of Service you agreed to; they apply to the individual agreeing, not the account you created, so don't try to Sea Lawyer us if you get caught. Just don't do it. Those are the three that will almost certainly get you into some trouble. IF YOU SEE SOMEONE DO ONE OF THESE THINGS, please do the following: Refrain from quoting the offending text, it makes the thread cleanup a pain in the rear Press the Report button; it is by far the best way to notify Admins as we will get e-mails. Calling out for Admins in the middle of threads, sending us PM's, etc. - there is no guarantee we will get those in a timely fashion. There are multiple Moderators in multiple time zones around the world, and anyone one of us can handle the Report and all of us will be notified about it. But if you PM one Mod directly and he's off line, the problem will get dealt with much more slowly. Other behaviors that you might want to think twice before doing include: Intentionally disrupting threads and discussions repeatedly. Off topic/content free trolling in threads to disrupt dialog Stalking users around the forums with the intent to disrupt content and discussion Repeated posting of overly graphic or scatological porn content. There are plenty web sites for you to get your freak on, don't do it here. And a brief note to Newbies... No, we will not ban people or censor them for dropping F-bombs on you, using foul language, etc. so please don't report it when one of our members gives you a greeting you may find shocking. We do our best not to censor content here and playing swearword police is not in our job descriptions. Sailing Anarchy is more like a bar than a classroom, so handle it like you would meeting someone a little coarse - don't look for the teacher. Thanks.


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  1. Pedantic I know but.... geographically Great Britain is just the big fucker island in the middle of around 200 islands which make up the British Isles. The Isle of Wight is politically part of Great Britain which is essentially England Wales and Scotland. But the Isles of Wight, Lundy, Mersea, Sheppey, Anglesea, Scilly and many others are separate islands and geographically not part of Great Britain. And some islands such as Ireland and Man are not part of the UK
  2. The top seed should choose BAR.... I think the top seed will be AR and they will be in the LV final. SB and ETNZ could well be closer than is imagined. I suspect the OR technology trickle down to SB makes them a second time round contender. ETNZ have yet to show anything in Bermuda that makes me think they are contenders. I believe that it is improbable that things are being held back. There may be improvements to come for all boats but these must already be in the pipeline and being planned.
  3. Artemis is mighty impressive.
  4. Yellow must give room. If yellow fails to respond she is DSQ under 20.2(. The protest committee has no choice So, yellow must give room and then yellow must then file a rule 2 protest and request redress under rule 62.1(d). She must also request the protest committee consider rule 69.2© I suspect that in reality yellow needs witnesses to pull this one off. Yellow can only gain redress if committee disqualifies red under 2 or 69.2©. What redress yellow gets is governed by 64.2. Don't hold your breath!
  5. On the vendee live, Alex came across as totally shattered. He has put so much into closing the gap I fear that he has nothing left in the tank. I hope he just gets home safely now. It is still a beast of a boat to navigate through a tricky area. I don't think we can even begin to comprehend the stress that these leading 2 boats have gone through. BP will win barring catastrophe, both sailors are heroes. I want Alex to win, but his only way to win is a BP catastrophe - which I don't want to even contemplate.
  6. Agree that there is a lot of overthinking. Read the facts from the original post. Red took a high risk move by choosing to start on port and also by being early. This was compounded by yellow also being early. This was the moment for Red to bail out. instead they carried on with the same reward on offer (ie a good start) but with much more risk. The comments above suggest there is less risk because yellow is going to be changing course a bit. It only changes the situation for yellow who now has a new obligation. It does not change anything for red. For a long time this looked good (part of the risk / reward thing that experienced sailors know about starting on port!) Red is on port tack and has to keep clear at all times. Yellow is allowed to alter course but must not prevent red keeping clear. Red agrees that it could have tacked but claims it was not obligated too. Rubbish! Red must keep trying to keep clear as it is the keep clear boat. Yellow must not stop her trying to keep clear, but Red cannot give up trying to keep clear and claim it was not obligated too. RED is DSQ. Red stopped trying to keep clear when the responsibility was on yellow to allow red to keep clear. Red was DSQ as soon as it stopped trying to keep clear.
  7. Gents These are the new rule revisions. Learn them and abide by them. But don't complain about them on the internet! This sounds like a decent revision to me and can quickly be learned by don't tack in the circle at the windward mark... But you already knew that was not a good idea anyway.
  8. Love reading the propaganda from the D-0 love in! I remember by Grandma telling me that "Empty Vessels make the most noise". The Polish say the cow which moos a lot gives little milk look it up... Enjoying the Aero immensely as are the wife and the 10 year old, each with their own rig. It is a little dinghy which is exceptional due to how light it is. In my view that is by far its USP. The experience of a gust hitting changes what you do and how you think about what you are doing. Backing off is a thing of the past and you just drive it hard. The hull is a boat, the rig is standard, but what you have to do is so different if you have a background sailing heavier boats. It is impossible not to come in smiling.