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    Agree with you, we SmartTri40 also tried electric drives and for normal operation in and out of harbors it worked fine, in fact the electric drives instant slow speed torque made it a pleasure. The genset was sized to half propulsion power. Sound like a good idea to have full power from batteries for 1 hour and then indefinite motoring on diesel at half power. This worked well until something went wrong, in our case rudder failure and the sea is not flat calm, removing a motor self rescue from the list! Currently my view is electric propulsion unless with a genset big enough to indefinitely power the drives is a liability and an unnecessary security risk. If the genset is that big, why not use two properly powered diesel engines, There is just nothing that have the power density of a liter diesel. The only plus I can see is better weight distribution. If that is enough to offset the cost and complexity I am not convinced anymore.
  2. Chapter 11 for Gunboat

    Not sure what your legal background is but your comment indicates a lack of knowledge about the process. A judge, usually with help from a CPA, reviews a company's financial position and sets up a plan to, as much as possible, pay creditors and allow the company to keep operating. If the judge thinks there is no chance the company can return to profitable status the creditors are simply paid off and the company goes out of business. I don't have access to the financial position of GB like the judge does, but CH11 will see the creditors get paid as much money as possible from what is available in a fair manner. Reading between the lines of your post I would guess you feel PJ out lawyered you. Sad to say that is not the first time I have seen someone out lawyered, and I am sure it will not be the last. Not saying I like this, just that this is the legal/business environment we live in. Still sad that we do business, with smart lawyers, catch me if you can attitude. If PJ personal fortune went in, I suspect TS might have felt a bit better being out of pocket, It seems his sense of responsibility and honor to customers didn't extend to suppliers. Lot of baggage in South Africa, China and now USA....