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  1. Yes, will be interesting to see how it will all work out. Fewer stops in Europe maybe..? How about China? As long as Volvo is involved, I suppose there will be a leg to China .
  2. jonas a

    VOR 2019-2020

    Could be that some of the bigger imoca teams will race the VOR with their B-crew and perhaps only do minor mods to the boat. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the rules will be. Will the Vor 65 be even more youth oriented and force more experienced sailors to sail imoca
  3. ^these Are obviously things they have to figure out, but as the current path wasn't sustainable, I'm not really sure what direction they should've taken instead. I think the problems for VOR started when it became more professional. It wouldn't otherwise have been a problem, but there were and still are very few countries where you can make a living as a pro offshore sailor. This means that there probably won't be anyone from your yacht club competing, regardless of the flag the boat is carrying. Going back to the eighties isn't really an option, but there probably needs to be a way for less well funded teams to be able to compete and also there should be a well functioning feeding system.
  4. We probably have to wait until the rules and course for the crewed boats become settled. Too many question marks yet. Ultimately I think there will be some advantages with regard to transfer of technology, rule management and crew pool.
  5. That's true, although in last edition, in many interviews, he told us the importance of knowing when to push and how much. In certain wave conditions he was not able to go 100%. The vor65 is just sailed differently, partly because it's a different boat, Also the mindset is different when you know that the boat will be repaired in every port
  6. jonas a

    New imoca boats

    Has been discussed quite extensively on the "Vor auction thread"
  7. So will any of the current VG teams take part in a crewed rtw or will they opt for the TJV instead, which will be sailed the same year?
  8. Good points. On the one hand it would be cool to have more amateur crews like in the VG, but on the other hand having many stops, puts pressure on the schedule.
  9. Was thinking about current imoca fleet not the vor's. The VOR's, I'd rather see they kept as far away from future RTW's as possible. Issue is partly whether the current imocas are too optimized for short hand sailing to easily be competitive in a crewed race. Will added weight due to structural reinforcements change the performance too much ?
  10. A lot of questions still regarding the new "imoca-vor" class. How much modifications do current boats need to be accepted? What will the course be? Will it require different designs to be competitive?
  11. That might be a concern. More or less the case in VG, but maybe if the VOR keeps a more international profile, they could attract people with a little more diverse thinking
  12. Although I am a big fan of OD racing, I think at this level, there should be some element of building/designing involved in the projects. Partly because I think that it is unfair to lock sail manufacturers and yacht designers out of the most prestigious offshore sailing race in the world. Also, a world class sailor should be able to make those kind of critical decision. Obviously cost and safety issues has to be addressed.
  13. jonas a

    2018 midterms

    District 10 in California is still pretty tight
  14. The mixed one person dinghy is still not thought through. How do you sail the trials? is it individual sailing until both sailors are chosen for the Olympics, or do you have to be "a team" all the way.