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  1. Foiling A Cats..... In chop

    I look forward hearing the whinging from everyone at Hervey Bay with the chop and wave we will get there.
  2. Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    I have caught you out again A Class Sailor. The boat is actually Simon Nelson's boat (formally Darren Bundocks) you would have known that had you been Simon like you said to me on the phone the other day hahahaha:) Yes WnW I agree I would/will be using Ronstan Shocks instead of the RF25109 20mm Lashing blocks at the back corner. Either way the boat looks very nice and extremely tidy. Well done to Simon N. See haters he does actually Sail A's and is doing quite well.
  3. Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    Just a little sneaky look at what the current under deck mainsheet system looks like from the outside:)
  4. Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    TA The system on your boat works just fine, I know this because I built it. Your issue might be that you need to hit the gym:) You won't be able to go to an under tramp sheeting system unless you go to the short straight track and mod your tramp heavily to allow the open slot you require.
  5. Foiling A Cats..... In chop

  6. A Class AGM

    What club you going to join?
  7. DNA 2016 F1 A-Class from Holland Composites

    The F1's all weighted in well over 80kg, up near 84kg. And the new Exploder AD3 was much more acceptable weight of between 77kg and 79kg.
  8. A Cat Worlds Medemblik

    I think the answer is pretty simple cap the fleet at 100 like it used to be. Make people have to qualify to enter the Worlds. This will make the qualifying events like the Nationals here in Australian all that more important. (This probably won't be good for you Simon as you won't qualify ) Plus having one start of 100 boat is a whole different type of racing compared to splitting the fleet in 50,60 or 70 boats. This will also reduce the amount of time the leaders have to wait around for the next race to start with the front foiling boats almost timing the back of the fleet out.
  9. A Cat Worlds Medemblik

    I see the unfair racing continued over night . Would be good so see Mischa sailing in some light air. Oh and I have been told by a very reliable source that the regatta is being run on such a small budget that the sailors aren't even getting a regatta T-Shirt. What are the worlds coming to? hehehe
  10. A Cat Worlds Medemblik

    There is no outer or inner course Simon. The fleet have been split into a morning and afternoon groups cause the event doesn't have enough motor boats and people to run two courses at the same time. So the morning session had very little wind and did a lot of drifting and the afternoon session had a nice 10-12 knots with flat water. Not very fair racing I would have thought. I know I would be very upset if I copped the morning session.
  11. Helmets compulsory at A Class Worlds

    Yes, I know of at least one head injury that would have been avoided if a helmet had been worn. Near misses? Many, which is why a fair number already wear them. As for compared with other boats, what boats are you comparing with? There are very few that go anywhere near the speed of a foiling A. There is the Moth, where some people are wearing helmets when the breeze is up. Top speeds on A's have increased by about 35% in the last 2 years. Add the catapult effect you can get when things go wrong and your head could be hitting hard objects at well over 30 knots. It seems to me that a concussion is now a realistic injury waiting to happen. And that is before we start to talk about closing speeds and crashes. The event that made me realise that helmets would be a good idea was in abut 20 knots, going downwind. I got it wrong and the boat fell off the windward foil while still getting significant lift from the leeward one. I was "T bagged", thrown forward just as a big gust hit which brought the boat upright very fast and catapulted me into the side of the boat just by the shroud. My shoulder hit the side of the boat (big bruise) and I don'r know how my head missed the shroud plate. If it had hit it at that speed and force, it would have been a very dangerous situation. earlier this year, Steve Brayshaw needed 7 stitches when his boat fell off the foils and catapulted him into the side stay. Luckily it was more of a glancing blow, because if it had been more head on, the result could have been much worse. If he had been wearing a helmet, it would not have been an issue and he now wears a helmet at all time. Although not in an A (it was an F18), Stevie Brewin was nearly killed a few years ago in a collision. All accounts say his head came within a very small amount of being hit, which would have killed him. Instead he "only" suffered a fractured pelvis. While it was not foiling, it shows the potential for injury and as speeds and difficulty in controlling the boats goes up, the chances of collision must rise as well. There are many, many scenarios where you could hit your head when sailing a foiling A and whether this has increased because of foiling is hard to say. However, the real issue is speed and although there have been no studies done in sailing, we do know that research in other areas has shown that an increase in speeds from 20 km/h to 30 km/h (not far off what we have seen in A's due to foiling) increases the risk of head injury 5 times. For me, the evidence suggests that without helmets, we will see a really serious head injury. Do we wait until then to bring in rules? I can confirm Simons comment that I did get 7 stitches in the side of my head while foiling on my A. Like a few people people on here used to think I was to cool for school and chose not wear a helmet even though I am sponsored by Forward Sailing and had a helmet sitting in the trailer. There was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent what happened bar wearing a helmet. The boat jumped off the foils and threw me forward that quickly my head swung straight into the side stay. From that day forward I am the first person to put a helmet on when foiling conditions are present. Being on the trapeze right in the back corner of the boat is just like being on a swinging pendulum if you slip or boat bucks, so the A cat is very different to the moth. The Forward Sailing helmet that I wear is that light and that good that I don't notice it's on my head so there is absolutely no issue wearing one. I am no dud at sailing or foiling A Class Cats so if I can get hurt then I'm very certain that others sailing these boats also can.