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  1. CoolBreeze

    Foiling A Cats..... In chop

    I look forward hearing the whinging from everyone at Hervey Bay with the chop and wave we will get there.
  2. CoolBreeze

    Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    I have caught you out again A Class Sailor. The boat is actually Simon Nelson's boat (formally Darren Bundocks) you would have known that had you been Simon like you said to me on the phone the other day hahahaha:) Yes WnW I agree I would/will be using Ronstan Shocks instead of the RF25109 20mm Lashing blocks at the back corner. Either way the boat looks very nice and extremely tidy. Well done to Simon N. See haters he does actually Sail A's and is doing quite well.
  3. CoolBreeze

    Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    Just a little sneaky look at what the current under deck mainsheet system looks like from the outside:)
  4. CoolBreeze

    Under tramp main sheet for A Class

    TA The system on your boat works just fine, I know this because I built it. Your issue might be that you need to hit the gym:) You won't be able to go to an under tramp sheeting system unless you go to the short straight track and mod your tramp heavily to allow the open slot you require.
  5. CoolBreeze

    Foiling A Cats..... In chop

  6. CoolBreeze

    DNA 2016 F1 A-Class from Holland Composites

    The F1's all weighted in well over 80kg, up near 84kg. And the new Exploder AD3 was much more acceptable weight of between 77kg and 79kg.