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  1. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Not sure, it was still beside the boat when I left town and if Jimmi put it on board when he left with the boat it is about Smokey Cape late this evening
  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    When either Calm or Cougar (or some other TP 52) want their heavy No 3 back PM me Good to see they are so spoilt that they can just leave it behind on the dock in Hobart (and thanks Craig for folding and packing it for us) On the other hand I will trade for the sail for my mooring lines when you find out which other boat made off with them
  3. Hobart Scene

    So what is the count from the weekend. A Bavaria on the rocks at Randalls Bay A 30ft cruiser racer on the beach at Howden A Fishing boat at Margate Anyone we know?
  4. Hobart Scene

    can someone answer my earlier post I saw 42 south washing the bottom of his boat on sat pm surely he has seen the new toy - "t" bulb, twin wheels, alloy rig
  5. Hobart Scene

    so what is the new irc toy in the yard at dss anyone?
  6. Hobart Scene

    This is one of the best threads on Sa and I don't even live in Hobart. How such a small place can get this sort of thing going is just great Maybe you need a boxing ring set up in that carpark of the Royals during Sailing South Week as after race entertainment I would be happy to bet a bit on the outcomes (going to charity of course)
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    No, Longitude disappeared after Hammo in about 1999 got to say after delivering it to Hammo from Southport it need a bit more refinement foil wise and needed more bow volume
  8. newbie bowman tips

    go back to college and then get a real job so you own the programme so you don't have to the bow ever
  9. newbie bowman tips

    And when you do finally figure that out remember to cover your little friend, the last thing any Bowman wants is to be tied down to an owner becasue he had to marry the daughter after getting her pregnant!! depends on how rich dad is doesn't it
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Heaven If you are going to have a distance race make it worth it 24 hours no stops don't make it easy make it memorable today we discussed bringing the u30 down if it going to be on can race with out strings (have irc ct for that as well) There used to be a 24 hour Laser race in Auckland years ago around this volcanic crater So who is whinging about 24 hours in a sports boat - too easy