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  1. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    Yes, he's quite a character.
  2. New imoca boats

    Quite a sad sight.
  3. Team Actual west-ward tour

    Cape Horn will be interesting ...
  4. If they succeed, it could eventually also affect offshore sailing. Current iterations of foils are too limited wrt wind angles. Smaller boats won't be multihull.
  5. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    Yeah although I would prefer if they were placed above the transom facing forward. Unfortunately not very practical. Also quite hard to follow the windshifts, but it will probably get better in the final with fewer boats. Also they do not have the AC budgets of course
  6. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    It's on again. Up to four races
  7. Star Sailing League Live Streaming

    First leeward rounding. Mendelblatt, goodison, lööf
  8. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    Here and here is some additional info
  9. Macif / Gabart / Jules Verne 2017-18

    ...and about 700 nm behind Idec
  10. RORC TransAtlantic Race

    Looks like CQS suffered some minor setbacks. “We got caught in a bad squall of probably 40 knots which resulted in a number of issues,” Ingvall reported from on board on day 10 of the race. “There has been damage to sails and onboard electronic systems, but we are still progressing towards the finish.” Kenneth Thelen, co-skipper for Australian Maxi CQS confirmed that all of the crew of the 96ft canting keel Maxi were safe and well. Describing the damage he said: “Part of our electronics failed, making it hard to sail in the dark. We blew our biggest spinnaker, but it is repairable. As we went into a gybe the engine stalled and we lay flat on our side for a while which resulted in a diesel spill inside the boat, so the smell is terrible in the heat! We broke the top three battens in the mainsail, but we are still sailing towards the finish at reasonable speed, in pouring rain. We will assess the situation at first light.”
  11. Yes, that would of course be the downside. Maybe only in very unstable conditions.....
  12. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Maybe the male crew is scared of becoming redundant
  13. New imoca boats

    " Un plan Manuard pour Yann Eliès ? Si dans un premier temps, Yann Eliès ambitionne de participer à la Route du Rhum en 2019 à la barre de l’actuel Saint-Michel-Virbac, plan VPLP-Verdier de 2015, il aimerait ensuite, mettre un nouveau bateau en chantier pour le Vendée Globe 2020. Selon nos informations, les plans seraient déjà établis et ils seraient signés de Samuel Manuard, architecte très en vogue dans la Classe 40." There was some speculation in your earlier link that Elies is hoping to have a new boat ready for 2020, apparently designed by S. Manard
  14. although I on a basic level am excited about this concept, I wonder if they should have a "non-flying" board set for lighter winds to avoid less interesting races where only one boat is flying